Armour of the Eternals





Varies, based on level


Varies, based on level

Armour of the Eternals is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


According to the recipe, the Eternals would call it Nazad Rivelleis. 



  • Crafted from a recipe received in the Black Pits (found inside a mineshaft in the Black Pits at X:333 Y:657, Northwest of the Blackpits - Mines portal)
  • Requires Eternal Artefact (found in the reliquary in the Ancient Temple in the Black Pits Mines)
  • Requires Eternal Plate (found on a table in Excavation in the Black Pits Mines at X:455 Y:536. Does not show up on tooltips, must highlight manually)
  • Armour of the Eternals does not prevent a character with the Glass Cannon perk from being stunned or shocked, despite the fact that it says it makes you immune. This is probably a bug. For a discussion about this topic, see:



    • Strength 13




  • Recipe: Eternal Artefact, Eternal Plate, Metal Scraps, Source Orb
  • The armor is crafted is at your current level. The difference between level 15 and 16 is show below:
  • A second Eternal Plate can be found in a reliquary in the armory of the Flooded Temple (where you find Vrogir's altar) on the right side from when you enter (it's behind a pillar). 
  • A third Eternal Plate can be found in a desk in the Academy library.
  • Two more Eternal Plates can be found in the Armaments of the One in the Academy. After you fight the Eternal Constructs there is a balcony with three thrones. You can use Phoenix dive or Tactical Retreat to get up there, and there are two tables with one Eternal Plate each. 
  • There may be more plates to be found, but you can basically craft and use Armor of the Eternals all the way to the end of the game if you're only using it on one character.
  • This armor only has 1 rune slot as of 10/30/2017



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    • Anonymous

      03 Dec 2020 20:56  

      It has the same model as a chest piece you can get at fort joy but with shoulder pads, lame model for a unique craft

      • Anonymous

        20 Apr 2020 23:55  

        Screenshot in this page shows 384/59 at level 16, must have been in original edition. In DE I get 329/42 (and +74 HP) for level 17.

        • Anonymous

          12 Jan 2020 01:49  

          at the end of act 3...and i have 13 eternal plates in my inventory. not sure what to do with them as IMO, this armor is not better than the divine tier armors you can buy in the vendors. if the eternal plates have no other use, then the only reason to craft this armor is for vendor trash. and i can confirm that the phase capacitor counts as the "artefact" for the recipe. just make sure you save enough capacitors (approx 4) to complete the act

          • Anonymous

            16 Aug 2019 18:42  

            Theres no point in crafting or chasing these items because they will be absolute trash in a level or two. This game suffers alot from scaling issues

            • 19 Jun 2019 05:58  

              I crafted it and level 15 and it had the same affixes as the level 15 one above but somewhat lower armour values. It was also worth less gold. Unfortunately it was significantly worse than the level 15 armour my main character was already wearing - a piece called Enrach or something like that. A shame since it has such a specific way of getting it.

              • Anonymous

                10 May 2019 14:48  

                Phase Capacitors can be used as artefacts in the recipe for more artefact enchants. Plus, as mentioned by another, the tablets/books from the imp pocket dimension can be used as Eternal Plates.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Feb 2019 06:27  

                  There are 2 "eerie tablets" in the same room as the eternal plate. If Fane touches them he will be granted a skill for each, I got "Dominate Mind" and "Living on the edge" skills (I don't think I had either prior).

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Feb 2019 10:06  

                    so no one talks about unable to craft the armor :(? sigh...Even i have everything still couldn't craft it

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Nov 2018 23:53  

                      There's a ton of plates in Duna's Temple on Nameless Isle as well. At this point, I had 9 each of plates and artefacts, so there are more than enough around.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Apr 2018 15:31  

                        it is only giving me 1 slot, can anyone please im begging u tell me why? i tried everything... is it a bug or something?

                        • Anonymous

                          04 Apr 2018 01:44  

                          This partners well with Glass Cannon, since Stunned status effects can be quite annoying without status blocking shields.

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Feb 2018 01:09  

                            Ok, I don't know if this is only as of recent updates but either way I couldn't find this info elsewhere so I'll post it here:
                            -"Raanaar Alloy" includes Eternal Plates, which are found in many places on the Nameless Isle but are NOT shown when holding alt, so you have to look for them carefully on tables and desks. It also includes any piece of writing that looks like it was written on a tablet (e.g. "Schematics", "Tome on the Aeteran").
                            -"Ataraxian Artefact" includes the regular "Eternal Artefact", but NOT the thicker, shorter "Eternal Artefact". It also includes all Phase Capacitors.

                            If you explore enough you'll be able to make up to 20 of them in total, or perhaps even more.

                            • Anonymous

                              27 Feb 2018 00:46  

                              The ubiquity of the materials is severely understated. I probably didn't even get all of them and yet I'm not in arx and have enough materials for 16 armours. And that's after I already crafted 4 of them...

                              • Anonymous

                                23 Dec 2017 07:08  

                                @ lvl 13 i crafted it - Magic Armor is 29, Physical Armor is 190....not amazing but better than what my tank had already

                                • Anonymous

                                  14 Dec 2017 22:42  

                                  At level 19, the Armour gives more than 1000 in physical armor and around 200 in magic armor. With the 7 bonus and 2 empty slots, I wouldn' call tha rubbish like some (cheaters ?) here. Haven't seen any one selling an armor with such numbers.
                                  Only problem, for me : impossible to add runes, additional artifact gives some % bonus, but that's it. But I'm using a very early of the game without patches.

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