Arrow Storm

Arrow Storm

16 arrows fall from the sky in the target area, each dealing 50% Physical Damage.

Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

Requires Huntsman 5cldwn2
Costs 3 Memory
2m Explode radius
 Range 13m

hunstman-skills-dos2 Huntsman Skills

Arrow Storm is a Huntsman Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Arrow Storm Spell Book Location

  • Sold by vendors upon reaching lvl 16.



Arrow Storm Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Rain Of Arrows damage reduced by 50% to match other 3SP skills as of Patch v3.0.168.526




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Venomous Sentry



Huntsman Skills
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    • Anonymous

      05 Mar 2020 13:57  

      Terrible single target spell except against giants ennemies that will take multiple arrows (hello Kraken). Still a decent aoe skill for archers who are mostly single target dammage dealer.

      • Anonymous

        13 Jan 2020 21:32  

        An underwhelming spell after the nerf, I would not recommend it unless there are multiple clustered enemies. Very unreliable single target damage, sometimes it will not hit a single arrow on a human sized target.

        • Anonymous

          14 Aug 2019 11:27  

          Damage is done based on how many arrows hit enemies. Usually its about 2-3k if there are 4+ enemies. Otherwise its a completely useless spell compared to mages and other source skills. I played as Mage on Divine mode and once i hit 3 Source points i oneshotted anything in 1 turn so there were no need in allies.

          • Anonymous

            06 Mar 2019 00:13  

            Can we get a definite %of damage? In the spell list page it says 100%. Then on this page it shows 40% but says its only reduced by 50%. How much does this do?

            • Anonymous

              02 Mar 2018 01:22  

              Nerf too much in patch v3.0.168.526. For a single target, it should be hit 3 arrows to be equal value of 3ap basic attack. Probably should make it 70% per arrow.

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