Arrow Storm

Arrow Storm

16 arrows fall from the sky in the target area, each dealing 40% Physical Damage.

Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

Requires Huntsman 5cldwn4
Costs 3 Memory
2m Explode radius
 Range 13m

hunstman-skills-dos2 Huntsman Skills

Arrow Storm is a Huntsman Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Arrow Storm location



Arrow Storm effects


Arrow Storm trivia & strategies

  • Rain Of Arrows damage reduced by 50% to match other 3SP skills as of Patch v3.0.168.526


Arrow Storm builds


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Venomous Sentry




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    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2021 14:10  

      Surprisingly effective when used alongside Elemental arrowheads in combination with blood surface. This adds a large amount of flat physical weapon damage (60%) to each shot and since this skill fires 16 arrows, yeah.. Very easy to set up with if playing an Elf class, due to Flesh sacrifice, but even if not playing an Elf, you can simply pre- cast Blood Rain with your mage before most battles.

      Almost one shot Source Titan with the Arrow Storm + Elemental arrowhead combo during act 3, it can deal some wicked damage. This is on DE, post nerfs btw. Skill is also very effective for hitting people that are out of sight/ or standing behind obstacles.

      • Anonymous

        16 Feb 2021 13:30  

        Before I got this ability; I read old comments from others raving about how op this skill was but now that I have used it... Damn, the nerfs hit this skill hard! My lvl 20 Lohse gets up to 60-70% crit chance in Arx, pure warfare then split between huntsmen/scoundrel and everything else, yet she still does less then the rest of my team. My summoner, my main, has a cursed blood incarnate due to gift bag and he hits like a truck when I set him up right: my Sebille, a necromancer, is superior to the incarnate in everyway, and my Red Prince, geomancer, one shots most fights with pyroclastic eruption. This being on Tactician; I expected my geomancer to be less op than he was on classic but it seems to be more of the same, lmao!

        • Anonymous

          05 Mar 2020 07:57  

          Terrible single target spell except against giants ennemies that will take multiple arrows (hello Kraken). Still a decent aoe skill for archers who are mostly single target dammage dealer.

          • Anonymous

            13 Jan 2020 15:32  

            An underwhelming spell after the nerf, I would not recommend it unless there are multiple clustered enemies. Very unreliable single target damage, sometimes it will not hit a single arrow on a human sized target.

            • Anonymous

              14 Aug 2019 05:27  

              Damage is done based on how many arrows hit enemies. Usually its about 2-3k if there are 4+ enemies. Otherwise its a completely useless spell compared to mages and other source skills. I played as Mage on Divine mode and once i hit 3 Source points i oneshotted anything in 1 turn so there were no need in allies.

              • Anonymous

                05 Mar 2019 18:13  

                Can we get a definite %of damage? In the spell list page it says 100%. Then on this page it shows 40% but says its only reduced by 50%. How much does this do?

                • Anonymous

                  01 Mar 2018 19:22  

                  Nerf too much in patch v3.0.168.526. For a single target, it should be hit 3 arrows to be equal value of 3ap basic attack. Probably should make it 70% per arrow.

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