Arx Sewers is a sub-area of The Arx in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information

  • Location: The Arx
  • Recommended Level: 17 ~ 19



Arx Sewers Upper Level


Notable NPCs


  • N/A


Related Quests



Arx Sewers



Notes & Tips

  • There are several entrances into the sewers.
    • there is a pipe in the cliff south-east of Magister's Barracks and south-west of the school next to the dead Magister Bannet
    • help Micheil Ros and promise him to talk to Queen Justinia to get the key and directions through his cellar
    • there is a hidden grate in the left of the three prison cells in the prison below the magister barracks
    • there are stairs in the source torture room in the prison below the magister barracks
  • the Fog-Swollen Crawler in the lower level will release non-permanent Deathfog when killed
  • be prepared to fight when you enter the lab




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Arx Sewers Upper Level

Arx Sewers Lower Level

Arx Sewers Lab






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    • Anonymous

      is there a way to kill the fog swollen crawlers that are in the sewers? If so, would you/how much exp would you get from it? I remember fighting them the last time I played, but I don’t recall the outcome bc that was maybe 2 years ago

      • Anonymous

        There is a reference to the soul series at X389 Y699

        You have to use teleport or jumping abilities to reach a small room with a bonfire with a loot able uncoiled sword on top of it (very useless), making it look like the bonfires from DS1,2 and 3

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