Bahara is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She is the first lizard you speak to when entering the Sanctuary of Amadia. She is also an apprentice of Gratiana.



Bahara information



Bahara location

  • Bahara first appears in Sanctuary of Amadia (X:476 Y:34)
  • She is right outside the sanctuary, guarding one of the entrances (Where she is depends on which entrance you first entered to get into the sanctuary).
  • Bahara does not join the call to arms, and stays in the sanctuary.


Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      20 May 2019 06:07  

      What huntsman boss does she sell? I missed buying them, I got the ones from butter in the fort, what ones did I miss

      • Anonymous

        15 Dec 2018 20:53  

        There's a 'trade' button when speaking to any character. You don't have to have them offer to trade in conversation, and many don't (even traders). You have to use that to trade with traders like this one.

        • Anonymous

          09 Nov 2018 15:06  

          Bahara is refusing to sell me anything, no option came up to trade. I already saved Gareth, what more does she want?! :<

          • Anonymous

            20 Sep 2017 22:41  

            I missed Bahara in Act 1 and still got the quest to talk with her, but im already in Act 2... is it possible to continue the quest now?

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