Bahara is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She is the first lizard you speak to when entering the Sanctuary of Amadia. She is also an apprentice of Gratiana.



Bahara information



Bahara location

  • Bahara first appears in Sanctuary of Amadia (X:476 Y:34)
  • She is right outside the sanctuary, guarding one of the entrances (Where she is depends on which entrance you first entered to get into the sanctuary).
  • Bahara does not join the call to arms, and stays in the sanctuary.


Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      09 Nov 2018 15:06  

      Bahara is refusing to sell me anything, no option came up to trade. I already saved Gareth, what more does she want?! :<

      • Anonymous

        20 Sep 2017 22:41  

        I missed Bahara in Act 1 and still got the quest to talk with her, but im already in Act 2... is it possible to continue the quest now?

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