Battle at the Gates

Location Arx
Suggested Level 18
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Battle at the Gates is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Captain Ana Orell
  • Paladin Trefor
  • Paladin Geir
  • Paladin Vishlar


Battle at the Gates Objectives

  1. Assist the paladins to defeat the voidwoken



Battle at the Gates Walkthrough


When you reach the bridge to Arx, a lot of vampiric voidwoken appears. Defeat them and collect your reward from paladin captain Orell.



Tips & Tricks

  • Before entering the fight, if you walk to the sliver of the path to the West, you'll see an injured magister.  Talk to him and continue on where you find a ladder to climb. Starting the fight at a higher position (where there are no voidwoken) gives you a height advantage.
  • Quest bugs easily, see comments below.

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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2021 18:35  

      Just made this easy.

      Go to the top where it mentions. Have someone initiate combat from up top and get locked in battle. Have another party member stand as far away up top but use a spell that has a blast radius to injure. Kept attacking. Without entering combat until the new ones flew in. Then I just teleported them to the bottom and did it all over again

      • Anonymous

        08 Feb 2021 02:32  

        Those ****ing paladin attacks the boss even one of their mate is chained up in shackles of pain. I ****ing hate them I try my very best to save them again and again. **** them they deserve no mercy.

        • Anonymous

          03 Jul 2020 19:50  

          So, there is no loot if the paladins love or die. I could have wiped the voids with sourcery if I knew I did not need to keep those idiots alive.

          • Anonymous

            04 Apr 2019 19:42  

            Bugged on my current Tactician playthrough. The Captain won't open the main gate to let me in Arx after the battle. I re-tried the battle 8 times already. Never had this happened before.

            • Anonymous

              07 Feb 2019 17:20  

              Like most battles in this 2nd game/version of DD, there are more enemies than your party of four, and unless you sneak around from behind on the east side, you're in a horrible starting position, and most of the Paladins are wiped out before you even get a turn. The AI paladins are like usual AI, complete idiots who cause more damage to your party by stupid moves than the Voids do, and they run into battle with death wishes, so don't worry about saving them, it doesn't give any more XP or bennies.

              • Anonymous

                31 Oct 2018 06:50  

                If you kill the two low HP unnamed Paladins, before the fight itself starts, you'll gain roughly 72k bonus XP (the voidwoken will always kill them at the beginning anyways, so might as well do it yourself). Killing all three unnamed Paladins (the full HP one semmingly died instantly from any attack) did not grant me any XP however. Paladins did not seem to mind, they did not turn hostile during or after the fight.

                • Anonymous

                  14 Oct 2018 19:02  

                  I´ve saved all three of the named Paladins and Ana Orell has spoken with me. No Problem at all. Maybe you haven´t killed the second necrowing on the left side? He appears after a few rounds (maybe 5+) but its for me atleast a new fight if i kill all other voidwokens before.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Sep 2018 05:18  

                    It's bugged for me. It won't appear in my questbook. I killed all the voidwoken on the bridge, two paladins are left alive, went to the gates of the city, and Captain Ana Orell refuses to let me in. She says: "Back! BACK, citizen! This gate stays locked 'til those Voidwoken are DOWN!" and then, "Look, pal. Nobody's coming in or out of the city 'til we've taken care of the threat. If you want to hurry that up, I'd suggest you grab a weapon and help out..."

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