Belts in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are protective equipment worn by player characters and NPCs on their waist. Players can find belts as part of quest rewards, purchase them from Merchants and obtain them from defeated Enemies. Players can create belts via Crafting.




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Dallis' Panties ?? ??


Decomposing Pyromancer's Belt ?? ??


Decomposing Terramancer's Belt Physical +10 Earth Resistance
+10 Poison Resistance
None Drops from undead near Zaleskar in Hollow Marshes
Halla's Shiny Ribbon Physical

+2 Finesse

+20% Poison Resistance

+1 Sneaking

+1 Thievery


Located at Halla's Buried Valuables. To unlock the market you must beat Undead Heroes in the Stonegraveyard
Old Antique Belt ??  ?? ?? ??
Withermoore's Girdle Physical +1 Memory


Drops from Lord Withermoore 
Ancient Belt 142 Physical

+10% Fire Resistence
+10% Water Resistence
+10% Earth Resistence
+10% Air Resistence
+10% Poison Resistence
Restore 6 Vitality

(Restore Vitality scales with level and deals damage to Undead characters.)


On Trader Adam in front of Lord Kemm's Mansion at Arx for ~140,000 gold. 


An May Falin 70 Physical +2 Consitution
+1 Wits
+1 Warfare
+1 Single-Handed
+1 Polymorph
+20% Poison Resistance
  On Eithne in Reaper's Coast


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    • Anonymous

      06 Dec 2018 04:40  

      So, for the Ancient Belt, I just straight up killed ol' Trader Adam to pick it up and see what the stats were. Equipping this item sets permanent regenerating, which gives +730 Vitality every turn (@ lvl 18).... EVERY TURN!!!

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