Bishop Alexandar


Bishop Alexandar is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.




Bishop Alexandar information

  • Fighting with him will trigger the spawn of Voidwoken Drillworm during the fight.
  • The Voidwoken Drillworm will spawn if you reduce Alexandar's Physical Armor to 0 (tested 3 times). It is unknown if this works for his Magic Armor as well.
  • If his health was reduced to 0 in the encounter with Dallis and Atusa in front of the Fort Joy Ghetto(by say, dropping a barrel of Deathfog right atop of him) it will glitch out the encounter at the Fort Joy Habour as he spawns as a corpse and the Voidwoken Drillworm will have already spawned and immediatly initiate combat with you near the harbor if you approach from the Seeker's camp. If you near the Harbor from another side or while invinsible the Voidwoken Drillworm will initiate combat with the Magisters instead.



Bishop Alexandar location

  • Bishop Alexandar first appears in Fort Joy Getto
  • He is then found north of Hollow Marshes: Abandoned camp waypoint (near the port) with 4 magister allies.



Notes and Tips

  • For those having trouble with Bishop Alexander and his crew, you can use the Aerotheurge spell Teleportation to remove Bishop Alexander from the rest of his group and kill him quickly. For example:
    • Separate the party member with teleportation and have them sneak close enough to Alexander to cast Teleportation. Teleport him away from his crew and near your team.
    • Gang up and kill Alexander quickly - he has rather weak defenses and shouldn't take more than a turn or two to take down. This will trigger the giant Void Worm to appear near the rest of his crew, who will be distracted by it.
    • At this point, you can sit back, let the Void Worm and Magisters weaken each other and join the fight at your leisure.
  • ??

    • Anonymous

      07 Apr 2019 23:40  

      Is it true you can actually get Alexander to (SPOILERS) Join your crew on the Nameless Isle? Heard this in a forum, he can actually become a member of your party if you pass a speech check, which is pretty awesome and ridiculous at the same time. So much so that I doubt the claims authenticity.

      • Anonymous

        23 Feb 2019 19:32  

        When you have a battle with Alexander, things get extremely easy when you have a ranger with Fat Out Man ability. No additional setup like bringing Deathfog barrels or anything like that. Well, it takes some time though. you can kill Alexander without triggering any event or engagement. (Same for the Gheist) If Alexander dies, then the worm will appear and the battle will begin. Now move your ranger back to flee from the battle so the worm will start focusing on magisters instead of your characters. After that, simply enjoy watching the fight between worms and magisters! If without the Gheist, the fight will be even. Give them some time, and when both of them took heavy damages, then you can reenter the battle and just take out both of them. Or, you can just watch one side taking another then finish the rest. In this case, make sure at least one of your character is in the battle and taking turns so your party can get xp from them killing each other.

        • Anonymous

          31 Jan 2019 05:39  

          If you help Gareth kill Alexander, he becomes 'free' and decides to blow you off. He "disavows you and parts ways." That's it for Gareth then, but I'd rather have him around for later, though he was some small help killing Alexander, though not much. Followed ice with fire spells which negated each other, and had no protection spells so we had to buff/save him. So he could flip us off? Nah, I'm going back to sending him to ship like a good little soldier, since I have high persuasion. Which skill is used is irrelevant if your PER is high enough.

          • Anonymous

            07 Jan 2019 00:22  

            A trick for the fight: Any characters who can teleport can get up on the left hand side and start the fight on top of the magister metamorph, singling them out. This also makes the characters on the lowground spend a couple of turns running at you and doing no damage. Just be careful because Alexandar can swap use nether swap so one of your party can get isolated

            • Anonymous

              21 Dec 2018 19:10  

              For those who find it hard: Teleport/tactical retreat/ cloak and blade whatever your team to the right platform after sneaking in and block the 2 ladders with unbreakable chests. Teleport them one by one and retreat after kill them, try not to keep the fight over 3 turns else the void worm will appears. After reduced their number down to two or three you can fight them head on, chip their armor first and watch the worm fight them so you can finish them both later. You're basically villains in their eyes, not playing barrelmancer is already a given to them.

              • Anonymous

                13 Dec 2018 04:56  

                Lol i purge his soul when he died using purging wand, i turned his body to gore, i sucked his blood dry with Blood Sucker skill, yet he's still alive. XD

                • Anonymous

                  08 Oct 2018 11:03  

                  This is my method for fighting Alexandar easily in tactical difficulty: condition: "teleportation" spell, all of four team member can summon Totems method: 1. There is a broken bridge at east side of ruin, transport all of your team to the other side where a treasure chest is located. 2. Adjust positioning of members, until summoning Totem accross the bridge become possible (you need to step close to the edge of broken bridge) 3. Summon something (cat in my case) accross the bridge, force attack Alexandar, initate battle, lure enemy towards the broken bridge 4. Summon Totem accross the bridge once enemy is close enough, they will see Totem, all team member should engage in battle, now. 5. Summon Totems continuously across the bridge while your enemy can't do anything except attacking Totems. If someone manage to teleport across to your side, throw it back with "teleportation" 6. If the void worm appears, split your team to prevent AOE. In my case, I didn't test if splitting team prevents worm's AOE, because the worm teleported itself to my Totems...... where Alexandar and his crew stands, and all I needed was summoning Totems in a non-stop fashion while Alexandar and the worm kill each other, and then I won

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Dec 2017 23:17  

                    Its possible to "kill" Alexander during the Atusa scene

                    1. Grab a (or all) deathfog barrels from the Merry Weather via telekinesis or 13(?)+ strength

                    2. Place the barrel by Alexander during cutscene

                    3. Blow it up. His body will disappear and you should get enough experience for level 3

                    4. Run away and come back afterwards for the two-handed weapon where Dallis was standing

                    5. Block off the death fog will barrels and boxes

                    • Anonymous

                      07 Dec 2017 02:09  

                      I am fairly sure that the death of alexander is not the trigger for the drillworm, since in my case, the void worm itself is what killed alexander. I think its either percent health based, or turns elapsed based.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Nov 2017 12:26  

                        Favoured Son Achievement is received via persuasion check in the Academy [End Of ACT 3]. Spent so much time trying to figure this one out. Other guides say you get in the elf camp, but that's just not true.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Nov 2017 18:52  

                          the easiest and most fun way to kill Alexander is as follows: start dialog with one of your characters. have one character travel around the map gathering every ooze and oil barrel you can find. send those barrels to a third character who will then place them around Alexander and the gheist. get your characters into position to fight and then light em up. not only is this a good way to one shot 3 enemies, it is also a fun fireworks show.

                          here are some examples:

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Oct 2017 20:35  

                            Actually it's not his death that triggers the worm but the level of HP. If I ignore him the worm doesn't spawn no matter how many turns pass. But if i focus him i notice once his HP is either damaged or possibly brought to half the worm will spawn and you get dialog with him which allows you to say "It will kill us both" which then they will ignore you for the worm.

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Oct 2017 15:21  

                              I left the Fort Joy, and boarded the ship, now SPOILER!!!!! can I kill him again in coma or does that affect the story line?! I play Ben-Mezd, and he has the contract to kill him, and after killing him I got the update in Ben-Mezd's personal quest that Alexandar is finally dead?!

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Oct 2017 04:33  

                                The Void Worm isn't triggered by Alexandar's death; a couple rounds into the fight the worm will spawn whether he's alive or not.

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