Blessed Water Balloon

Creates a Blessed Water surface
Set Wet for 2 turns
Item Type Grenades
Craftable Yes
Range 13m
Explosion Radius 3m
Weight 0.2
Value 800

Blessed Water Balloon is a Grenade in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Creates a small blessed water surface with a 3m radius.


Blessed Water Balloon Information

Blessed Water Balloon doesn't deal any damage, but creates a blessed water surface. You can lower the AP cost of any grenade by one point while you have nothing in your off-hand by taking the talent Ambidextrous. You can also increase the range of any grenade by 5m by taking the Slingshot talent, and by 2m with the Far Out Man talent.


Where to find / Location of Blessed Water Balloon



Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2


Source_orb Source Orb Water Balloon Water Balloon blessed_water_balloon Blessed Water Baloon


Notes and Trivia about Blessed Water Balloon

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