Blood Memories

Quest Giver
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest --
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Blood Memories is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II

Short Description.

Important NPCs



  1. ???
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  • Loot Magister Atusa's body at the gate of Fort Joy, and consume the flesh. (Elf skill)
  • ???


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      27 Dec 2018 15:57  

      Never got this quest. Upon eating Atusa's leg, only the Path of Resistance quest was updated with the log of finding Verdas, who is useless anyway.

      • Anonymous

        30 Dec 2017 05:21  

        Dammit, does this means that if you give the leg to the crazy magister in the pits inside the fort joy's prison.. you cant finish this quest.. right?

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