Blood Rose

Radeka's Cave

Blood Rose is an Ingredient for Crafting in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Blood Rose information



Blood Rose location

  • Blood Rose is found in Radeka's Cave. There is currently only 1 in the game, as 2 others were removed in an earlier patch.



Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      08 Sep 2018 02:02  

      Tip to all new players on definitive edition. On PS4 if you steal a blood rose off radeka. Then Immediately quicksave then reload and steal with another character you can get up to 7 blood roses off radeka. If you quicksave and reload before fight she will drop 1 as well meaning 8 total. Your welcome

      • Anonymous

        29 Mar 2018 20:12  

        Found a rose in Arx in a garden (in a bed of blood). It has the description of the Blood Rose, but it's name is just "Rose". It does not work with the recipe. I wonder if this was one of the ones removed during Early Access.

        • Anonymous

          20 Jan 2018 22:48  

          Blood rose plus empty potion bottle works. the effect of blood rose will remain before you dead, which is really good for solo lone wolf.

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