Blood Rose

blood rose

1 Strength

1 Finesse

1 Intelligence

1 Constitution

1 Memory

1 Wits

Item Type Ingredient
Craftable No
Duration 10 turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 0.02
Value 310

Blood Rose is an materials in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"A rare rose that grows only in killing fields. The crimson petals smell like putrescent flesh and filthy outhouses."


Blood Rose is used to create the unique potion, Attar of the Blood Rose. While not recommended, you can eat it to gain +1 to all attributes for 10 turns. If you make the potion and consume it instead, the effect will last until death. You can also use a poison source on Blood Rose to add 9 poison damage to it. 


Where to find:

  • There is only one obtainable Blood Rose in the game, which is found in Radeka's Cave on the isle of Fort Joy.

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    • Anonymous

      You cannot grow more of them with the clay bucket in the Larian mod that lets you grow plants such as Drudanae.

      • Anonymous

        Tip to all new players on definitive edition. On PS4 if you steal a blood rose off radeka. Then Immediately quicksave then reload and steal with another character you can get up to 7 blood roses off radeka. If you quicksave and reload before fight she will drop 1 as well meaning 8 total. Your welcome

        • Anonymous

          Found a rose in Arx in a garden (in a bed of blood). It has the description of the Blood Rose, but it's name is just "Rose". It does not work with the recipe. I wonder if this was one of the ones removed during Early Access.

          • Anonymous

            Blood rose plus empty potion bottle works. the effect of blood rose will remain before you dead, which is really good for solo lone wolf.

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