Bottle Filled With Oil

oil bottle
-1 Intelligence
-1 Constitution
-50% Fire Resistance
Set Poisoned for 1 Turn
Item Type Materials
Craftable Yes
Duration 6 turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 1
Value 3

Bottle Filled With Oil is a Material in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2). Materials are items used for Crafting, but they might also be consumable items in and of themselves.


A fine vintage, especially for a craft arsonist.

Bottle Filled With Oil Uses

Bottle Filled With Oil is used to create the Firestorm Grenade, and only has negative effects if consumed. Firestorm Grenade is deceptively easy and cheap to make in large quantities, even at the start of the game, and even more so if the Crafter's Kit Gift Bag mod is installed. See the item's page for more details.

Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2


empty bottle Bottle Filled With Oil Fuse firestorm grenadeFirestorm Grenade


Where to find Bottle Filled With Oil:

  • Sold by Merchants
  • Found randomly around the game world.
  • Can be crafted


Notes and Trivia about Bottle Filled With Oil

  • When used as a crafting material, the liquid will be consumed and the empty container will be produced as a byproduct, provided the resulting item in the recipe does not need said container.


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    • Anonymous

      Tried to use this item with an empty bottle, gave me a Bottle Filled With Oil as a result instead of a Firestorm Grenade.

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