Bottle Filled With Oil

Bottle Filled With Oil
-1 Intelligence
-1 Constitution
-50% Fire Resistance
Set Poisoned for 1 Turn
Item Type Materials
Craftable Yes
Duration 6 turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 1
Value 3

Bottle Filled With Oil is a Material in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2). Materials are items used for Crafting, but they might also be consumable items in and of themselves.


A fine vintage, especially for a craft arsonist.

Bottle Filled With Oil Uses

Bottle Filled With Oil is used to create the Firestorm Grenade, and only has negative effects if consumed.

Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2


empty_bottle Bottle Filled With Oil Fuse firestorm_grenadeFirestorm Grenade


Where to find Bottle Filled With Oil:

  • Sold by Merchants
  • Found randomly around the game world.
  • Can be crafted


Notes and Trivia about Bottle Filled With Oil

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    • Anonymous

      13 Oct 2019 10:14  

      Tried to use this item with an empty bottle, gave me a Bottle Filled With Oil as a result instead of a Firestorm Grenade.

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