Bound by Pain/

Sweet Shackles of Pain

Location Bloodmoon Island
Suggested Level


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Previous Quest The Forgotten and the Damned

Bound by Pain / Sweet Shackles of Pain is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.



Important NPCs


Bound by Pain Objectives

  1. Force out the demon inside the Dwarf
  2. Defeat the demon



Bound by Pain Walkthrough

To acquire this quest, you need to get in one of the statue-sealed vaults on Bloodmoon Island. (To open the statue, you need to let one character with Scholar tag to decipher Ornate Hymnal, it turns to The Taming of Holy Fire. This book can be found at multiple locations, including the archive on the northeast of the island, and a Black Ring member near the ancestor tree.)

Go to the Ancient Forge on the north of the island, forge a silver lever shaft with silver bar.

Use the bar on the slot inside the vault, then cast Spirit Vision, ask the guardian to open the door. (If you can't pass the speech persuasion check, use Source Vampirism on him, learnt in quest Powerful Awakening).

Behind the door, the possessed dwarf begs you destroy the pillars, offering you "anything" if you set him free.  If this is done he will immediately attack.  Instead you should attack the chained dwarf until he stays knocked down (about 10% of his health, he will yell about this bloody prison), then free him by destroying the pillar which will initiate combat.  The demon will come out of the dwarf ("Mor the Trenchmouthed") and the now free dwarf will assist you in combat.

Once the demon is freed (could be done during the combat), you will need to defeat him. When hit by any ally, it will immediately possess any teammate less than 14 meters away.  It cannot possess summoned allies or the dwarf.  You will have to reduce a possessed party member's health to near zero to get the demon out of them. Living on the Edge skill and idols of rebirth are very nice here, or you can try the cheese method detailed below.

You will gain 43,325 EXP (14,450 in Story mode) (tested level 16).  Check the demon's body for some decent loot.  If you complete the fight with the dwarf alive, he will direct you to find his treasure at X:193 Y:379. This is the southwest corner of the Island, on the bit of shore with 3 graves next to the dock.  The bag contains gold (as little as 2...).


Tips & Tricks

  • The shortest solution is to simply hit the chained dwarf until both he and the daemon possessing him are dead.
  • Using Source Vampirism on its corpse will afflict the user with possession restarting the fight.

  • If you want to save the dwarf, you must release him and expel and kill the daemon.. You may need to heal that dwarf multiple time during the process. If you killed the dwarf, the quest is also complete. This quest seems to be bugged for some players.

  •  In order not to accidentally kill the dwarf, consider using Living on the Edge.

  • In regards to fighting the Demon it will go into the player that last attacked it.  (Note: I don't believe this to be true. The demon's possession target seems to be random.  I attacked him with Sebille and he possessed Ifan.)
  • Suggesting using piercing damage in this fight, as the demon will not automatically regenerate health. (The Demon's armor & magic armor will be restored once outside of its host).
  • Cheese Method:
    • Attack the dwarf while he's chained, beating him down a bunch while also healing him until he stays knocked down.
    • Destroy three of the pillars and most of the fourth.
    • Pull whole team out of the room back to statue but keep a ranged character close enough to target the fourth pillar.
    • Summon 2 or 3 totems right at the edge of the pit and then pull back.
    • Use ranged to destroy last pillar and demon will emerge.
    • Demon will aggro dwarf, dwarf does a lot of heals on himself, invisible, etc and also is attacking demon. Totems attack demon.
    • Just skip your turns. When totems die (or use Door to Eternity), move summoner just close enough to set totem on the edge of the pit and back up.
    • Totems and dwarf eventually kill demon.
    • (Note: demon can  swap with one of the totems and escape the pit but party should be far enough away that demon didn't engage any of them.)

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    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2021 17:24  

      There seems to be another way to cheese it, but it isn't very efficient. The demon can only possess character in combat. After I had the demon leave the dwarf, I had my characters leave combat while summoned mobs attack him. It won't trigger the demon possesion while your character's not in combat.

      • Anonymous

        15 Jun 2021 13:36  

        Why not just make it a unique skill/buff to possess a character? Like for example, for two turns, randomly possess nearby characters when hit. So there will be some window when the demon cannot possess someone, making the battle much more dynamic between offensive and defensive maneuvers.

        The annoying part is even if it's a killing blow, the demon will still possess someone, making its corpse unlootable because it won't be exist after the last possession.

        I specifically needed to evacuate all of my team and let the dwarf delivered the killing blow. It was obnoxious.

        • Anonymous

          16 Apr 2021 07:44  

          Scoundrel Rogue used Peace of mind before breaking the last pillar. Went first and used chameleon cloak, cloak and dagger to backstabbing position and then mortal blow to one shot demon... home for lunch.

          • Anonymous

            07 Apr 2021 00:08  

            it's weird, I saved the dwarf and killed the demon when I did the final blow against my possessed character (I think demon was at like 5 health), but then it disappeared and there's no demon body in sight. Also, the dwarf keeps saying he owes the one who set him free everything, but the dialogue doesnt change when I cycle through all of my pcs. Maybe because I found his treasure earlier with 18 wits? Either way, the quest just closed for me without any rewards other than xp. :/

            • Anonymous

              02 Apr 2021 13:55  

              this quest is bugged for me, first time i did this my main character got posessed and died so i wanted to load from a previous save where i hit the dwarf a couple of times so i could prepare, after hitting the demon once everyone but the character hit him became enemies and game crashes any time i load a previous save at that point, loading back to the entrance is fine

              • Anonymous

                11 Mar 2021 16:01  

                You can actually burst him down with basic spells while being in the same chamber as the imprisoned dwarf. Break down the pillars, beat dwarf till demon leaves his body then teleport back upwards, occupy far right and left corners (slight elevations) and fire away. If you have enough of cc spells (Aerotheurge/Hydrosophist), you should be able to CC him right away and keep him in the middle of the chamber, next to dwarf patient (who doesn't seem to be all that helpful, just keep using Restoration and Chameleon Cloak). Did that on the first try.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Mar 2021 20:56  

                  Simplest Solution (tested on DE Hardcore):
                  - Send only your ranger to the dungeon
                  - Destroy 3/4 of pillars
                  - Damage the Dwarf ultil he is knockedout
                  - Reach the longest range possible to destroy de last pillar
                  - Summon any invocation to attract agro (I made it with the cat)
                  - The Dwarf will kill the demon for you
                  - Ez

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Feb 2021 02:33  

                    For anyone who is a summoner. Just summon your incarnate, buff it, and leave it in the pit while using the mage to shatter the last totem. If you have enough wit, you can go first and just run him out leaving your incarnate and the dwarf to finish the fight. You just have to hope the dwarf doesn't teleport him out of the arena and make sure you heal the dwarf first as the monster seems to focus him down if you don't

                    • Anonymous

                      18 Feb 2021 17:07  

                      To those wondering the easiest way to beat this fight without care for the dwarf living:

                      Do not follow the horrible instructions listed to "cheese" it. If you have a powerful archer-type character, simply stand more than 14m away and have your archer use arcing shots out of sneak with Guerilla to kill the dwarf as fast as possible without it moving. After the dwarf is dead, the demon comes out and does not move or make any attempt to find you. Re-enter stealth, hit it with either a Ballistic Shot or Barrage (Again, 14m away) and kill it. If no creatures are within 14m of it, it simply dies. I have no idea how whoever wrote this wiki article overlooked that, but that is such a simple and easy solution I was rather confused at the fact that this wasn't thought of by the moron who wrote the article.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Jan 2021 22:23  

                        I finished this quest in (DE) tactician mode, saved the dwarf and avoided demonic possession.
                        My party had a rogue with Aerotheurge skills (teleport and netherswap), Ifan (wayfarer and summoner), Red prince (fighter with Geomancer skills) and Fane (Necro with a bit of everything lol). All of them were lvl 16 with decent gear. The following are their skills which I used in this fight:
                        - Rogue: Adrenaline, dagger and cloak, teleportation, nether swap and first aid
                        - Red prince: Adrenaline, phoenix dive, first aid, fortify (and teleportation scrolls)
                        - Ifan: Conjure incarnate, power infusion, first aid, fortify, teleportation, tactical retreat, ballistic shot,
                        - Fane: Armor of frost, soothing cold, fortify, spread your wings, restoration, first aid, adrenaline
                        There are three important locations:
                        - Entrance of the prison (A)
                        - The statue near the entrance (B)
                        - The bone pile on the farthest left corner in the chamber (C)
                        When you enter the dungeon, make a barricade near the entrance (A) with the jugs scattered around. Make sure that there is a gap behind it and you won’t be able to walk over there.
                        Leave everyone on your party except your summoner/archer (Ifan, in my case) near the statue (B). Move your summoner/archer inside the chamber. Nuke the dwarf until he is knocked out on the floor. Summon an incarnate in the pit behind the demon and infuse it. Free the demon, teleport the dwarf as close as you can to location A and bolt out of the chamber to location B. With the rest of your party members continue to teleport the dwarf until he is stuck behind the barrier. From this point onwards there are 4 things you need to do:
                        - Keep the f***wit dwarf behind the barricade with teleportation. He will teleport himself out a couple of times but thankfully there is a cooldown.
                        - Keep the incarnate alive at all costs, replenish both of its armors when needed.
                        - You ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT finish your turn anywhere near the chamber (Location B is a safe zone). If you do, the next turn your char will definitely be possessed.
                        - When the physical armor of the demon is gone, bring your archer to Location C (hug the wall!) and keep the demon on the floor with knockdown arrows. You can use ballistic shot and assassinate to kill it even faster but remember go back to location C each time you do.
                        - And BOM! Job done.
                        You can optimize this according to your play style. Forgive me if I made some grammatical errors since English is not my native language.

                        • Anonymous

                          14 Jan 2021 00:27  

                          Been trying for hours to figure out a way to avoid demonic possession happening. IDK if it's a bug but every time i kill the Dwarf or knock him hard enough the demon comes out, the first attack directed at the demon will trigger possession before the damage is applied, and the moment he's out the same happens. meaning it's effectively invulnerable. But at last I managed to find a cheese. which requires range > 15 yards to abuse the possession range so i can actually hit him.

                          to start it's super simple. you don't even need to hit the Dwarf. just break all the pillars. and he'll be hostile. good news is you can break it with a ranged character outside of his vision so you can run away next turn and reset combat anytime. then, poke him with another shot (as long as you have a bow/crossbow) you can hit him before you even enter the room to trigger combat, and now, summon something on top (not necessary but makes things easier) this allows your summon to lock the enemy in combat freezing his movements instead of having him reset position. now i sneak my ranged characters into the near corner of the room on the right side, and walk the summon to the left back corner, let the dwarf target it while you get your guys in position. then, from out of combat, teleport the dwarf to the far left corner inside the pit. this will give you a good 20m+ range from the close right corner. and at this point it's about locking down the dwarf and locking down the demon once it's out. killed it in 1 round with 2 ranged characters at lvl 15.

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Jan 2021 18:37  

                            you can't just shoot him!
                            I used my Ranger to shoot the dwarf so many times and didn't work.
                            Then I switch to my main character with an Axe. Just for one hit, the dwarf stayed knocked down

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Dec 2020 00:52  

                              *sigh* Why is it that half the comments on this page are just people complaining about how stupid the game is? If you don’t like it, don’t play it -_- Or at least give your comment s’more depth than just “tHiS gAmE sUcKz”

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Dec 2020 11:48  

                                This fight is EASY.... After you knock him down where he stays down (Before destroying the pillars, run all your toons far back. have one guy literally just in range to destroy the towers and run him back. If you're quick about it the demon spawns but neither the dwarf or demon have arggoed. Now... just summon up something, anything that can move. Keep all characters way out of the room, move the summoned thing close enough into the room to argo the demon. Then literally let the dwarf and demon duke it out. The dwarf will win EVERY time so long as he wasn't too weakened from your original attacks. Then go in, talk to the dwarf to get exp.

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 Nov 2020 18:57  

                                  Easiest way to win the battle: disband your companions. You will find them later on Lady Vengeance. Kick some daemon ass alone. This way he won't be able to possess you.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    26 Sep 2020 00:21  

                                    idk how it works. As i remember last time i played it was impossible to not got possed after you damaged demon but at last time i casted x2 mass deploy traps blinked away somewhere near the throne and demon died without possessing anyone. So it's kinda works for solo runs

                                    • Anonymous

                                      27 Aug 2020 06:33  

                                      Absolutely stellar, I didn't knock him down ahead of time but I did use the "summon stuff in the room and stand back" method, the demon cast madness on my incarnate champion....WHO THEN ATTACKED AND KILLED THE DEMON. 10/10 would watch a demon's plan backfire again

                                      • Anonymous

                                        13 Aug 2020 23:31  

                                        First tries went catastrophically bad. So I reloaded and came back at level 16 before I was about to leave Reapers Coast. I was feeling the cold sweats for awhile, but it passed after the 3 jump, he got in about 4 or 5 possessions before I finally got the little bastard. Went to find the dwarf loot. 4 gold in a sack!? Well thank you for that bug Larian!! At least the damn demon dropped some pretty decent loot. But still. Kind off pissed off.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          30 Jul 2020 04:00  

                                          **** this fight on Tactician if you run a group with multiple teleports and nukes. In the end i just pulled all my characters way the **** out of the room and sent in an army of Blood Infused Incarnate Champtions. Everybody gangsta until you got 4 Incarnate champions chunking you and chaining Battering Ram on you.

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