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Braccus Rex is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Braccus Rex information

Braccus is a king who ruled Rivellion in thousand years before the story of Divinity 2. His base of power in in Fort Joy, where he ruled the the first few years as a good king. But then, the lust for power, the darkness, made him become mad. He tortured people beyond normal means, even last for thousand years. At the end, he was defeated by a band of heroes and brought to the land to stand for a trial, where he was hanged for his crimes.

He was revived in the first game, which is happened 1000 year before the second one, but quickly brought down by the two protagonists. You can find his spear and equipment in the vaults below Fort Joy, each of them has cursed on the wearer and only a full set can negate the curse, except the ring. But they will be surpassed by other weapons and equipments very soon.

  • Level 20
  • Vitality: 8963
  • Talents: Undead, Savage Sortilege
  • Skills: Void Glide, All In, Cursed Fireball
  • Initiative: 32
  • Perseverance: 6
  • Chance to block: 0%
  • Damage: 2607-3020
  • No Immunities
  • Resistances:
    • : 40%
    • : 40%
    • : 40%
    • : 40%
    • : 200%

Braccus Rex Location

  • Tomb of Lucian

Notes and Tips

  • Braccus appears to be wielding a Two-Handed Axe and a Shield, but is not able to block.
  • All stats are taken from Classic Mode on Explorer Difficulty using Level 7 Loremaster

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    • Anonymous

      08 Jul 2020 23:10  

      Yeah can only agree that the "spoiler" should be removed. Didn't know and just writing spoiler in the same line of text as the spoiler itself, without the text blurred, doesn't really qualify as a spoiler warning...

      • Anonymous

        12 Apr 2020 21:15  

        The "Braccus Rex is the Final Boss of Divinity: Original Sin 2, once he is killed, the game is won" in notes and Tips is an extreme spoiler. I've just started this game and I wish I hadn't read that

        • Anonymous

          18 Dec 2019 07:00  

          You can kill him before his treachery, in which case the boss fight ends once Lucian, Dallas, and their White Order lackeys are dead/unconscious. Kind of anticlimactic, really.

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