Burial Rites

Quest Giver
Location Elf Encampment
Suggested Level 12
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Burial Rites is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Saehila



Burial Rites Objectives

  1. Complete the burial rites.


Burial Rites Walkthrough


Join the burial ritual at Elf encampment and show your respect, and the quest is completed. (very easy if you have an elf teammate. If you don't have an elf character, you need to pass persuasion check. Use shapeshift mask to try again if all your characters failed.)

If you cannot persuade the elves to let you enter, first complete The Elven Seer.



Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      10 Jan 2018 23:38  

      I think I missed out this quest by rescuing Saheila and triggering completion of Elven Seer BEFORE ever finding the elf camp. My log shows completion for Elven Seer but after speaking with all the elves, they just thank me for returning Saheila and none of them talk about any burial.

      • Anonymous

        10 Dec 2017 21:01  

        Use the helmet wich allows you to transform into different races and become an Elf. At the burial rite, follow their lead and you get 11600 exp and Epic rewards

        • Anonymous

          29 Oct 2017 13:28  

          To perform the ritual well (and receive the reward), you need to be elf (or use the shapeshifter mask) and always select the first option.

          • Anonymous

            28 Oct 2017 21:54  

            Just follow the elves and do what they do, except in the beginning, if you're human the only "good" thing you can do is say a prayer to Rhalic. Don't kick your feet. I didn't need to pass a persuasion check during this quest, only one to begin it. It was completed for 5800 XP and it says "you performed adequately, but it could have been worse"

            • Anonymous

              15 Oct 2017 09:38  

              To pass the check you need to be an elf or have Fane shape shift into an elf. AND give the "right" answer. If I remember correctly I used the "traditional elven greeting".

              • Anonymous

                09 Oct 2017 22:25  

                Is there a way to get approval from the elfs after the ritual? Whatever I pick they are not pleased and the elder says that I should not help.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Sep 2017 22:05  

                  If you fail all your persuasion checks you can just equip Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter and try the check again

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Sep 2017 14:19  

                    it appears that if you fail a persuasion check you are locked out of this quest. I ran into this quest early while exploring, failed the checks and moved on. Even my elf failed.

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