Burying the Past

Location Paradise Down
Suggested Level 12
Next Quest --
Previous Quest  N/A

Burying the Past is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. We came upon Gareth in an abandoned farmhouse, hovering over the unconscious body of a White Magister. We should find out what's going on.


Important NPCs



Burying the Past Objectives

  1. Deal with the Silent Monks or
  2. Deal with White Magister Jonathan



Burying the Past Walkthrough

The quest can be started at roughly X380 Y274, south of the Driftwood - Field waypoint inside of a burning house, or in front of a house in Paradise Downs. If you start the quest in Paradise Downs, or find him after the above, he will want you to kill some silent monks for revenge. These monks are in the farmhouse nearby and you will need to persuade the Paladins guarding the front to let you in. Conversely, if you can't or don't you can go to the right of the farm house and Teleport inside through the hole in the roof. In order to get Gareth to stop digging you will have to open the door though. So either lockpick it or break it down.

Once inside, speak with Gareth and he will ask you to help find proof. Use Spirit Vision inside the house to speak with Gareth's parents. You can find Jonathan's Gloves laying near a tree just outside the farmhouse. After a short dialogue,  you will be given the decision to persuade Gareth (Intelligence or Memory check, 30 in stat with 0 persuasions will fail) to either spare Jonathan's life or kill him. Regardless of the outcome, you can still attack and kill Jonathan, which will upset Gareth greatly and prompt him to leave. Jonathan is located in the Blackpits.

Failing the check means Gareth will make up his own mind (mercy) and will then proceed to Paradise Dawns after moving Jonathan. When convincing him of mercy, you can choose the very bottom option ("...did not save him in the swamp for him to...") to bypass the check.

Once your log has updated with "We convinced Gareth that..." (changes depending on what you did), you can safely move on in the quest.



Tips & Tricks

  • If you kill White Magister Jonathan for Gareth when he is standing over his unconscious body and convince him to relax on the ship, his parents won't die and will be at the family farm. You cannot interact with them and they cower behind a cart. Jonathan is then replaced by White Magister Kari in the blackpits interrogating Gwydian Rince.
  • Outside the house with Gareth and Jonathan, beside the woodpile under the canopy, you can discover a mound, with high enough lucky charm,  containing a sack of loot.

    • Anonymous

      05 Sep 2018 07:18  

      saw the burning house and gareth,but,did nothing as i was under leveled , later went to the farm , talked to gareth told him i share his thrust for revenge , went inside the house killed the monks and got 13k exp , after convinced gareth to let go as his mother wanted, got another 8k .

      • Anonymous

        30 Apr 2018 00:28  

        For Tips & Tricks, You can interact with Gareth's parents and they actually give you a quest called "Infestation"

        • Anonymous

          20 Mar 2018 00:07  

          To complete one of the following achievements Iniquity Forgiven or Furious Rebuke, You need to walk directly to the burning house in the Northern part of they grain fields X380 Y274. Here you will find Gareth standing near the unconscious White Magister Jonathan.

          Need to have persuasion 4 to persuade him to spare or kill Jonathan

          To get Iniquity Forgiven ( Unlock for the player that talks to Gareth), Choose:
          Option 1: Tell Gareth to stay his weapon. Jonathan will surely reward his mercy.
          Option 2: Look in his eyes. He is guiding you to divinity. It's his turn to listen to you.

          To get Furious Rebuke achievement (Unlock for all players ), Choose
          Option 2: Encourage Gareth to finish the deed. Jonathan is a Magister. He must die.
          Option 1: The time for timidity has passed. Slay Jonathan yourself.
          Option 3: You did what had to be done, and he knows it. Tell Gareth to cool off at the Lady Vengenace

          • Anonymous

            11 Jan 2018 11:15  

            You can dig up his father's grave (Left side) and it gives a dagger that gives +1 thievery other grave (right side) has the last letter gareth sent his mom

            • Anonymous

              05 Jan 2018 01:42  

              I was given the option to convince him to abandon his revenge with the [Hero] tag. I instantly received 8k xp.

              • Anonymous

                04 Nov 2017 13:13  

                i got a bit stuck here couldn't pass dialoge checks and Gareth and both guards says -end- no other option.
                after doing some quest and pass there again i've tryed to unlock the door with lockpick (speak to a guard to change his line of sight and lockpick with other char from behind) after opening the door both guards go away and Gareth comes into the house.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Nov 2017 09:48  

                  If you kill White Magister Jonathan for Gareth when he is standing over his unconscious and convince him to relax on the ship his parents won't die and will be at the family farm. You cannot interact with them and they cower behind a cart. Jonathan is than replaced by White Magister Kari in the blackpits interrogating Gwydian Rince.

                  ....this happened to me. But how can I close the quest then?

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Oct 2017 02:48  

                    Upon entering the house with the monks, Gareth will rush in and ask why you haven't killed them yet. You can convince him here with a persuasion check (same checks are available as when speaking to him outside). If you pass the check, the quest will be over.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Oct 2017 02:38  

                      It seems if you wait too long to start this quest, Gareth will be burying his parents at the farmhouse. If you go directly to the burning house from the Hen house / Gallows area shortly after arriving, then you can start the quest there.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Oct 2017 02:35  

                        Are there any pros and cons to killing the silent monks inside the farmhouse? There is nothing mentioned about this. To convince the paladins to allow you to enter, it requires either one of two Wits checks or a Constitution / Memory / Intelligence persuasion check, depending on your dialogue choices.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Oct 2017 02:09  

                          If you speak to Gareth at his family farm first when he is burying his parents, you can simply pass a persuasion check to finish the quest and receive 8075 XP. This guide makes no mention of such a simple ending.

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Oct 2017 22:44  

                            I can't do anything any more. I have Jonathan's ring and gloves but Gareth just keep a digging and the guards tell me to go away. What am I missing? Oh, and if I kill the guards Gareth accuses me of the murder...havent tried killing the guards while I have the gloves I have to kill them?

                            • Anonymous

                              08 Oct 2017 08:38  

                              I wandered up quite far north to the burning house before visiting Driftwood. I saw Gareth in there speaking to someone but didn't go near or interact. After visiting Meistr Siva in Driftwood, I went back to the house and no one is there. I feel like I missed something.

                              • Anonymous

                                06 Oct 2017 18:51  

                                For me, I didn’t have Spirit Vision, but high persuasion. I killed Jonathan and took his ring. But, weirdly he still had his items(gloves) scattered about on the way to Blackpit. I told Gareth to cool it and go back to the ship. I met his parents I couldn’t interact with them until I completed the blackout quests. They then told me to clear out voidwoken. But, now the guest is still open like Jonathan is still alive?

                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Oct 2017 07:30  

                                  You can interact with Gareth's parent by killing Jonathan in the burning house near Driftwood Filed and select You understand Gareth's felling, where you might need to convince him later on since he's so upset about your action(I didn't up to that part yet). When you arrive at Gareth's home, you will find his parent is hiding behind a cart outside of the house, and you can talk to them and agree to help them clear up the voidwokens. Killed all voidwokens in the house, and report to them, you will receive a pouch that belonged to Hannag, and they will return to their house. You can talk to them inside the house for few dialogs. (better to clean up the surface since they don't have any magic armor to resist the poison or whatever left on the ground)
                                  The pouch included few items(a scroll and a grenade in my case, I guess they're randomly generated) and a unique ring of Hannag, which worth 1500 gold without any special stat. Not sure if there are any new dialogs since I already met Hannag and no new options unlocked at this moment. Killing Jonathan will unlock the Steam achievement for set Gareth on a path of vengeance immediately

                                  • Anonymous

                                    05 Oct 2017 20:03  

                                    Tips & Tricks: fix the part with the parents. You can Interact with them, at least eventually, they will ask you to clear the house of the voidwoken, will reward with a pouch with items that belonged to Hannag. Probably unlocks new dialog for Hannag when you first meet her.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      28 Sep 2017 17:46  

                                      Many ppl talk about a bug If you help Gareth in his revenge against Jonathan, for the death of his parents . Eventually Malady tell you that you must find Gareth before leaving reaper's coast to the Nameless island and you can't find him anywhere. It's not a Bug at all it's the story: you convince Gareth pursuing revenge, so you will find him later in the nameless island, the next act, since he leave before you for his revenge against the order.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        23 Sep 2017 23:22  

                                        If you have the hero tag and you have a wits check where the quest will complete right away he'll stop digging and giving the party 8075 exp

                                        • Anonymous

                                          23 Sep 2017 20:05  

                                          My dialogue is the same i can do anything to make him stop digging. I killed jonathan have the ring AND the gloves but still, i cant do nothing.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            19 Sep 2017 23:31  

                                            A pair of gloves can be found a bit further down the road belonging to the killer of Gareth's family, upon giving him the gloves of the killer, he will request you to find and kill Jonathan (The Killer) and he can be found in the black pits with an elf strung up, who is connected to another quest

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