Business Rivals

Location Cloisterwood
Suggested Level 10+
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Business Rivals is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



Business Rivals Objectives

  1. Help Marg get rid of Grog, or get rid of Marg 


Business Rivals Walkthrough


Grog the Troll and Marg the Troll have a competing business, both want you to kill the other. But be very careful, both are formidable enemies that can single strike some of your weaker characters. Before you fight the trolls, make sure you are prepared and game saved.

You can pass the persuasion check to ask Grog to lower the bridge tolls. He will allow you to pass with 4997 gold.

Marg initially charges only 3 gold, and can be persuaded to charge only 1.  If you chose to kill Grog for Marg, after Grog's death Marg will choose to implement Grog's business tactics and charge 15000 gold to cross in the future.

 If you chose to kill Marg, upon returning to him Grog will give you a dialog option to increase the reward, but choosing this option yields no real results. He will give a small reward and grant the main speaking character the skill Reactive Armour.

Tips & Tricks

  • Applying "burning" to Grog and "poisoned" to Marg removes their troll blood regeneration effect. This is hinted at in the "T is for Trolls" book found in-game throughout Driftwood.
  • Both Grog the Troll and Marg the Troll are immune to Knocked Down and Petrified status effects.
  • If you don't kill any of the trolls, Grog the Troll will block the log bridge to Arx and the only toll he'll want is BLOOD.
  • Killing Grog gives 38000 Experience and has chance to drop legendary item.



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    • Anonymous

      17 Aug 2021 01:28  

      As someone explained in the comments below it is possible to finish this quest but also kill both Marg and Grog for the experience.

      1. Accepted quest from Grog to kill Marg
      2. Talked to Marg and told him that Grog wanted him dead (received experience for telling him this)
      3. Attacked and killed Marg (received experience for killing Marg)
      4. Went back to Grog and separated my duo lone-wolf party leaving one on both sides of the bridge (2nd party member who will attack Grog should be left on the side where Grog will start to walk towards after finishing this quest that being Cloisterwood side.)
      5. Initiated dialogue with Grog with my main character and told him that I killed Marg (Quest finished, received experience and the reward screen popping up on the character I talked to Grog with.)
      6. Now you do not have much time to actually look at your rewards in the pop-up window so save/load this part if you feel like it. Pick your reward and quickly switch back to the party member on the Cloisterwood side of the bridge and attack Grog. (I started the battle with Sebille casting a fireball at him to trigger the combat and also apply burning to Grog to stop his regeneration ability.)
      7. Kill Grog (received experience for killing him and also loot on his body same with Marg)

      Tested on definitive edition of divinity 2 (7th of august 2021)

      • Anonymous

        14 Aug 2021 20:43  


        1. Accept quest from Grogg (don't kill him)
        2. Go to Marg, tell him Grogg wants him dead for 2700XP
        3. Kill Marg
        4. Go back to Grogg and tell him you killed Marg, collect quest reward
        5. Grogg will now go to Marg's bridge. You can follow him there, or find him there later. Be aware that if you follow him there, stop before the bridge, otherwise he will attack
        6. Once Grogg is on the bridge, you can kill him.

        Tips for killing him:
        -Be sure to use fire on him at least once every 2 turns, otherwise he will regenerate HP
        -He has no magic armor so you can easily charm him
        -Fight is easy with archer, just use fire arrow + charm arrow and blast him with high dmg attacks

        • Anonymous

          06 Aug 2021 16:59  

          Obviously the easiest way to kill these two (as with every other act 2 enemy so far) is barrelmancy. I know it's stupidly overpowered and borderline cheating, but if we're talking about the absolute easiest way to do something (or you're actually somehow unable to kill them legitimately because you're incompetent or something) barrelmancy is the way. Otherwise you can just stun both of them forever with magic because they have no magic armour, not a particularly hard fight unless you're unprepared for it. Even if you're a full melee build you can just respec using mirror making both of them trivial.

          And if you don't have gold for spell books just respec all of your civil into thievery so that you can bankrupt the entire population of Driftwood with your demigod-esque slight of hand.

          • Anonymous

            18 Jul 2021 00:27  

            Tried various methods to kill the trolls. By far the easiest is the one suggested by someone here: put a row of cooking pots blocking one end of the bridge, then kill the trolls safely from a distance, Marg with poison, Grog with fire.

            • Anonymous

              19 May 2021 21:33  

              1. make sure to accept Grog's quest and don't kill him first
              2. make sure to tell Marg, Grog wants him dead (you'll get XP)
              3. Kill marg
              4. Go back to Grog, tell him all good mate took care of it
              5. Kill grog
              6. XP XP XP XP

              • Anonymous

                11 Apr 2021 12:02  

                Easy way to kill both is to put either rain or blood underneath the troll and electrify it. Then using an air wand, it will apply shocked. This means you can have 1 person with an air wand stun the troll every single round. No need for special skills, just need an air wand and either rain or rain blood. Then with your other party members, you just need to apply the other debuff (poison or burning).

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2021 17:38  

                  I beat both by stunlocking them with aeroskills, lvl 11 squad with a summoner that got colossal incarnate of the right element.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Mar 2021 10:01  

                    I just best Marg and Grog back to back with a level 15 squad. The key was Tyrants Charm. The best freaking thing in the expanded game. I got it at level 8 and haven't taken it off since. I'm hoping to make it to the end with it. It's too awesome!

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Feb 2021 12:13  

                      Honestly, I've fought him with a 2 man-squad around level 12, my PC Battle Mage based on Aerotheurge serving as a frontliner and Sebille built Ranger.
                      He didn't get to attack me once, it's almost unfair how easy it is to keep him stunlocked and burnt at the same time so he doesn't regenerate. Stock up some Shocking Arrows and you're good to go, he can't do anything about it as you pounce him with stuff over and over. The only thing that might be slightly unusual is at that some point you're gonna have to move your ranged characters melee because the fire's gonna turn to smoke and give him some pseudo-cover, but other than that, he's a laugh.

                      The bigger issue to to have that Loremaster 5...

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Jan 2021 23:14  

                        Pay troll 5k and u get 8075 extra experience.

                        I want to go in combat with him, then drop lava under him to one shot him.

                        Another way if u don't want to mess with lava, is u spec into low wits 15-20 wits. use a bedroll ( for knockdown immunity ) hit him, he will walk to you and hit, and the moment he hits you, u up the with to 40 ( basically drop all your dmg ) . u will get the turn so he doesn't chain knock you down with multiple turns. Then u got 1 hp, and u drain life him with that source skill u can pickpocket from that lizzard in the castle at cloisterwood teleport. at level 9.

                        Sometimes it doesn't work, just respec back again and do it like this.

                        Even with the lava tactic u want to be 40 wit or high innitiative as u first want to go in combat with him to get the experience, u will otherwise lose out on 38k experience.

                        • Anonymous

                          26 Nov 2020 03:04  

                          Using tele you can move the green noxious bulb under his feet, then ignite it and wait a few seconds, he will just stand there and get killed by the constant erupting

                          • Anonymous

                            03 Oct 2020 05:19  

                            Step 1: trap grog on the bridge using 2 ornate chest placed infront and back of him
                            Step 2: Fire at him using all your fire spells, fire arrows, fire bombs till he dies

                            • Anonymous

                              14 Aug 2020 05:01  

                              Necromancers of the world, just place blood everywhere (trolls dont mind), open with a corpse explosion (there's corpses all over the bridge) and then cast grasp of the damned as your first 'in battle' move. The troll is then crippled for 3 turns (well 2, as trolls have status effect duration -1) and you and your crew can hammer him for two turns. If you have Fane he'll already be in blood and you should have elemental affinity at his point, so he can use time warp to give these trolls a proper hiding. Finally, charmed DOES work on these trolls. We charmed Grog and battered him before he got a chance to react.

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Jul 2020 03:11  

                                Jesus it's not a tenth as complicated as you guys are making it

                                All you need to kill either is forced exchange (buy from higba) and living on the edge (bree). Cast living on the edge on your character who has forced exchange. Have that character rush the troll. The troll will clobber that character reducing health to 1. Forced exchange character casts forced exchange then 1 shots the troll.

                                The end

                                PS can case peace of mind to make sure necromancer acts first (trolls have imitative 25 I believe so you may still fall short, but can also pre cast living on the edge it just has short duration)

                                • Anonymous

                                  28 Jul 2020 02:01  

                                  Have your archer use two shock arrows to stun, then use the element they're weak to followed by another shock arrow next turn. I've been stockpiling and had 30 each of fire and shock arrows, I had Ifan use that pattern and stunlocked/nullified troll recover the entire time.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    14 Jul 2020 03:34  

                                    Ok guys imma make a guide on killing Grog the Troll. However, this is a summary to help readers based on all of the pre-existing comments that I have seen.

                                    This guide is simple, easy, and time efficient.

                                    A. have teleportation skill/item

                                    B. A skill/weapon that can ignite surfaces. (Recommend to be fire based)

                                    C. Several objects without a health bar

                                    At this moment, i am a new dos2 player so if I’m missing anything plz add on.

                                    Credit to everyone who has commented below.

                                    (Important)... check out the comment on “25 Jun 2020 17:30” for detailed guide for full exp from this quest.

                                    Note that I am assuming you are trying to Kill grog at step 4 of the exp guide that I mentioned.

                                    1. Have a member of your team initiate conversation with grog to prevent movement.

                                    2. Collect 7-8 cooking pots and line them On the bridge From one end to the other. This will prevent grog from approaching your team on the other side of the cooking pots. Note that anything WITHOUT a health bar can be a substitute as long as they are big (or wide) enough for use.

                                    3. When prep work is completed, have the character chatting with Grog to meet up with the rest of the team on the other side.

                                    (You can safe check that the line of pots is working by making a character travel across it)

                                    4. Make sure you have a teleport skill/item of some sort then teleport the poison plant near the area across the line of pots and right beside Grog.

                                    Note: after you teleported the poison plant, it should release poison gas within the area.

                                    5. This action DOESNT aggro Grog!! Now have a character with fireball, searing daggers, wand that ignite surfaces, etc to !!”ATTACK THE POSION CLOUD”!! Not Grog. This action will not aggro Grog since you are not directing attacking him.

                                    6. Wait for Grog to be considerably low and finish him off.

                                    PC Definitive edition.

                                    Exp from Grog 38800 at this time

                                    Item a ring at lvl18 with HIGH magic armor

                                    If you had paid Grog 5000 gold for the full exp reward, you can get it back by having a character with lvl6 thievery to pickpocket him right after you pay him. (I was the one who left the comment) lvl 5 should work but you probably won’t get it all back since the gold limit is lower, forgot how much the limit is.

                                    Please like for credibility for other readers to browse through.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      25 Jun 2020 11:40  

                                      PC Definitive Edition: This worked, and got me 10.7k extra XP: [1] Started with Grogg, he asked me to kill Marg, [2] Went to Marg and told Grogg asked me to kill him, he asked me to kill Grogg, [3] Went back to Grogg, talked to him and paid the toll, this got me 8k XP [4] NOW you can eighter attack him right away, or move away a fair distance from the bridge and go back, he'll try to charge you again, you can attack him via dialogue to iniate combat more organically, if you care about that. Kill him for 38k XP [5] Inform Marg you killed Grog to close quest. No XP awarded for quest close. [6] Marg will now ask for 15k gold to cross, refuse and kill his ass for 14k more XP. Total using this method ~64000XP (the 10.7k extra is from paying Groggs toll and telling Marg that Grogg asked you to kill him. 8k + 2.7k)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        30 May 2020 19:51  

                                        PSA: Do not pay Marg to cross his bridge. If you do, the quest will be glitched, and Marg will only repeat the same line if you talk to him. I assume this goes for the other troll as well. Don't pay the troll toll.

                                        • 05 Apr 2020 05:18  

                                          Suggested level 10+?? In definitive edition Grog is lvl18. I'm at t lvl 12 currently and he 1 shots even my fully equipped tank who uses bonecage on the bridge and gets ridiculous amounts of physical armor from all the corpses (700+). When approaching him, even the game throws me a message suggesting I gtfo.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            10 Jan 2020 10:21  

                                            Very easy combat, I used Living on the edge, after Grog hit me I was at 1 hp, then used Forced Exchange, then he was at 100 hp, 1 hit kill. arguinyano.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              30 Dec 2019 05:32  

                                              both trolls are very vulnerable to shock, equip one mage with a wand that shocks on attack and you have two easy fights.

                                              • 08 Sep 2019 20:25  

                                                While you can kill Grog with the lava (or spamming fire, chicken and charm), with Marg you can use poison dart to create poison surfaces around him, he'll walk over them and kill himself without a fight; although, you probably should still get the last shot on him.

                                                • 25 Jun 2019 00:44  

                                                  An anonymous poster from over a year ago suggested using lava on Grog, and I can confirm the insta-death still works. Use the Poly Terrain Transmutation skill to get the Lava near Hannag and the magisters near the bridge. Initially, I began the fight after dropping it below him, and it only did tick damage like burning. Halfway through the fight, he managed to walk while charmed, and I had to remove the lava surface back to his position — to my surprise, instadeath! Looks like you need to transmute the lava AFTER initiating the fight, otherwise the only thing you might instakill is yourself!

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