Call to Arms

Location Sanctuary of Amadia
Suggested Level 6+
Next Quest Lady o' War
Previous Quest Most Dangerous When Cornered

Call to Arms is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. You will need to find Purging Wands to defeat The Shriekers.



Important NPCs



Call to Arms Objectives

  1. Find Purging Wands
  2. Defeat the Shriekers



Call to Arms Walkthrough

If you saved Gareth outside the Decrepit Ruins then speak with him in Sanctuary of Amadia. He will ask you to locate a Purging Wand. You can find Purging Wands from The Vault of Braccus Rex or Radeka the Witch. You can also free Slane the Winter Dragon and he will destroy them for you or you can use Tyrant's Helm (located in Decrepit Ruins where you saved Gareth). Once you have a wand, the Tyrant's Helm or freed Slane, then it's time to ambush magister's bastion and take a ship. If Gareth has already died, you need to talk to Exter in Sanctuary of Amadia. Meet Gareth or Exter at the Abandoned Camp , once you are ready, attack the magister's camp and defeat Bishop Alexander. (Note: you may need to deal with the shriekers first, then tell Gareth you are ready.)


Tips & Tricks

  • The Void Worm will spawn about 3 rounds into the fight and the Magisters will focus on it. Use this opportunity to finish them off. When you kill Alexandar within less than 3 rounds, the Void Worm will appear right after Alexandar's death.
  • ???



Who Joins the Call to Arms?

NPC at Sanctuary of Amadia Abandoned Camp Hirable During Bishop/Voidworm Fight
(Talk to leader)
Lady Vengeance Fights along side you on the Lady Vengeance Can be found after arriving at Reaper's Coast
Bahara No No No No No
Duggan Yes Yes (Crossbow) Yes Yes No
Exter Yes Yes (Longbow) Yes Yes No
Feder No No No No No
Gareth Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Gratiana Yes No No No No
Han No No Yes No Yes
Jules ?? Yes (Wand+Shield) ?? ?? ??
Kerban Yes Yes (Sword) No No No
Klaud ?? Yes (Club) ?? ?? ??
Leya No No Yes Yes No
Matis ?? Yes (Axe) ?? ?? ??
Samadel Yes Yes (Healer) Yes Yes No
Simone Yes Yes (Melee) Yes Yes No
 Ymmit Yes No No No No

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    • Anonymous

      20 Jul 2020 15:03  

      I told Gareth to wait at the stairs before the shriekers, because I wanted to go back and slay Slane. When I returned to the stairs Gareth was gone.

      • Anonymous

        26 Jan 2020 04:55  

        I took Matis and Samadel with me and then went on to fight Slane, however they became hostile towards me as soon as I iniated the fight. I took them to another fight (the skeletons in the Gargoyle maze) and they where fighting alongside me.

        • Anonymous

          13 Aug 2018 01:22  

          OK, here' s what's happening with the Tyrant's helm, an update to the comment below. When you use the helm to purge, after the third (or possibly fourth) use of purge the demon Krylr will appear. Krylr will turn other NPC's not in your party hostile, but if no NPC are around you fight him alone. When he is killed you get a Tyrant's helm which has been updated with the Shackles of Pain skill instead of Purge.

          • Anonymous

            13 Aug 2018 01:10  

            Tried this several times, and if you kill both shriekers with the helm the entire group from the sanctuary becomes hostile. Not sure it this is a bug or intended. If you want to save charges on the wand, you can kill the first shrieker with the helm.

            • 21 Jan 2018 15:29  

              Don't know if any options affect who lives and dies, but despite having Kerban and Matis in my party in the final fight (with both surviving), still they were both dead. One of them did happen to have most of the quest items I had sold to them. Regarding the question marks in the chart: Jules was alive after the Voidworm fight, Klaud and Matis were dead. Assuming you were able to save them in the Abandoned Camp, of course.

              They also join in the ship fight, but... I don't think any of them made it out alive.

              • Anonymous

                08 Oct 2017 07:49  

                According to IGN guide, we're suppose to defeat all the Shriekers first before talking to Gareth. I purged two and send Gareth off to the ship. I guess I broke the sequence now as well...

                • Anonymous

                  22 Sep 2017 05:22  

                  defeated alexander, i can talk to malady to leave the island. can't find gareth or exter anywhere. if i leave the island via talking with malady, quest is finished with the comment i chose not to help seekers.

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