Champion of the Gods

Hall of Echoes
Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest --
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Champion of the Gods is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Siva



Champion of the Gods Objectives

  1. Learn the use of source



Champion of the Gods Walkthrough


Acquired when talked by Voidwokens or visit Hall of Echoes the first time. (touching the statue at Dark Cavern

You will learn more information when you talked to the gods at Hall of Echoes.

After you been teleported back to Lady Vengeance, Malady asks you to find Siva, the Meistr of Seekers. 

Siva is hanging at the outskirts of Driftwood, guard by some magisters. You can persuade them to allow you free her, otherwise you'll have to force your way. Once freed, Siva asks you to visit her home at Driftwood.

Talk to Siva at her home, remove the painting near the bathtub and then press the button behind. You will receive her teachings in her vault.

Siva will tell you what you need for the ritual, you can get in ingredients in a closet near the source fountain. Make sure you have the source point, then use the blade to cut yourself, combine the ingredients, and burn them. 

That ritual will teleport you to the Hall of Echoes,  there you will speak to your god, and learn a new skill - Spirit Vision. Siva then asks you to seek other source masters for further knowledge.

There is a dwarven sourcerer named Mordus may also help, he was last seen around Driftwood. (learned through Shadow over Driftwood)


Tips & Tricks

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