Charming Arrow


Set Charmed for 1 turn

Item Type Arrows
Craftable Yes
Range 13m
Explosion Radius Single Target
Weight 0.05
Value 145

Charming Arrow is in the Arrows category in Divinity: Original Sin 2



"This cute little arrow infused with a charming potion is quite something. You really, really, really like it."



Charming Arrow is a non-lethal charm arrow. Of all of the items and spells that inflict charmed, the Charming Arrow has the lowest duration at 1 turn. It is possible to craft a large amount of these for use or sale, since you can get unlimited honey at a Beehive. You can increase the range of any arrow by 2m with the Far Out Man talent. The Arrow Recovery talent will give you a 33% chance to recover special arrows after shooting them.



Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

arrowshaft Arrow Shaft charmingArrowhead Charming Arrowhead
honey Any Honey Source arrow Arrow

Where to find / Location

  • Sold by Merchants
  • Can be crafted
  • Found in the game world


Notes and Trivia about Charming Arrow

  • Only one enemy can be Charmed by a character at the same time. Charming a second one will cause the previous enemy to lose the debuff



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    • Anonymous

      One of the most broken items in the game. Once you reach act 2 you can easily rack up over 100 of these before the end of the act. Since most enemies (including major boss characters for some reason) dont have charm immunity, you can trivialise pretty much any fight. At that point to 'defeat'(aka make them on your side) a character you just need to strip their magic armour. Physical and hp dont matter.

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