Charnel House is a location in Divinity Original Sin II.


Charnel House


Notes & Tips

There are two buttons on the wall, you need to get close to find them.

Let one of your most tenacious companions get into the third room and step on the pressure plate. Then cast Spirit Vision (Learned in Powerful Awakening), you will see three levers on the wall.  Press the levers (middle-left-right), a secret hatch is shown.

There's a treasury under that hatch, use your character with highest lucky charm to loot them. The artifact is in the coffin, if your character is a lizard, he/she will recognize the language it says.

When you try open the coffin, or leave the tomb, all clay sentinels will revive and attack you.

General Information

  • Location: Reaper's Coast
  • Recommended Level: ??



  • ??
  • ??


Notable NPCs:

  • ??
  • ??



  • ??
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      If you're running a solo party, use the scattered broken vases to activate the pressure plate. The pots may break after pulling a lever depending on what type of floor is present, but you can usually get one lever pull per pot. I had telekinesis, so it may be harder without it. If you don't have telekinesis, try and learn a teleportation spell like Teleportation to move the vase, or Clouk & Dagger/Tactical Retreat to teleport out of the room after placing the pot. I haven't tried this though, only speculation. I assume it might work though.

      If you ever mess up, activate the pressure plate and pull the middle lever to release water, which will hopefully reset the floor to just wet. Then continue from there

      • Anonymous

        Important thing: sentinels are squishy and easy, but two of them (who stay a little futher than the rest) can revive ALL OF THEM, and that just happened to me, last save 1h ago.
        Good luck

        • Anonymous

          "When you try to leave the tomb, all clay sentinels will revive and attack you."

          Thanks for whoever edited this wiki page for ending my honor mode run. You failed to mention that they also attack you when you attempt to loot the tomb in the middle. You suck.

          • Anonymous

            Important is that the combination of the elements is right. This is: Water-Electric-Fire. When in the room is gas (or somethins other), use the middle lever so long as water is in the room. Then use the levers in this combination: Middle-Left-Right. Now the grave open.

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