Cleric is a preset class in Divinity: Original Sin II.


"Heals allies or smashes skulls, depending on the direction of the wind."



 Hothead: At maximum Vitality, gain +10% Critical Chance and +10% Accuracy


Starting Skills

 Decaying Touch: Deal Physical damage and set Decay on target within melee range

 Restoration: Restore Vitality of a targeted character

 Blood Sucker: Target absorbs blood surfaces around them, restoring Vitality


Starting Gear 



If you recruit a Cleric on the Lady Vengeance, you get Myrella, a female Elf starting with:

 Armour of Frost: Cure status conditions and provide magic armor to target

 Soothing Cold: Regenerate magic armor of allies around you

 Healing Ritual: Restore Vitality of nearby allies with a bolt of healing energy

 Shackles of Pain: Target receives all damage you take



  • Consider choosing Dwarf (+10% max Vitality) or Lizard (+10% Fire/Poison Resistance) as your race for this class
  • Clerics can do damage to undead or decaying enemies with both Restoration and Blood Sucker
  • Clerics can cast Decaying Touch on an enemy to prevent them from using conventional healing methods



    • Anonymous

      08 Dec 2017 20:51  

      I feel like this skill combination is terrible for melee. This setup is more ideal for an intelligence based caster build in my opinion.
      Start with Rain, Hailstorm and Mosquito Swarm. Instead of starting with Hothead for a talent, change it to Far Out Man.
      Afterwards, you can adjust and tune your character more smoothly.
      I wouldn't recommend this build combination for melee since you won't be relying on Hydrosophist and Necromancer for damage.

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