Comeback Kid

Once per combat, if an enemy lands a fatal blow, Comeback Kid will help you bounce back to life with 20% health. If you die and are resurrected in combat, Combat Kid will be available again.


Comeback Kid is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • Consider getting this on any character who dies often.
  • Does not combo with Morning Person.
  • Does not combo with Unstable.

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    • Anonymous

      Also worth mentioning that triggering Comeback Kid saves your rose buff (where as using the resurrection idol does not).

      • Anonymous

        I always take this talent. It has come through for me a number of times (and it always feels really good when it saves you from a death or burning your idol). Saved my butt a few times in my honour mode clear too. Some people opt to take other more “important” talents, but Comeback Kid has come up clutch for me.

        • Anonymous

          Better defensive option than Picture of Health for characters without much investment into warfare like for pure summoners or melee battlemages with staves At least a flat 20% hp bonus, on average it is a bit more considering the deathblow itself, at most a repeatable thing if ressurected A nice pack of bonuses for early stages of Honor playthrough which are the most dangerous stages indeed

          • I've had characters with this still wind up dead after a single attack. It will say they "Resisted Death" but they are still ghosted. I'm guessing that the damage from the attack isn't wasted but rolls on through? It's still better than nothing. I wish it compounded with Morning Person so that they "Came Back" at full health but maybe that would be asking too much. I have these on my Wizard in Tactician he gets primaried, focused down, and usually dropped before he even gets a turn. I guess that makes the enemy waste their AP but doesn't make it any less frustrating.

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