Conjurer is a preset class in Divinity: Original Sin II.


"Conjures a trusty personal demon and elemental totems to aid in battle."



talentsPetPal Pet Pal: Gain the ability to talk to animals


Starting Skills

summoning summon incarnate icon Conjure Incarnate: Summon a personal elemental matching the ground surface it was conjured on

summoning dimensional bolt icon Dimensional Bolt: Shoot a bolt of energy that does a random type of damage and makes a corresponding surface

summoning 12 29 Elemental Totem: Conjure a stationary totem that fires projectiles at enemies in range



If you recruit a Conjurer on the Lady Vengeance, you get Francesca, a female Human starting with:

summoning ranged infusion icon Farsight Infusion: Unlock a ranged attack for your Incarnate and provide it Magic Armour

summoning 14 21 Soul Mate: Target receives half of the Healing and Armour restoration you receive

summoning harmony icon Rallying Cry : Target regenerates Vitality and Magic Armour based on the number of allies nearby

summoning supercharge icon Supercharger: Targeted summon does 70% more damage, but dies on its next turn



  • Summoning works well with any skill, but if you want to focus on purely using the incarnate, Pyrokinetic works wonders for buffs like Haste and Peace of Mind early on. Pair with a Lizard Character and you have an inbuilt source of fire for 1AP in Dragon’s Breath. Late game you can add the Fire Slug Summon too. 
  • It is very highly recommended to keep at least one wand or spell each, of any level, that can create the various surface effects at will (Fire, Poison, Water etc)...this way, if you know ahead of a battle what kind of element your pending enemies will be weak against you can equip that specific wand, fire it at the ground to make the effect and have every Conjurer in your party pre-summon Incarnates at that spot to give them the corresponding elemental infusion, and send the Incarnates in ahead of time to start the battle. For later gameplay, also be aware of the (typically crafted) special Infusion skills like Fire Infusion to give you even more flexibility; see the Summoning Skills page for a full list.
  • It is also highly recommended to have Lohse in your group if you have Conjurers. Her Encourage ability also affects all Summons, both Incarnates and Totems.
  • You cannot have the Incarnate out at the same time as one of the other "primary" summoned creatures such as the Cat Familiar, Condor, Bloated Corpse, Oil Blob, Lava Slug, Bone Widow and Hungry Flower, as summoning another primary will de-summon whatever was out. Also, only Incarnates can take Infusion spells. However, the other primary summons have independent cooldowns from the Incarnate summon spell which can be handy as a backup in case your Incarnate dies early, and they are all boosted by the Summoning skill allowing for well-trained Conjurers to use them to better effect than any other class, and they can still have tactical usefullness (i.e. the Cat Familiar gives teleporting mobility, the Bloated Corpse is a powerful suicide-bomb, etc). The other summons can also still take the neutral summon-buff skills like Supercharger.
  • A freshly summoned Incarnate (or any other summon) has an instantaneous start; they will always be the very next creature to move after their Conjurer's turn ends.
  • The adaptability of this class cannot be understated, and having a full four-person team of all Conjurers is a profoundly powerful force who can coordinate their tactics, and even launch brute-force frontal assaults against squads that other classes would normally try to avoid. Always remember, the Incarnates and Totems are completely immune to their own element and do NOT need to worry about friendly fire from each other, which is particularly devastating when a full squad of Fire Incarnates and relevant totems are summoned. Incarnates can also do Attacks of Opportunity if they are right next to an enemy who moves. If all four Incarnates are pre-summoned before the fight starts and everyone immediately also drops a Totem on their first round, that's 12 opponents for the enemy to target. The totem summon spell also has a fast cooldown so each Conjurer can usually keep at least 2 of them up all the time, bringing it up to 16 targets for the enemy, and every attack against the Incarnates or Totems is effectively completely wasted since you can just summon more.
  • An Incarnate can take multiple Infusion spells at once, such as Farsight and Power. Damage boosts from them to the Incarnate stack additively.
  • Since Conjurers most definitely don't need to rely on weapons for combat (other than some key wands for creating ideal floor surfaces for summoning) they can easily use a shield alongside a wand, making them notably tougher to start and frequently giving them the Shields Up ability to restore both physical and magical armor to boot.
  • Expecting heavy combat against typical enemies? Shoot a fire wand into the ground and summon Fire Incarnates who can open up with wide AOE fireballs to hit multiple enemies at once, then charge straight in unharmed through the flames and let rip in melee while also constantly dropping Fire totems everywhere, with both the Incarnates and Totems being completely immune to other incarnate Fireballs that can be used against the enemy. The Fire Incarnates are so effective in most general-purpose combat that it is recommended you give your Conjurer with the fastest (highest) Initiative score either the Pyrokinetic skill with a fire launching spell, or a Fire Wand. This way when a combat starts (especially an unexpected ambush) your very first move from any team member is to put a Fire effect on the ground in preparation for Fire Incarnate summoning.
  • See some enemies aggressively threatening/questioning an NPC who you might want to keep alive for questioning afterwards? Shoot a water or ice wand into the ground and summon a squad of Water Incarnates for a powerful healing force who can tag-team keeping that critical NPC alive with Restoration.
  • Have an annoying locked chest that you can't pick? Summon a standard earth Incarnate to quickly smash it open without damaging the items inside. The same can be done for most doors other than the "invincible" storyline ones. The summoned Incarnate is always the same level as your characters, and this plus points in the Summoning skill makes their damage output scale VERY nicely. Earth Incarnates can smash through breakable doors and chests with rather surprising speed even at lower levels.
  • Have an enemy that's protected by a barrier of some kind against spells? Drop a Totem and/or an Incarnate nearby with a clear shot around the barrier.
  • If you do the four Conjurer squad it is also recommended to branch out each one into at least one different school of magic. Hydrosophist is a key one for creating Water surfaces, Restoration heals and clearing out fire or poison fields with Rain; Aerotheurge is excellent for both Lightning effects to make electrified water, stunning and eventually the very useful Teleport spell; Geomancer to get both Oil and Poison effects; and a fourth of your choice where you feel lacking is a very effective wide tactical spread.
  • A Conjurer can only use Infusion skills (like Farsight Infusion) on their own Incarnate, not that of another Conjurer. It is highly recommended to get Farsight Infusion on all of your Conjurers so that for one quick action point they can add a ranged attack to their Incarnate, even those who don't normally have one, making them even more effective at applying focused damage on key targets.
  • Incarnates cannot pick up or move items for you.
  • The Torturer talent to have effects not blocked by armor does NOT chain into your Incarnate and their abilities.



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    • Anonymous

      I dont know if it changed or not but Incarnates can only MOVE objects, but not pick up anything. I did that to just see and moved a fire barrel with an incarnate which makes it really good if their immune to fire. Move it in to position and just attack it and boom.

      • Anonymous

        this class is basically a one man army early on. i am currently doing fane mixed with warfare and summoning with lone wolf, at level 10, I have enough ap to summon my giant beastie, buff him with the ranged and power buff, then lay down a totem. basically lay down a totem each turn. currently one of my favorite is the blood infusion, it does a ton of damage, if we are ganging up on a real bad guy, it can knock him down, and if it back up, i bum rush it again with fane.

        • Anonymous

          For anyone looking for a good talent to get as Conjurer, in my opinion Torturer is pretty good and it increases the duration of status affects and when you infuse your incarnate or totem they will apply a status affect depending on what they are infused with.

          Also if anyone knows if elemental affinity combines with the conjuring of totems and incarnates please let me know.

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