Corpse Eater

Lets you eat body parts to access the memories of the dead.


Corpse Eater is a talent in Divinity Original Sin 2 which allows the player to regain health and gain insight into the life of the deceased through consuming their body parts. The body parts can only be consumed once. There are a few specific corpse parts which will give the character access to a predetermined skill.




Attainable Skills

  • Eating Finn's body part in the first ship area, The Hull, will grant you the Adrenaline Skill. You have to have points in Scoundrel to use it, however.
  • After completing a task for Elodi, she offers the player a severed head. Eating it will give the player access to First Aid.
  • If you happen to kill Saheila and eat her arm, you learn Armour of Frost.
  • A dead magister to the east of Fort Joy previously granted Levitate. However, this skill is currently unobtainable in the current version of the game. In Definitive Edition this body provides Wings.
  • Inside a chest surrounded near booby traps you will find a consumable corpse piece that grants Peace of Mind.
  • In Reaper's Coast is a magister caravan splayed with body parts; eating the Severed Head in the back will grant Backlash.
  • Eating the Severed Hand right outside the Wrecker's Cave in Reaper's Coast grants Contamination.
  • The Severed Head inside Wrecker's Cave grants Crippling Blow.
  • In Ryker's basement, there's a Disembodied Leg. Eating it will grant the Fire Whip.
  • DO NOT eat quest-related body parts.


    • Anonymous

      20 May 2018 00:50  

      cool tip, if you are playing as fane you start with the item that lets you change your race, you can change your race to elf and eat Finn's body part at the begging of the game.

      • Anonymous

        23 Oct 2017 20:16  

        I haven't seen anyone post this find before. I'll post it here, just found it now. Poison Wave can be found at X: 622. Y: 175. It's from a hidden diggable grave. Probably requires X lvl's of wits to spot. There's a Lizard corpse buried in the human section of the graveyard, atleast that¨s what The Red prince says when you find it. This is all on Act 2 by the way. - Cryptical Void

        • Anonymous

          23 Oct 2017 03:18  

          So what I have noticed is yes, there are some parts that give pre-determined skills. As for the rest, it seems they have a *chance* to give a whole host of skills. I realized this when I did the following:
          1. Save
          2. Eat 5 body parts - acquire a huntsman ability
          3. Load
          4. Eat the 5 body parts again - acquire no abilities
          5. Load
          6. Eat the 5 body parts again - acquire warfare ability

          • Anonymous

            12 Oct 2017 06:37  

            In Ryker's dungeon, Fire Whip from a disembodied leg under a table on the north side of the room among lots of rotten parts.

            • Anonymous

              12 Oct 2017 01:08  

              I got Corrosive Touch from eating a body part from somewhere, I think it was from a pile of them in the cave of the Sallow Man. By that point I just stockpiled them and ate them in batches. To my knowledge the Corrosive Touch skill isn't obtainable normally as the skill crafting for it is broken.

              • Anonymous

                28 Sep 2017 12:27  

                Purity of Mind: Southeast of the Hollow Marshes - Bridge waypoint is a chest surrounded by noxious bulbs and two talking, impaled heads. In the chest is a severed head, and eating it will give you the skill.

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