Corpse Explosion

pyrokinetic 15 17AP

Explode the target corpse, dealing 250%  physical damage in the area

special divinity original sin 2 Blows up your target.

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Pyrokinetic 1cldwn4
properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Necromancer 1
properties divinity original sin2 icon Costs 1 Memory
properties divinity original sin2 icon Range 13m 

pyrokinetic skill s Pyrokinectic

Corpse Explosion is a Pyrokinetic Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Corpse Explosion Spell Book Location



Corpse Explosion Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Physical damage, scales with intelligence and warfare, not pyrokinetic.
  • It can be easier to use Teleportation to bring a corpse to a group of enemies before using Corpse Explosion.
  • It damage allies as well as enemies, do watch for the AOE radius.




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Occult Flamewielder


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Blood Mage





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    • Anonymous

      This skill is in the pyro class of spells, it is made from a pyro book, it has an orange/red colored icon, it is a fiery explosion... and yet it STILL does physical instead of fire damage? Because necro wasn't chock full of other busted abilities already but they had to give this to them too.

      More strange design choices in this game I just can't comprehend. Being a mixed physical/fire damage would have been much better. In fact, why are many skills not mixed damage? This would greatly balance the game by, for example, making blood storm mixed physical/water.

      It's very frustrating in my opinion.

      • Anonymous

        suit well for necro user lvl 1-8. if you want to use this from lvl 9-16 or 16-20. i think kinda not worth since your damage is max out. and you can't suck dead source after you blow it with this skill somehow. it's like this skill blow hurt not only from warfare, they blow the source aswell.

        • Anonymous

          Not really that useful for mages to be honest - as the damage type is physical, but it does wonders for melee-necro builds like Eternal Warrior. It'll still do insane damage if you're stacking warfare as dps mages stack intelligence[1].

          [1] since the damage calculation for spells is as follows:
          Spell damage: Base * (1+Element%) * (1+Attribute%) * (1+Misc%) * (1+Highground%+Crit%)
          where "Base" is a strictly level-dependent constant, and the "Element" for physical damage is Warfare, a 10 warfare character would pratically hit as hard as an 30 int one. Mages however can crit with this spell thanks to savage sortiliege, but i'd still put this skill on a warfare-based build as to keep my characters maximized into a single damage type.

          • Anonymous

            This skill has some of the best overall package in the whole game

            - 1AP, 13m range makes this a no brainer
            - ridiculous 250% phys dmg, which is the same as Grasp of the Starved and scales with warfare.
            - no level requirement on obtaining it, just start the game, get a necro and pryo skill book and make it right away
            - although necro/pyro is an awkward combo, it requires just 1 point into each, so as necro its totally worth it to keep one piece of pyro gear only to have the skill available
            - there is not much set up required since enemies will run be around corpses constantly. You will realistically get a use out of this in almost every battle.

            If you further want to improve its effectiveness, play around with Nether Swap or Teleportation (the latter also deals dmg scaling with intelligence and character level) to get the most out of it. For Necros this is a must, any other warfare build can also utilize it with similar efficiency if they have the points.

            • Anonymous

              Great physical damage source on a pyro mage with a random necro point from equipment (or you can even spec the point for the heals).

              • Anonymous

                Is there a bug with this spell currently? I just learned it today and it is only showing a 6 meter range to try to target a corpse when I activate it.

                • Anonymous

                  At level 7, with only 4 in Warfare and about 30 in Intelligence it's the hardest-hitting spell I have, and it only costs 1 AP. The damage is noticeably higher than high-cost physical spells like Infect. It's a lot trickier to use when there are no corpses on the battlefield, but if you focus on one enemy and kill him ASAP, you can use his corpse to trivialize the rest of the fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    Can't find info anywhere. What will happen when I choose to cooperate with sallow man and decide to kill my companions in long term?

                    • Anonymous

                      Can do insane damage on a physical necromancer build, and combo with bloated corpse selfdestruct. We can position the body with teleport skill , use corpse explosion then sumon a bloated corpse cast supercharge and explode it andget almost 1hko with 3 ap spent.

                      • Does this work on player bodies?
                        Cuz I just got the urge to make alone wolf necromancer with his trust undead pet (fane) who magically bleeds fire if no other reason than the lulz (but hoping it combos with unstable) and who's sole purpose is to run up to people, blow up, then be blown up again only to be rezzed for the whole thing to repeat.

                        • Anonymous

                          A few tips for using this skill:
                          This skill is good for a physical based necromancer/warfare build with a splash of geo/hydro, for corrosive touch and grasp of the starved, blood rain and bloodstorm.
                          To use this skill to it's full potential, grab 2 in aerotheurge for teleport and netherswap. Then teleport a corpse into a group of enemies before using corpse explosion.
                          It doesn't seem to scale with pyro itself, so you don't need but 1/2 pyro to use it effectively, thus allowing you to spend more points in warfare for a damage boost.
                          It should not be used for a typical pyro mage, and it is there for the build path of a necromancer physical damage build.
                          Not all skills in each tree are specific to that type of playstyle, especially split tree skills.
                          It may seem situational at times, but for 1 ap, it's really cost effective.

                          • Anonymous

                            I keep trying to combine the blank fire and necromancer books together and they aren't making the corpse explosion book. is this some kind of crazy glitch or what?!

                            • Anonymous

                              this skill will damage allies as well as enemies making it even more extremely situational. not worth the memory slot imo

                              • Anonymous

                                Pretty useless for a fire mage. Bodies need to be 'whole' and rather not charred. Something not likely to happen.

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