Alice Alisceon

Recommended Level 15+
Related Quest Treated Like Cattle

Corpse of Alice Alisceon is a level 15 Boss NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She is Undead and has access to Pyrokinetic skills. She can be a very difficult boss (particularly if you are trying to solo her) and it is recommended to follow one of the strategies detailed below. 

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Information

  • Will attempt to one-hit KO your entire team with fire as soon as you engage in battle with her.
  • Any form of contact with her will always cause her to engage in battle with you.
  • Even if you defeated her in combat (which drops nice loots), YOU CAN STILL HEAR HER VOICE. I'LL KILL YOUR SHINING LIGHTS!

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Location

  • Northern end of Cloisterwood, shown as a firey "pointed tip" on the map.

Notes and Tips

  • Although there is a Persuasion check, she will fight you regardless of what dialogue option you choose.

  • Will drop the Witch's Cellar Key after dying, to be used in the Treated Like Cattle quest. (Oddly enough, this boss is immensely difficult compared to that quest as a whole, and the cellar it opens can be easily lockpicked with Thievery 4.)

  • Gives an insane amount of experience after defeating her. (36 100 EXP in D.E.)

  • Using your "Bless" ability on Alice will remove her "Aura of pain" buff, by far one of the most irritating buffs in this fight.

  • As Alice is an Undead, she is vulnerable to restoration spells/effects.

  • If your party is stood close together then Alice will open the fight with a devastating fireball attack. Spread out to minimise the chance of this.



(Feel free to contribute by adding your own strategies here.)

1. Using Soul Mate & healing items to kill Alice

As Alice is undead, any healing she receives will cause her physical armour to reduce (or, if she has none left, direct damage to her vitality). Therefore, if you have a character with the Soul Mate spell, being connected to Alison and then consuming a large quantity of healing items (e.g. Huge Healing Potion, Giant Healing Potion etc.) will cause her to take extremely high amounts of damage. These potions also only take 1AP to use.  The best part of this strategy is that it bypasses Alison's Retribution combat ability (receive 50% of damage dealt to Alison) because you are not technically trying to 'damage' her...

2. Using Bless

Alice's "Aura of pain" debuff causes those within close proximity of  her to receive large amounts of piercing damage each turn. Using Bless completely nullifies this buff, meaning that physical attacks on Alison are now a far more viable strategy. Although Alison will receive the buff associated with Bless, it's definitely worth it to remove the de-buff aura.

3. Using Jahan to kill Alison

The easiest way to defeat her is to lure her to Jahan and have him kill her instead. To do so, have a character capable of attacking her at range waiting near Jahan to the east, and then have another character at the fiery cliff teleport her to the beach below. She will attempt to head around in Jahan's direction to return to her cliff, but her AP limit will force her to stop near his house. At this time, if you attack her with your character who is in waiting and lure her towards Jahan, he will join the fight and decimate her within a few turns.

4. Teleporting Alison off the cliff

Even without using Jahan (for example, if you're a Lone Wolf and can't do that bit), you can teleport her down by the beach to get her out of the way. That should allow you time to destroy the totems while Alice makes her way round. An easy way is to climb the structure to the south and hit the totems from the top. Then you can sneak-solo her as you see fit.

5. Using Living on the Edge

If you have a character with reasonable damage, and at least 3 points in Polymorph and Necromancer, you can pre-cast Living on the Edge on them. A Necromancer warrior or rogue works best. With living on the edge they will survive the initial one hit kill fireball. After that you need to get through her physical armor so you can cast Forced Exchange on her. This will drop her to 1hp and can be killed with a single right click. The whole thing is made easier if you have the Ashen Idol of rebirth to survive the first big attack.

The comments have plenty of strategies detailed if you aren't interested in cheesing this boss and actually want to fight her, so feel free to scroll down and read through them.

6. Teleporting her away from the totems and then polymporphing her into chicken

All you need is single teleport scroll and chicken`s claw scroll. After teleporting her away from the fire area use your character to bless her to get rid of the aura and then punch through her physical armor and then use chicken`s claw scroll to pacify her so she can`t do any damage to your party while you`re free to damage her.

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    • Anonymous

      03 Dec 2020 22:54  

      How much initiative she has? I didnt find it anywhere
      I have 61 right now
      is it enough or I need more?
      I need to be first so i can oneshot her but dont know how much she has

      • Anonymous

        02 Dec 2020 18:48  

        Playing DOS2 DE, I was in the middle of the Magister/Hannag quest, had sided with the magisters to kill Hannag, and I saw Alice in the distance, since I really didn't want to help the magisters, I teleported her from one of the higher ledges of the ruins to right in front of the 2 magisters. I just wanted to see what would happen. Alice went mental, and killed them immediately with fireball. I had my team of 4 take her down. Worm tremor with Executioner skill to lock her in place, spamming spells, conjured cat and spider, arrows, and backstab. I think I turned her into a chicken at one point. My thief got killed, must have been from aura, late in the battle. Luckily Hannag didn't get involved in the fight. So I never actually talked to Alice, but don't think I missed much with that dialog :)

        • Anonymous

          12 Nov 2020 00:48  

          Just seperate group on beach, sebille snuck up vince and cast bless, alison has to spread her fire attacks then teleport her down to beach and kill easily with healing spells and physical/water damage

          • Anonymous

            05 Oct 2020 00:17  

            How I killed her:

            Bless to get rid of aura

            Summoner/Necro character used Rallying Cry (heals based on totems nearby) which destroyed her physical armor and a portion of her health.

            Used Shackle of Pain so when she hit that character with her Fireball, it killed her, too.

            Water attacks work well, too.

            • Anonymous

              10 Sep 2020 20:13  

              I dont believe you guys need any other help, but for my honour on tactician run I used nr 5 from above to bait her, then my two hander sneaks from behind and gives her "onslaught", then chicken and its done. I really want that 0.02 achievement..

              • Anonymous

                08 Sep 2020 12:46  

                In my lone wolf playthrough (custom elf, Red Prince), my elf had 110% fire res thanks to Demon, armor, and pots+fire skin, had him initiate combat alone after chugging a giant magic potion and armor of frost. Was around lv 13, managed to spam hydro spells and kill her thanks to his ~1200ish hp and 1600+ magic armor. Had Red Prince sneak up and take out totems with his bow. A very brute force method, but it worked out.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Sep 2020 23:45  

                  here is another strategy, although quite situational: my ranger was perched atop a wooden platform and in sneak mode. I spread out the other 3 party members before initiating contact with her. While she attacks the 3-party, the ranger used "assinate skill" (yes level 16). High wits meant it blew away all her armor & half of her vitality. Love your strategies btw.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Aug 2020 15:14  

                    Easy cheese.
                    Bless her from distance.
                    Put your party far away.
                    Put a ranger in the nearby high ground
                    Cast Conjure Incarnate on fire near her and command it to attack her.
                    Use the ranger to shoot her to engage.
                    Put down her shield. One Ballistic Shot by my lvl13 ranger hit 800+ dmg.
                    Use other characters to knock her down.

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Aug 2020 03:42  

                      My level 9 strategy:
                      Two lone wolf dwarves, main character with str/con 2h/warfare/retribution, beast with str/int aero/warfare/geo/pyro/hydro, respectively. Start by running like a ***** when she charms your main. Use haste. This will drag her and your main away from the totems. Then use haste on your main, use enrage on your main, and slay her in one turn with your mighty dwarven axe, with both party members over half hp. Then take beast to the nearest pub for some ale and stew to celebrate your strength and courage!

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Aug 2020 18:29  

                        I play a duo Lone Wolf party with melee as my main and Sebille as a ranger at lv. 13
                        Its cheesy but it worked like a charm even without blessing her aura (i didnt knew about that^^)

                        I engaged her with my main char and luckily she starts talking first. I placed Sebille my ranger on the top of that ruin and prebuffed every buff i had on my main with Fortify, Frostarmor, Peace of mind, Haste and that dodge buff. Luckily the duration of the buffs doesnt go down when in dialogue.
                        My main char had 48 init and i started first. Since Sebille wasnt in the fight yet i shot the totems 1 by 1 down with her and then i attacked Alice to engange in combat with her aswell.
                        Rest is easy, took her armor out in 1 more attack and knocked her down. It took me 3 rounds to killer but i think it would have been possible in 2 aswell.

                        I had forced exchange on my char aswell but forgot to add living on the edge so it didnt helped ^^

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Jul 2020 03:38  

                          You can avoid the initial fire ball with it hitting one of her totems depending on where you stand. I had Beast stand at X:224 Y:304 and she blasted one of her totems instead.

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Jun 2020 20:58  

                            Man, since I always cheesed her with range I never knew she had a scripted first action on the round, just lost my Honour run (lost is a strong word, since I can just download from steam cloud and try other strategy, but if I didn't know how to do that, off) to her. Seriously, why in the world would you ever give a chracter with one shot capabilities a scripted first action? God damn disgusting.

                            • Anonymous

                              06 Jun 2020 21:44  

                              just walk randomly close to her, the game quick saved on my last save game and insta kills me.. lost sooo much game time :(

                              • Anonymous

                                28 May 2020 10:13  

                                --> 4 character party / level 12 1. Teleport her down to the beach. Either while she is talking to a character or if you just catch her in range. 2. Set up as many people as possible on the ruins. 3. Use a useless low level summon of some kind to lure her back up, if she's not already on her way back to her spot. 4. I charged her with my melee character once she killed the Bloated Corpse I used. He was immediately nuked. Oh well. 5. Specific to me, I had 2 summoners in my party because I like pretending I run a zoo. Maxed out Summon skill on both, +3 with some gear. Summoned 2 Incarnate Champions. Key here is to use as much physical damage as possible, so don't bother summoning them on any surface except blood. 6. Used my archer with Adrenaline to deplete her physical armor and then hit her with a knockdown arrow. 7. Bless her to get rid of her annoying aura. 8. At this point the Incarnate Champions start pounding her out and are joined by as many totems as I can get out. 9. After she gets up on her turn use an Incarnate charge to knock her down again. Do this as many times as necessary until you kill her.

                                • Anonymous

                                  09 May 2020 14:17  

                                  Ok, so I killed her without any cheesing around, unless you consider my method cheesing. I will give you the full details of my party and the fight so that you can make up your own mind about it. Party details: lvl 13 with lvl 12 gear. Eternal warrior, Stormchaser, Ranger and Tidalist. Steps: 1: Save the game. 2: Never talk to her. 3: Close with her to cast Bless to remove the aura. 4: Split your party to avoid being hit by her fireball 5: Teleport her close to one of your characters(this step is the most important one). Whoever you teleport her next to will be engaged in conversation and after that ends, the fight will start with that character being last to act, so make sure it's a mage or someone not important. If she's teleported away from the totems, they will either not attack you at all, or simply attack you once or twice which you can take. 6: Remove her physical armor and keep her knocked down while healing her with spells and scrolls(mages) and hitting her with physical characters. 7: ??? 8: Profit! Reload if anything does not happen as mentioned in the steps above. I've had her glitch a couple of times by simply taking her turn even if she was knocked down. Enjoy!

                                  • Anonymous

                                    06 May 2020 07:18  

                                    Details on the Jahan teleport cheese (DE) that weren't super clear to me from prior comments: On convo engage you have infinite time, so make sure your other character drops her right next to and facing Jahan. She should aggro him on her own once aimed correctly. Your party should then get an attack in during the fight to get exp for her. On Tactician it took Jahan three turns to kill her, so my character had time to walk over from a max distance teleport and last hit her, but on lower modes Jahan may finish her in one turn so get in place before your last teleport. (You can kill the totems if you want between teleports, but they don't give exp anyway.) You don't need any skills/items/build other than 1 character with teleport and never get hit if you time your entry into the Alice-Jahan fight correctly/from enough distance.

                                    • 05 May 2020 21:14  

                                      Actually, the fight is super easy if you are around 150-160% fire resistant. Once I started burning my resistance was lowered to 85 and she could 1 shot me but if you drink a fire res potion her totems can't even hurt you and her physical damage is pretty low

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