Alice Alisceon

Recommended Level 15+
Related Quest Treated Like Cattle

Corpse of Alice Alisceon is a Boss NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Information

  • Will attempt to one-hit KO your entire team with fire as soon as you engage in battle with her.
  • Any form of contact with her will always cause her to engage in battle with you.

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Location

  • Northern end of Cloisterwood, shown as a firey "pointed tip" on the map.

Notes and Tips

  • Although there is a Persuasion check, she will fight you regardless of what dialogue option you choose.
  • Will drop the Witch's Cellar Key after dying, to be used in the Treated Like Cattle quest. (Oddly enough, this boss is immensely difficult compared to that quest as a whole, and the cellar it opens can be easily lockpicked with Thievery 4.)
  • Gives an insane amount of experience after defeating her.


(Feel free to contribute by adding your own strategies here.)

  1. The easiest way to defeat her is to lure her to Jahan and have him kill her instead. To do so, have a character capable of attacking her at range waiting near Jahan to the east, and then have another character at the fiery cliff teleport her to the beach below. She will attempt to head around in Jahan's direction to return to her cliff, but her AP limit will force her to stop near his house. At this time, if you attack her with your character who is in waiting and lure her towards Jahan, he will join the fight and decimate her within a few turns.
  2. Even without using Jahan (for example, if you're a Lone Wolf and can't do that bit), you can teleport her down by the beach to get her out of the way. That should allow you time to destroy the totems while Alice makes her way round. An easy way is to climb the structure to the south and hit the totems from the top. Then you can sneak-solo her as you see fit.
  3. If you have a character with reasonable damage, and at least 3 points in Polymorph and Necromancer, you can pre-cast Living on the edge on them. A Necromancer warrior or rogue works best. With living on the edge they will survive the initial one hit kill fireball. After that you need to get through her physical armor so you can cast Forced Exchange on her. This will drop her to 1hp and can be killed with a single right click. The whole thing is made easier if you have the Ashen Idol of rebirth to survive the first big attack.

The comments have plenty of strategies detailed if you aren't interested in cheesing this boss and actually want to fight her, so feel free to scroll down and read through them.

    • Anonymous

      10 May 2019 18:50  

      It's actually doable without cheesing if you spread your characters - the fireball seems to do more damage at the center. Did it with 4 chars lvl 15 without cheesing or using living on the edge - just spread your party out so that she can hit max 2 people. After that it's easy as she is low on PR and can stunlocked after her first move

      • Anonymous

        28 Apr 2019 04:28  

        Managed to beat her with a Lone Wolf duo, Fane (elementalist) and Ifan (archer). Had Ifan remove her physical armour and Fane cast Living on the Edge followed by Forced Exchange. Having Idol of Rebirth REALLY helps, but once you get her physical armour gone it's fairly straight-forward. Just remember to cast Living on the Edge as soon as possible.

        • Anonymous

          13 Apr 2019 21:49  

          The is an option to talk with her if you have mystic and contitution in definite edition, wonder if it work for her?

          • Anonymous

            09 Apr 2019 20:19  

            Fought her at lvl 15, normal difficulty. I had a party of 4, Tank+Healer in a group, Mage (Fire/Poison) in a second, sneaking along with a rogue. Made the tank engage and take all hits with the healer, buffed my rogue with whatever I had and proceeded to oneshot her. Didn't use living on the edge. Basically, as long as you engage in combat and make her force to attack your tanks, you'll kill her in 1 turn quite easily. With Living on the edge it becomes much easier since she won't be able to oneshot your damage dealers on her second turn.

            • Anonymous

              31 Mar 2019 00:47  

              We killed her with a 2 lvl12-13 lone wolves. 2H warrior/nechromancer cast living on the edge on your self, engage combat. Alice will damage you to 1Hp teleport you to a corner, nullify resistance and curse you and ends her turn. Ranger shots her with ballistic, teleport her close to the warrior so that he does not have to waste points on movement and shoot her some more or heal/buff warrior. On warriors turn cast "Death Wish" (100% damage boost) and cast "'Onslaught", upon which she either dies , or if not, ranger can finish her off.

              • Anonymous

                30 Mar 2019 19:27  

                For a solo character doing physical damage, I've found that using Forced Exchange is the best and fastest method. The other cheese strategies usually require exploiting the dialog which a solo char can't use.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Mar 2019 16:46  

                  You can kill her at any level / damage with teleport and undying (done with 200% difficulty mod), just use a character on a plateform near hannag to teleport her at max range toward jahan (not enough to make her fight with jahan but still), have a character with undying near that point to ensure combat to start (she casts spells and pass her turn at the same position), then just attack her with you teleporter character equipped by any ranged weapon. The attacking character will stay out of fight cause of range, and the witch wont regen because she's still in fight with your 2nd undying character (same as the turtle fight in fort joy, and many others) play that game with 200% and you'll learn to glitch any fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Mar 2019 10:50  

                    Had my tank with a summons next to him so she would use her powerful Area of Effect attack there. Other companions were scattered out of distance. Had my tank cast shackles of pain. She killed herself. Job done. (I must admit I died a lot of times before trying this)

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Mar 2019 01:13  

                      At level 14 it was a straightforward fight: Ranger 1 teleports to within point blank range and fires off Arrow Spray Hydrosophist casts Hailstorm, either killing her outright or heavily damaging her Ranger 2 finishes her off if Hailstorm didn't do the trick No tricks, no cheese, just overwhelming firepower.

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Feb 2019 06:30  

                        If you set Charmed status onto Alice while she has the Pain effect, the effect transfers off of your team and onto the totems. this instakills them on their turns

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Jan 2019 20:16  

                          No need for cheesy strategies. It's fairly simple (killed her with level 11 team): - Spread your team, put ranged characters on the stone wall - Bless her when she is locked in a conversation - CC her with everything you have - don't let her cast anything - Summons are great (Incarnate, Bone Widow), Rangers are great (especially on the wall), Necromancer is great (Living on the edge spell)

                          • Anonymous

                            19 Jan 2019 18:46  

                            Tricky fight even with a level 15 party, but not too bad. If you're like me and you don't want to cheese the fight, Just have your ranged characters up on the tower to the south, and have your tankiest character up front on the ground with her, preferably with high fire resistance (potions) and/or magically protected from death, such as cryogenic stasis. If you can live past her opening salvo, all you need to do is focus on keeping her stunned/frozen/knocked, keep your tank alive, and pick off the totems. Very doable as long as you keep the witch locked down, since your tank on the ground should be the only one within her aura range and drawing aggro.

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Jan 2019 06:47  

                              If we're all talking strategies, I'll tell you all mine. First, I had my tank talk with her. Right when I got to the (end) prompt, I spread out my other characters to the borders of her little area and hit her with a ranged attack. This causes the totems to spawn and enter combat with the party (sans whoever is talking to the witch), though they're very easy to clean up since they have so little health and physical armor. After the totems are dealt with, I healed up, repositioned, and ended the conversation, starting the fight with her properly. In hindsight, I should have cast cryogenic stasis on my tank so he could have eaten that opening fireball better, but hey, live and learn. After that, it's a pretty simple fight; get your assassin (or other physical/magical heavy hitter) to shred through their armor as fast as possible and then stun lock them. If you have any multi-target healing at all, the pain aura is very easy to deal with, and since you don't have to deal with the totems, you can chain CC that bastard into oblivion. Even still, I made a ton of mistakes during my fight that ended up costing me 3 resurrection scrolls, and that's with a level 15 party. The method I used certainly isn't the most optimal as far as raw efficiency goes, but I feel like it's less cheesy than teleporting her to a nearby godlike NPC to do the heavy lifting for you.

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Jan 2019 13:09  

                                I had my teleporter stand on top of the ruins (the small platform in the northeast corner), the range is sufficient to teleport her out of the fire. If you manage to tank her initial damage it's easy to kill her in stunlock. If you don't manage to tank her, you can also teleport her all the way into the ruins (near the waypoint). This will drop her out of combat again because it's too far, but spawn the totems. Now you can initiate combat by hitting the totems and she will be too far away for any damage in the first round. Teleport her away from the totems again and stunlock with out of combat charakters.

                                • Anonymous

                                  28 Dec 2018 07:10  

                                  I had one unchained char use fortify skill on those in combat while staying out of fight so she cant teleport you to her and you can lure her to jahan.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    12 Dec 2018 13:41  

                                    OK CHEESE for this fight is so simple as you can not imagine :/ justa start the conversation with one character and the orther teleport her down... then run from fight with teleporter... go down and now with 1 char on chat with her you can with no distraction teleport her (using spell fet times) right in the front of johan... then just go there with 3 chars and end the conversation... johan will deal with her and you get 31k exp...(use teleportation sones with 1 char that was chatting with her)..

                                    • Anonymous

                                      09 Dec 2018 13:11  

                                      I made one of my chars talk to her, then teleported her step by step all the way to jahan, for whatever reason she doesnt get hostile until you exit the conversation. Then I just ended the dialogue and had an easy job with jahan's 1600 damage spells.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        06 Dec 2018 17:44  

                                        Unchain your other characters. Dialogue her with your melee fighter, let your healer use cryogenic stasis on the fighter before ending the dialogue so the fighter will live. Then let your other characters join the battle and heep her controlled. Make sure your team can deal enough physical damage to kill her in two turns.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          12 Nov 2018 21:16  

                                          I usually OS on my first turn, so I engage my DPS hero in dialogue then buff him with the death defying and all possible buff, then oneshot on the first turn.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            02 Nov 2018 12:58  

                                            My team have four summoners. All have Glowing Idol of Rebirth with plenty resurrection scrolls. 1. Teleport her to the beach 2. All four members stands on cliff, but not at edge, to prevent her AOE, use Shift to check her eye of sight often. Summon incarnate to force her into battle. 3. Summon totems to surround her, preferably water totem because her water resistance is not 100%, and magical attack do not suffer from damage feedback so the totems last longer. Note that totems should be separate from each other far enough so that she can't hit all totem at once and exit from battle. After spending some time, I won, at level 12 if my memory is correct. Totems are not best in damage however they have great range (summon range + totem attack range). You can always hide behind something (cliff in this case), use incarnate to force initate battle, summon unlimited totems and win.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              24 Oct 2018 16:30  

                                              Go to the left side of the Hill. Talk to her with your Melee Character, then position everyone who has ranged onto the hill. Talk to her until end. (Don't end). Use teleport on her to the bottom of the hill and end the conversation while she is being teleported. (If you dont end it while being teleported, she will walk up to you before you can fight her) Now Potshot her with Crippling skills on the top of the hill, use fortify skills on your characters (since she can use teleport). Then use your melee char to eliminate the Totems.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                21 Oct 2018 15:41  

                                                Maaan you guys had no luck on this one, for me she didn't even go up, I spent a couple of minutes talking pot-shots downhill :D

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