Alice Alisceon

Recommended Level 15+
Related Quest Treated Like Cattle

Corpse of Alice Alisceon is a Boss NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Information

  • Will attempt to one-hit KO your entire team with fire as soon as you engage in battle with her.
  • Any form of contact with her will always cause her to engage in battle with you.

Corpse of Alice Alisceon Location

  • Northern end of Cloisterwood, shown as a firey "pointed tip" on the map.

Notes and Tips

  • Although there is a Persuasion check, she will fight you regardless of what dialogue option you choose.
  • Will drop the Witch's Cellar Key after dying, to be used in the Treated Like Cattle quest. (Oddly enough, this boss is immensely difficult compared to that quest as a whole, and the cellar it opens can be easily lockpicked with Thievery 4.)
  • Gives an insane amount of experience after defeating her.


(Feel free to contribute by adding your own strategies here.)

  1. The easiest way to defeat her is to lure her to Jahan and have him kill her instead. To do so, have a character capable of attacking her at range waiting near Jahan to the east, and then have another character at the fiery cliff teleport her to the beach below. She will attempt to head around in Jahan's direction to return to her cliff, but her AP limit will force her to stop near his house. At this time, if you attack her with your character who is in waiting and lure her towards Jahan, he will join the fight and decimate her within a few turns.
  2. Even without using Jahan (for example, if you're a Lone Wolf and can't do that bit), you can teleport her down by the beach to get her out of the way. That should allow you time to destroy the totems while Alice makes her way round. An easy way is to climb the structure to the south and hit the totems from the top. Then you can sneak-solo her as you see fit.
  3. If you have a character with reasonable damage, and at least 3 points in Polymorph and Necromancer, you can pre-cast Living on the edge on them. A Necromancer warrior or rogue works best. With living on the edge they will survive the initial one hit kill fireball. After that you need to get through her physical armor so you can cast Forced Exchange on her. This will drop her to 1hp and can be killed with a single right click. The whole thing is made easier if you have the Ashen Idol of rebirth to survive the first big attack.

The comments have plenty of strategies detailed if you aren't interested in cheesing this boss and actually want to fight her, so feel free to scroll down and read through them.


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    • Anonymous

      05 Feb 2020 10:24  

      Encounters like this and the undead ferryman are idiotic design. I'm pretty sure there is someone sadistic working at Larian. She one shots a same level party with no chance to react.

      • Anonymous

        29 Jan 2020 05:10  

        "Gives an insane amount of experience after defeating her." 1552(000) before and 1588(000) after. ~30000. Not really "insane". "immensely difficult compared to that quest as a whole" - actually, not "immensely difficult". She is a boss of the quest. Just approach it as if you would in real life: use some tactics and don't come close to cursed fire with all your party, send the negotiator, than, teleport him far from Alice Alisceon. Necrofire is the difficult part. Don't be altogether, spread, buff, also, she is an undead, so Heal her for damage (always forget that hydro is actually an offensive tree considering undead), and do not come close to her hilltop, there will be her fire totems. Always inspect (although with her, it is "immensely difficult" to catch her with the mouse cursor, ha) - no fire and poison, main damage will be hydro and earth, air as well. No tricks, managed her from the first time, keeping my scoundrel/necromancer on the distance. With bosses like her tactic is CC (distance, from her and from each other) and buffs. Cheers.

        • Anonymous

          07 Jan 2020 20:08  

          Was a fun fight... positionned an hydro mage and a ranger on the wall of the nearby fort, warrior with shield and good healing/armor regen to tank and aggro her... my last character died early on xD Wasn't particularly hard... tho I wasnt on Tactician or Honor... she must be a pain in those

          • Anonymous

            05 Jan 2020 00:16  

            Despite the description above, she was pretty easy. Her fireball barely damaged my whole team's magic shield (only half way down) and I used my rogue with backlash and corrupted blade. Then I infected her and got a bloated corpse to explode her with Fane. Finally I used Sebille with her first aid and killed the boss. When Alice dies all the totems are taken down too so focus on her

            • Anonymous

              15 Dec 2019 11:02  

              1. Have a character with high magic defence(preferably with shield) to engage in chat dialogue with her but do not click anything yet. 2. Click on your other character to bless her and remove the pain aura which is the cause of her OTK. 3. Once you blessed her, she will summon totems but will not engage in combat until you completed the chat dialogue. She will be invulnerable during this time. 4.Kill all the totems with your other characters 5. . Once done, move all members except the one engage in chat far from the combat zone. If your party have better gears and at slightly higher level, you can just go straight into combat by completing the chat. Without the pain aura, she might hit around 200++ magic damage. 6. If you move your units out of combat zone, once she attacked, move all your units into combat area to engage.

              • Anonymous

                06 Dec 2019 03:42  

                First I spread my team out, just in case. Teleported her down to the beach, dock side. It only took her one turn to get back up, but chain lightning on the totems during that turn was enough to clear them out. Then I used summons to block her. She used her one hit ko ability on them, thankfully. It was easy after that.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Dec 2019 19:41  

                  Rly easy way to beat her. Rogue needed tho. Just move your rogue away from her, engage the combat with 1 char, invis the rogue and mortal blow and stun her. Insta win.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 Nov 2019 19:49  

                    just buff your grp with the 90% doging skill, then start immediately the fight. get rid of her physic armor and keep her knocked down. easy =)

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Nov 2019 05:38  

                      LONE WOLVES PREVAIL. Alice wrecked at Lv.12 in a party of two played by yours truly. F I R S T - T R Y. Okay, technically second, because I got 1shotted by her and started reading up on her. I slept on most content thus far with these two, mind. I'm a bit of an rpg veteran/expert. Anyway, enough patting me on the back and time to help out. Main: Ifan Secondary: Sebille Both specced int finesse with enough memory and side-stats to wear decent gear. IFAN: Adrenaline, Backlash, Cloak & Dagger, Crippling Blow, Ram, Battle Stomp, Bouncing Shield, Resto, Rain, Winter Blast, Hail Strike, Cryogenic Stasis, Teleport, Blind SEBILLE Adrenaline, Backlash, Throwing Knife, Cloak & Dagger, Crippling Blow, Flurry, Stomp Shackles of Pain, Mosquito, Infect, Decay, Raise bloated, Death Wish, Living on the Edge, Chameleon Cloak. STRATEGY Approach Alice from the right side with the ledge and the wines leading down. Split Elf off of the party before anything. She'll be buffin'. Ifan engages her in conversation. (I hate this conversation stalling strategy but the game insists that this boss starts with a 1shot mechanic and always wins initiative so yeah. Playing to win sorry.) Sibelle buffs him with Living On The Edge. Ifan tells her to bring it. At this point she'll dominate Ifan but Sibelle is invisible so Ifan will buff, summon his wolf, whatever. The round will end and it's your turn to combo her dead with your tools. If any of the characters needs a lifeline, they both have a survival mechanic, chains and stasis. Ifan can Stasis either of them, which can be a life saver even once Alice is dead, her burn is a serious DoT and it seems to be cursed fire. Alice may teleport Ifan off the ledge so save your Adrenaline for when you really need it. She goes down easier than it looks at first.

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Oct 2019 04:53  

                        Just lost 5 hours of progress cause the damn auto save overwrote my last save before interacting with her, now i get one shot regardless at the start of the fight.

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Oct 2019 08:25  

                          Didn't read all the comments, but accidentally found a really easy way to beat her. Summon an incarnate while your team stays at range/ up on top of the ruins. She'll burn the one shot fireball on your summon, and now the fight is easy mode :D

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Oct 2019 21:28  

                            My party was level 11. We had two clerics on our team. Spamming heal and other physical damage quickly stripped her health and armor. The totems tried to heal her but couldn't keep up.

                            • 16 Sep 2019 03:41  

                              I used a combo of some things I read on here. On tactician, lvl 15, party of 4: I pre-split my party, rained away some of her fire, blessed it, then healed her to initiate combat. My instigating character (Lohse, my healer and water/air elementalist) was wet from the rain, boosting her fire resistance which kept her alive (barely!). After that, just hit her with unrelenting healing spells from on high then CC. My favorite combo is ruptured tendons then chicken - do this while she's on blessed water and in one turn her HP will drop like 90%. 36.1k XP for me.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Aug 2019 16:56  

                                Er.... My method was rather dumb. Lv. 16 Tactitian mode, first used one member to teleport her down the cliff from up the cliff, then had one worrior with high constitution took her high damage first attack and survived. Used this survior (who also moves with less cost of AP - i.e. moves faster than the witch) to lure her towards Jahan, while feeding him with HP potions along the way when neccessary. Enjoyed the easy win.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Aug 2019 04:05  

                                  pre split party, have your ranged (preferebly physical archer) on the top of the ruins. have 2 characters with living on the edge. at lvl14 thats enough to kill her on tactician. if you have a mage which is useless for the fight like I had, send him to talk to her and that character will take the lethal fireball.. make most use of adrenaline, skin graft, fane's extra turn... She also has decay on herself, so if you have a bunch of healing scrolls you can do a *****ton of damage that way as well. Knockout arrow spam is also viable.. This fight doesn't require any cheesing... It's essentially 1 target to nuke down through physical armor. Might be more challenging lone wolf.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    20 Aug 2019 20:13  

                                    Barring utter cheese, lvl 14 feels about the right level for a "fair" fight with her, albeit with some cautious tactical approach.. I sent Fane by himself and had him chug a fire resist potion before initiating combat; he managed to survive her opening volley. After that, the other three joined in, teleported her away from her support totems, and survived her onslaught long enough to focus down her physical armor. From there, it was easy enough to CC her. She's vulnerable to knockdown and chicken form, so we were able to keep a permanent CC going.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      10 Aug 2019 01:59  

                                      1) Engage Alice in dialogue on a character with the 5-star diner talent and Soul Mate skill. 2) Buff this character with Living on the Edge, Haste and Peace of Mind and whatever else you fancy. 3) Everyone else run away and hide before ending dialogue. 4) Cast Soul Mate on Alice, then eat dinners / drink potions until she is dead. Easiest fight ever :)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        30 Jul 2019 20:43  

                                        When the fight is about to start, use Cryogenic Stasis on her so she loses her first move. Raise Bloated Corpse. Supercharge the summon. Explode. That alone should nearly kill her if you summon is at least 10.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          25 Jul 2019 22:16  

                                          I know this may seem obvious because it's just a powerful combo in general, but I killed her by having my 2h warrior use Apotheosis, Adrenaline, Overpower, then Skin Graft. Then on his next turn used Overpower again, and without any physical armour she is a sitting duck for Knockdown Arrows.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            18 Jul 2019 15:22  

                                            killed her with a solo hydrosophist with enough fire res to stay alive with 80% life. then froze her and killed her in 2 turns with burst water spells

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