Corrosive Touch

Corrosive Touch

Destroy [X] Physical Armour on target character, and set Acid status.

 Set Acid for 2 turn(s).

Damage is based on your level and receives bonus from your Intelligence .

Requires Geomancer 1cldwn5
 Requires Necromancer 1
Costs 1 Memory
 Range 2m

geomancer-skills-dos2 Geomancer

Corrosive Touch is a Geomancer Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Corrosive Touch Spell Book Location

  • This skill can be acquired by eating a found body part called "Paladin Searle's Arm" near the beginning of the Nameless Isle (Act 3). It can be found right next to the Altar of Rhalic.



Corrosive Touch Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • There is no scroll recipe for this skill
  • Now craftable as of October 27 2017 - Patch Notes v3.0.150.188
  • Corrosive Touch damage increased by 10% as of Patch v3.0.168.526


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