Corrupted Tyrant's Helm





 3 Magic Armour
 15 Physical Armour


+1 Strength

-1 Leadership

Grants Purge





Corrupted Tyrant's Helm is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


The helm of the last Sourcerer King, fearsome and imposing. Visibly tainted with an ancient blight, to wear it could well be a one-way ticket to the Hall of Echoes.


Corrupted Tyrant's Helm Information

  • This helm is part of the quest Artefacts of the Tyrant.

  • The helmet is cursed, and applies a permanent warm status when worn without the complete set.

  • This helm will unequip and summon Krylr the Kettlegrinder after its Purge skill is used three times. The demon will start a conversation immediately after it spawns; regardless of your dialogue choices you will have to kill it. The helm will be returned to you after the Krylr is dead, now uncorrupted.

    • Be aware that the set will not be complete after the helm is removed, so you are advised to use the helm with other armor unless you want to spend the fight with several permanent debuffs applied to your character.
    • After defeating Krylr the Kettlegrinder, the helm will no long grant the purge skill, but instead the helm now grants Shackles of Pain.


Corrupted Tyrant's Helm Requirements

    • Level 6
    • 11 Strength



Corrupted Tyrant's Helm Notes/Tips

  • The helm is found in the Decrepit Ruins, behind the door that must be opened by using the cursed lever.


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    • Anonymous

      This fight can easily be cheesed by purging some of the corpses around the abandoned camp where Gareth and the seekers are. However, keep in mind that if you're playing as an undead or Fane, summoning the demon will remove the helmet and make everyone hostile to you and giving you -40 reputation with everyone who sees you.

      • Anonymous

        the warm "debuff" /curse can be useful in preventing chilled status. This of course can save you from being frozen, which is a powerful CC.

        • Anonymous

          If you duplicate this item by stealing it from your God's projection in Magister Siva's cellar, you get a special version that doesn't have the warm debuff and has infinite purge.

          • Anonymous

            it should be noted that once the helmet is uncorrupted, it can no longer cast purge. it simply grants the ability shackles of pain.

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