Cowl of True Sight





140 Magic Armour

20 Physical Armour


+2 Intelligence

Grants Skill Dispel Illusion



Cowl of True Sight is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Paradoxically, you can see better from the depths of this cowl.


Cowl of True Sight Information


Cowl of True Sight Requirements

    • Intelligence 13



Cowl of True Sight Notes/Tips

  • You can use the Dispel Illusions skill to dispel the wall that leads to The Sallow Man, in the cave with the bloody altar.


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    • Anonymous

      01 Dec 2017 06:34  

      Has anyone seen any instances where you use it post-Sallow Man? I'm now in Arx, and part of me is tempted to keep it just in case, since...knowing this game there may be something.

      • Anonymous

        13 Nov 2017 22:30  

        It appears that I cannot equip this without a whopping 19 intelligence (different from the description of 14!)

        • Anonymous

          07 Oct 2017 09:49  

          You can use it to dipell the wall in the cave with the altar that leads to Sallow Man if you don't have the head of Alexander anymore (I ate it).

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