Crafted Skills

A total of 48 additional skills can be crafted by combining two skillbooks of different types. Elemental skills can only be combined with non-elemental skills to create new skills. Any skillbook can be used as a component; however, if one of the skillbooks is a source skill — a skill that requires the consumption of source points — then the outcome will be a different skill that also uses source. Having both components be source skills will not produce a different result than when only one source skill is used. Keep in mind that crafted skills require points in both of its components' Combat Abilities.


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    • 4 Summoner Skill books are missing on this page (possibly from Larian Crafter Kit gift bag or some patch in 2019 or 2020):
      Blood Infusion (summoner book + necro book),
      Cursed Blood Infusion (source summoner book + necro book OR summoner book + source necro book),
      Oil Infusion (summoner book + geo book + oil barrel)
      Cursed Oil Infusion (summoner source book + geo book + oil barrel OR summoner book + source geo book + oil barrel OR source summoner + source geo + oil barrel).
      For example i could not make any of these using the Inner Demon source summoner book.
      Try with several different books from the adequate spell schools - it will work.
      ***Seems larian gift bag called Pet Power is needed for this to work.

      • Anonymous

        So after over 450 hours of playing this, and beating it on honor mode, I'll let ya'll know which ones here are worth crafting. 1.) Raining blood - not really for combat purposes, but it helps in certain puzzles across the game. 2.) Blood storm - Similar to it's counterparts, thunderstorm/ethereal storm, etc.. It is not as strong as thunderstorm, but it is still worth using if your character can afford to. (Thunderstorm + Blood storm is very strong duo of skills to own in a party.) 3.) Deploy Mass Traps - Can do A TON of damage, but you gotta know how to use it. It's better if you throw it in fire around an enemy so that it instantly blows up. 4.) Mass Corpse Explosion - Can be strong, but fairly situational. 5.) Necrofire Infusion - A strong alternative to a blood incarnate (which is by far the most superior incarnate), if you need magical damage. 6.) Sparking swings / Master of Sparks - Both do the same effect - Master of sparks is just an aura-like effect. If you are a rogue, warrior build, sparking swings isn't a bad investment and if your party is majority melee, master of sparks is quite good. 7.) Mass Cleanse Wounds - Besides Raining Blood, this is the weakest one here in my list. Can be very effective in certain situations but there are usually better alternatives for more specific scenarios. For the rest of these, unless you are going for a build that effectively synergies with some of these, they're pretty bad, some are awful. i.e. venom coating CAN be decent on rogues/archers or vampiric hunger CAN be okay on a rogue but overall.. It's just not worth it, in my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          Don't know about you but Breathing bubble supplies you with a way of not becoming silenced.. always useful for a caster.

          • Anonymous

            I play a pure Mage, and i have to say that most of these spells sound so*****ty, i dont even want to try them.

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