Crippling a Demon

Location The Arx
Suggested Level 19
Next Quest Doctor's Orders
Previous Quest Doctor's Orders

Crippling a Demon is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. To weaken Adramahlihk, Malady recommends a guided trip to his home plane.


Important NPCs


Crippling a Demon Objectives

  1. Enter the home plane of Adramahlihk
  2. Explore the home plane
  3. Reveal the nature of the flames
  4. Snuff out the candles (or leave)


Crippling a Demon Walkthrough

(Note: this is a mostly optional side quest to Doctor's Orders)

On your journey you will learn a powerful doctor resides in Arx.

If you want to enter the doctor house in the north-east of Arx you need Lohse in your party or progress through the main quests. You have to either kill Isbeil in The Secrets of the Dwarves or Lord Linder Kemm in The Vault of Linder Kemm to get an invitation of the doctor. You can also sneak into the house using the void-tainted fish barrel, a teleporter pyramid and the Voidwoken Fish Exchange scroll from Act 2.
Malady will wait at the entrance of the house to start this quest (if you talked to her at the start of the act after the crash).

Speak to her and she will offer you to teleport you to the Demon's home plane. You can walk through the plane with Malady where you will find some strange candles. After revealing what they are she will advise you to snuff them out to weaken the demon. Any water will work. You can also cast Spirit Vision and "talk" to the candles and to learn more. You will then get an option to snuff them out directly (without water).
Be aware: If you have Lohse as a companion in your party, she will snuff out the candles, as she wants to be free. Playing her yourself, you have all the choices.

Snuffing out all the candles reduces the HP, armor and resistances of the demon by 50%, but he will still be a tough fight earning you now less XP as he will not spawn demon minions.

Malady offers to teleport you out at the end or you can leave using the portal. After leaving, with or without snuffing out the candles, continue your way to the doctor.


Tips & Tricks

  • Loot the trapped ornate chest before leaving.
  • only if Lohse snuffs out the candles, the party gains 19,400XP for each of the first two candles
  • Snuffing out all candles grants an additional 58,175XP and a choice of legendary quality loot (after teleporting out).
  • Snuffing out all candles also kills several citizen in the city. The richest dead body is probably the cook in the kitches of the Ros estate,
  • Leaving early or not entering ends this quest without rewards.


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    • Anonymous

      29 Jul 2021 06:43  

      He has 20k P. shield, 22k m shield and 10.6k HP and spawns 4x minions with 7k HP each + a lot of p and m shield. Without Lohse ( access to candle quest ) or hard game mechanic exploit this fight is impossible.

      • Anonymous

        08 Jun 2021 18:52  

        My easy cheese with a pyro summoner was to start by the guy at the front desk, kill him and pull as many of the nurses as you can.
        For the last two nurses i had a blood summon attack one, this triggers the boss transformation and demons, finish off the nurses and the hard part is over.
        With you character still hiding in the house, wait in one spot, dummy the demon will wander around until he finds you, without the demon escort in tow, for there it is a VERY easy fight, especially because I could also cast a fresh summon.
        Deal with the trio of demons after and it's done. I left Lohse to chill in the basement and just solod it :)

        • Anonymous

          27 Apr 2021 22:43  

          I went to the demon dimension and snuffed out the first few candles, but left before trying the mass extinction.
          At the Doctors, I killed the first 3 nurses no problem. Then I sent my ranger, Sebille, after the others. With high ranged and warfare skills and a good weapon, she used Assassinate plus Guerilla warfare talent to one shot each nurse. If the nurse dies immediately, even in line of sight of the doctor, it doesn’t trigger a fight. So all 6 nurses were killed before I engaged the doctor and his demonic horde.
          Anyway, after killing the doctor and enjoying Lohses music, I went to the Hall of Echoes to talk to Malady. This is the weird part. Her script was still based on the pocket dimension. She talked about the vast number of candles and how she didn’t expect that. Then talked to Lohse about flooding them, which she did. Weird because the doctor was already dead.

          • Anonymous

            10 Jan 2021 05:09  

            Sigh... The same thing that applied in the last game applies in this game too.

            Arrow Spray at meele range + onslaught = instant win against every boss (Devourerer, adramahlihk without nerf, Braccus Rex). With a proper build and buffs that deals around 20k physical damage I think? Nothing survives.

            • Anonymous

              19 May 2020 04:17  

              Flesh sacrifice works to unlock the linked cabinets containing the gear downstairs, but only one. Cast it right by the one you want open. Supposedly if you unlock one the other is perma locked, so chose wisely. The others unlock in this way as well.

              • Anonymous

                19 May 2020 03:49  

                So I went in the front door had one of my characters block it from closing. (play a duo lone wolf) I teleported one of the nurses outside, this made us go into battle with 3 nurses. Quickly dispatched them at the front door never aggroing the demon. Then I went in just in the front entrance and completed the fight which left one demon and 2 nurses, not five. Way easier this way. I tried to take out the other nurses on the other side of the house but he aggroed and the boss fight started. But we were on the other side of the house, which was a bonus becuse he wasted a turn getting to us. I quickly dispatched his 5.5K armor with my bows, which in turn made the remaining nurses buff him, but then I did the ole apo, blood storm combo and the other character cast her thunderstorm which kept stunning them all especially the nurses. Then I nether swapped the demon to put him in the netherfire he cast on us both. Lhose did get charmed by one of the nurses, she buffed the demon and then died of the burn but my other character had enough to finish all of them which were severely weakened by that point in one turn (executioner talent helped). This was my second try of this fight, still pretty rough but doable if you take out those 3 nurses first.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Nov 2019 20:48  

                  I have done this quest twice now and Malady never showed up, I was never taken to this demon dimension, never had to snuff any candles...

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Oct 2019 10:12  

                    Others have pointed out some bugs in this quest, but I just experienced some very interesting ones. This is my fourth time playing through (second time playing as Lohse), but this time: 1) I couldn't snuff out the first candle. Malady would tell me to look at it, I would, but I was never offered the option to snuff it out. I was just stuck there. So I loaded the game again, and, knowing Malady would force me to go with her or she'd go off in a huff, 2) this time I left Lohse on the far side of the gate, and Malady ignored my other characters as they approached the house. But they couldn't open the door so 3) I used the teleportation pyramids to have Lohse rejoin them on the porch. I had her open the door, and then immediately transported her alone to Arx Square. A long and tedious battle ensued, in which, to my surprise, 4) Malady joined, but was not a lot of help, and furthermore 5) it seems that Malady cannot die in this battle, because her health was at zero for most of the battle, yet she kept on fighting. My three characters finally managed to kill What's-His-Name, but, to my surprise, 6) the other minor demons did not die or disappear upon What's-His-Name's death, but just kept on fighting. So I had Lohse teleport back (using pyramids) to help. But here's the clincher. After the battle, Malady returned to her post outside the house, and when my party went out to join her, 7) Malady began her standard "There you are, Lohse, we've got to go to What's-His-Name's demon plane," as if she hadn't just helped us kill What's-His-Name! And guess what happens if you say no? That's right! 8) If you refuse to go with her, she leaves forever. "Nice knowing you, Lohse." And, of course, when I do go with her, 9) back to 1) I can't snuff out the first candle. I'm not sure what I can do now.

                    • Anonymous

                      02 Oct 2019 09:13  

                      Killed him with mass corpse explosion. I teleported 8 or 9 corpses from the entrance of the city close to him. Took some time but he was dead in an instant.

                      • Anonymous

                        19 Apr 2019 12:01  

                        If you dont have trap disarming kits when you arribe to the demon dimension like me, you can movd the vases in to the traps and then pick up the runes to unlock the ornate chest

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Mar 2019 14:31  

                          on honour he will kill/possess lose and give you a game over on his 2nd turn - can't bring her in on this fight

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Jan 2019 14:24  

                            For those looking to open the enchanted chest in the Demon's Dimension, it took me some experimentation. 1. There are 3 gems set into trapped sockets around the chest. Use trap disarming kits on the sockets under each gem. 2. Pick up each of the 3 gems. 3. The chest will now unlock itself. For me, it contained a unique earth wand that granted poison siphon skill, not particularly useful but not bad, along with some mid-tier loot.

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Jan 2019 14:39  

                              Lots of comments and noone say how to open that goddamn chest with 3 mines around it at the beginning of the level.

                              • Anonymous

                                11 Oct 2018 17:10  

                                If Lohse is in your party she will snuff out all those candles no matter what you say, I dont know if you have a choice when youre playing Lohse yourself. Adramahlik is an easy fight if you use source skills. I was able to burst him down in 1 round on tactician with a 4 man group. Also if you have an item that makes you immune to charmed with Lohse, he will not be able to controll her. You will still get the achievement for getting controlled but the game will just go on as if nothing ever happened. If you didnt talk to malady before the fight and didnt go to his realm, you can still snuff out the candles afterwards.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Feb 2018 18:29  

                                  Ok guys, if any of you has a problem with Malady not appearing at the black house despite having lhose in your party, I have a solution. Right after you arrive to Arx, your party and Malady will spawn outside the lady vengence, and at this point it is crucial for lhose to speak to Malady about the demon. Sadly, if you're doing the lone wolf one man playthrough (mostly) you may miss that opportunity (like i did).

                                  • Anonymous

                                    12 Dec 2017 08:55  

                                    I chose not to weaken the doctor. When he tried to control Lohse during the fight, nothing happened! Because she had the buff Permafrost on her (from the spell Cryogenic Stasis, that makes you immune to all damages for 1 turn). But the doctor himself became weaker. I suppose that normally his stats decrease once he controls Lohse. After that the fight wasn’t hard. (Lohse died at the beginning of her next turn (because she still had lots and little life left) but I think she could have stayed alive and not controlled.)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      23 Nov 2017 10:31  

                                      Holy moly, hardest opponent so far since Radeka of Act1. Adramalik is one tough opponent. It's true, the nurses keeps buffing him. A real fight that I won, using a glitch. First, I was thinking, maybe I need Jahan or Malady or Almira to help me out, like lets gangbung adramalik. But no, I can't find them. So here is what I did to beat him. Follow the tip, you have to kill them nurses first. So the first nurse at the reception, kill that in cold blood. Yeah, talk to the nurse and load up your characters to kill it. Once killed, all the other nurses will come to your area and fight. Even adramalik will come to fight, he will transform to demon form asap. Kill one or two more nurses, after that your are already near dead from the damages. Maybe one or two of your characters are already dead. I got two ashes of idol rebirth or something so I have insta-alive but whatever. At this point, I have killed 3 nurses already. Dont mind admalik, he is so strong your damage wont even matter. Just attack the nurses. At this point, only my main character is alive, and all my other 3 guys are dead. Run to the exit. Yeah! Use jump, tactical retreat, phonex whatever, just to back to the front door. Once you are outside. Heal, and then here is the tricky part, go back again to the house, this time, via sneak mode. dont worry, admalik, still in his demon form will be in the room and he walks back and forth but not much out of the area. thats why your characters must not get close to adramalik's room when fighting. so that he wont see you resurrect them and then you go insta battle again. what you do is resurrect all your characters one by one and sneak/run/gtfo of the house. once outside the house. Heal all. Now, with 4 healthy characters go back and fight him again. In my fight, there was still one nurse left, so its 4 vs 2. Nonetheless with new fresh and healthy party. I finally beat adramalik and the nurse. (I killed adra first, then the nurse-which is kinda ironic, i want adra to die last but whatever)...... then lohse will give you a surprise which kinda made my day.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        20 Oct 2017 13:04  

                                        Doesn't need to be weakened at all, you simply have to kill him before he transforms using arrow storm or a similarly extremely high damage attack. you need more than 40 initiative, and that character needs to have the highest initiative of any of your party to go first.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          12 Oct 2017 03:53  

                                          BE WARNED

                                          Not snuffing the candles while playing as lhose will give you insta game over when you confront the demon as he will possess you in the 3rd turn and there is nothing you can do about it

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