Cursed Electric Infusion

Cursed Electric Infusion

Change Incarnate's element to cursed electricity, unlocking Electric Discharge and Closed Circuit.

 Requires Summoning 2cldwn3
 Requires Aerotheurge 2
 Cost 2 Memory
 Range 13m

summoning-skill Summoning

Cursed Electric Infusion is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Cursed Electric Infusion Spell Book Location



Cursed Electric Infusion Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • The infused Incarnate gains:

    • +10 Aerotheurge

    • +120% Air Resistance

    • -20% Earth Resistance

    • -20% Poison Resistance

    • +2 Source Points (to cast Closed Circuit)




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    • Anonymous

      Doing a lone wolf playthrough with an aero/melee mage and a hydro/summoner. By level 13 I was pretty bummed at how crappy the source spells are for the hydro/summoner. Then I looked up how to craft these and tested them out. The aero mage has max int and aero. His closed circuit hits for about 500. The cursed electric infusion + the 3 usual buffs hits for 800 with closed circuit! Now my summoner feels super powerful because I can get a powerful source spell using any element without having to spend the points on maxing that skill. I wish there was a source Necro infusion.

      • Anonymous

        I think the source skillbook need to be the aerothurge one, because I combined a summon source skillbook with aero and I got Vacuum Aura

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