Daggers Drawn

Daggers Drawn

Whirl into a barrage of 5 stabs, each dealing 65% damage.

Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Finesse.

 Requires Scoundrel 3cldwn6
 Costs 2 Memory
 Requires a Dagger
 Range 2.5m

scoundrel-skill Scoundrel

Daggers Drawn is a Scoundrel Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Daggers Drawn Spell Book Location

  • ??



Daggers Drawn Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Each of the five hits can backstab, dealing significant damage to a single target.
  • Deals a total of 325% damage if all five hits connect.



Scoundrel Skills
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    • Anonymous

      11 Jun 2019 09:17  

      Hannag sells this and a bunch of other source point consuming skillbooks, at least in the definitive edition.

      • Anonymous

        12 Oct 2017 23:37  

        I could see using this for a combo like: Adrenaline, Backlash, Daggers Drawn, Sucker Punch. That's Six AP to make Six attacks in total using a free hand rogue, with a possibility of a knockdown at the end, and you should be able to equip an offhand dagger, pawn move, and flurry next turn. Is 2 source worth it? Only if you have access to lots of source already. Depends on what you're doing I suppose.

        • Anonymous

          12 Oct 2017 13:02  

          Think the trick to this skill is using it with one dagger and shield. Then 5 hits is a great deal then you only hit once for 2 ap. 3 attacks for 2 SP may be a good deal.

          • Anonymous

            07 Oct 2017 08:06  

            Can't this skill hit multiple enemies? That would make it worthwhile in some scenarios, wouldn't it? Still, not very impressive for later in the game...

            • Anonymous

              03 Oct 2017 11:40  

              well its 275%
              4 AP is 2 attacks or 200%
              So that's 75% of an attack for 2 SP
              Can't imagine that being worth it.

              • Anonymous

                02 Oct 2017 21:59  

                This skill seems lackluster on paper. At 55% dmg per swing, you're spending 2 source points to do slightly more dmg than if you just auto attacked twice instead.

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