Dallis the Hammer


Dallis the Hammer is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Dallis the Hammer information

  • Can be fought outside Fort Joy if the player aggressively attacks her, or the other Magisters before she and Alexander depart.
  • ??



Dallis the Hammer location



Notes and Tips

  • Drops The Reckoning.
  • If she is attacked after Alexander leaves - in Fort Joy - (and he does not join the fight), there's a chance the game can soft-lock.

    • Anonymous

      25 Oct 2017 04:23  

      Where is she when you have to fight her for the second to last battle at Fort Joy? You and the Seekers split up and you're told to go to a tower and fight her, but I do not see her.

      • Anonymous

        17 Aug 2017 16:03  

        We managed to glitched the game where one character could roam freely even when the rest of us was in combat, we started attacking dallis without her doing a thing to the rest of the team, she wont die when she reaches 0 hp, instead she usually uses healing potion but after her turn she turns into a Dragon, and flies away saying she will meet you next time. she also dropped her hammer ''the reckoning'' pretty good stats.

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