Dallis the Hammer


Dallis the Hammer is a major NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2).


Dallis the Hammer information

  • Dallis is the leader of the Divine Order and the main antagonist for much of the game. She repeatedly attempts to kill the player and their party, along with all other Godwoken she comes across, and is unapologetic in her quest for genocide against the Sourcerers.
  • She first appears at the entrance to the Fort Joy Ghetto, conversing with Alexandar and Magister Atusa over the latter's subversion of the Magister cause. Regardless of your dialogue choices, Atusa will always be purged and turned into a pile of goop at the end of the conversation.
  • She can be encountered a second time after the player's party have joined the Seekers on the captured Lady Vengeance. Shortly after setting sail the ship is attacked by Dallis and her subordinate the Hooded Figure, later revealed to be named Vredeman. She will order her monks and gheists to kill Malady in an attempt to prevent the player from escaping and learning any more about their supposed Godwoken status.
  • Dallis is absent for all of Act II, but evidence of her activities on Reaper's Coast remains. White Magisters - Magisters who wear garb similar to that of Dallis' own - can be found throughout this area, as well as notes to, from and about Dallis regarding the progress of Magister objectives.
  • Dallis returns in Act III, invading the Arena of the One, destroying the Well of Ascension and using the Aeteran to absorb all of the Source contained within it. She comments on how persistent and annoying the Godwoken are to have gotten this farm before fleeing once again having prevented any kind of ascension from happening.
  • In Act IV in Arx, Dallis is once again present and becomes the main quest of the final chapter. She's found beyond the Line of Anguish - a lethal puzzle inside of Lucian the Divine's crypt - speaking with (the now revealed to be alive) Lucian and her subordinates. You will be able to speak with her here and learn more of her plight and reasoning behind her cruelty. Depending on your choices, you can either ally with Lucian and herself (choose to be purged) or remain enemies. In either case, a battle will start shortly after the conversation finishes.
  • Through the conversation in Act IV, she reveals herself as Fane's biological daughter - she is also an undead Eternal wearing a Mask of the Shapeshifter, having murdered the original Dallis and taken her place many years ago. Locked in a tomb very similar to Fane's own, she was left to rot for a millenia before finally breaking free, much like Fane had done. She holds great contempt for her father, believing he willfully chose to ignore her, leaving her trapped in pursuit of his own goals.
  • Dallis can take on a dragon form, which can be revealed either when fighting her at Fort Joy or in the final battle in Arx. At Fort Joy, she will turn into a dragon and flee from combat with Alexandar when her health drops below ~30%. In the final battle, she will morph into a dragon after the fight escalates into one that will decide the fate of Rivellon.


Dallis the Hammer location


Notes and Tips

  • Dallis can be fought in Fort Joy while conversing with Alexandar, where - once her health reaches a certain threshold (roughly 1/3), she will flee and drop The Reckoning.
  •  She can be fought and defeated a second time on the Lady Vengeance, during the boarding sequence in defence of Malady. Radiant Aegis and the Blazing Justice will be on the deck of the ship when arriving in the Hall of Echoes after the fight.
  • Drops 'The Judge' and 'The Executioner' when defeated for a third time
  • If she is attacked after Alexander leaves (in Fort Joy (and he does not join the fight)), there's a chance the game can soft-lock.



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    • Anonymous

      To do the Dallis fight in Fort Joy I oiled the entire slope of the beach that can be seen from the walls near where Magister Yarrow starts out. Then I teleported the level 8 enemies down there, starting with Alexandar to avoid him nether swapping your characters down. The ai seems to get confused when in the middle of a truly massive hazardous surface. Alexandar just kept passing, and one of the Gheists ended up taking the long way around, which took several turns. As Dallis has no real ranged attacks, you can let her get quite close before she's any real danger to you.
      (I used one person with the spell memorised and one with the teleport gloves)

      • Anonymous

        Does fighting/defeating Dallas in Fort Joy lead to some escape routes being cancelled out? I did the prison fights except for Kniles before I fought Dallas, saved Delorus and got the info about the boat out, killed all the silent monks, then went back and fought her when my party was level 6. I left Han and the two magisters squabbling without triggering the dialogue with them, which I've done many times in past playthroughs. However, this time, when I came back after the Dallas fight to talk with Han and the magisters, they were all gone. The quest flag marked the location on the map, but nobody was there and the boat was gone. This has never happened to me before, and the only difference from the other playthroughs is that I fought and beat Dallas in Fort Joy.

        • Anonymous

          I was aware that you could kill Alexander with Deathfog, thus ending the fight, but you can't get Deathfog unless you start as an undead character, which I did not. So I experimented with other ways to kill him. It isn't easy as I was level 5 and he, Dallis and the two Pets are all level 8. But I found a way that would work.

          1) get the teleportation gauntlets
          2) collect a number of chests, pots and other objects, preferably indestructable.
          3) get an ooze barrel

          4) build a small enclosure on the top wall, near the tower, out of pots and chests. Place ooze barrel inside. Shatter barrel with arrow creating a poison surface inside the enclosure.
          5) move character with gloves on wall overlooking Alexander. Teleport him into the enclosure.
          6) run character to tower to hide out of sight

          Eventually, the poison will destroy Alexanders magic armor, then start eating at his health. At some point, Dallis will turn into a dragon and fly away, taking Alexander with her. You then need to kill the rest of the guards, including the 2 Gheist pets.

          Aside from building the small enclosure, I also blocked the ladders and bridge to the wall, thus keeping the Magisters away from the area. Aside from the single character with the teleport gloves, the rest of the party was up on the tower with the dwarven priest and remained out of the fight. Once I had my teleporter character up on the tower as well, I could come out, take a shot at Alexander in his enclosure, then step back out of sight. It's important to be out of sight because Alexander has the skill Nether Swap and can escape his enclosure that way. But if you are out of sight on his turn, he is stuck.

          The Gheists are also dangerous because they have the Backstab skill. Thus they can get past the blocked ladders if they get close enough to you and can see you. I was able to kill them with archery fire from the tower but it was tricky to find the right angles. In one case, the Gheist was out of view of arrows, but I could use the teleport gloves so I teleported him to a location where I could hit him.

          Once the Gheists are dead, the magisters are easy since they are only level 4.

          • Anonymous

            If you have torturer talent, you can end the ship fight in one turn by using ignition. I have no idea how that works, but it does.

            • Anonymous

              Is it possible to fight her in Fort Joy after triggering the first encounter ? Or do I missed the opportunity ?

              • Anonymous

                This article should mention also the fact that as of at least a recent patch or update of some kind, it is no longer possible to kill Dallis the Hammer with a barrel of Death Fog collected from the ship if you're fast enough to get it: She may have been previously killable with such, and maybe it's recent but she has the UNDEAD TAG when observed murdering Atusa at Alexandar's command.

                • Anonymous

                  UPDATE: Dallis now drops 2 more uniques after defeating her at Fort Joy and on the Lady Vengeance. These are the most powerful uniques of Act 1, along with Fang of the Winter Dragon Unique 1: Blazing Justice. 1 handed mace. Better than Fang of the Winter Dragon. Also has +2 Str +2 intel +2 memory +2 single handed +1 rime slot Unique 2: Radiant Aegis. Shield. Best you can get. 10% block chance +2 +3 constitution +1 wit +1 rune slot

                  • Anonymous

                    Where is she when you have to fight her for the second to last battle at Fort Joy? You and the Seekers split up and you're told to go to a tower and fight her, but I do not see her.

                    • Anonymous

                      *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* *GLITCH*
                      We managed to glitched the game where one character could roam freely even when the rest of us was in combat, we started attacking dallis without her doing a thing to the rest of the team, she wont die when she reaches 0 hp, instead she usually uses healing potion but after her turn she turns into a Dragon, and flies away saying she will meet you next time. she also dropped her hammer ''the reckoning'' pretty good stats.

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