Dark Cavern is a sub-area of Fort Joy  in Divinity Original Sin: 2. It is located (X:514 Y:69) past the Salamanders on the beach next to the Seeker's camp. Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information

  • Location: Fort Joy
  • Recommended Level: 4+





Notable NPCs



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Dark Cavern

Illusionist Trompdoy

Upon arriving, players will be granted EXP. As you begin exploring the area, you'll find Trompdoy. Simply ignore him and loot what you can around the area, sooner or later you'll come to realize that some are illusions. There will be crates and a bridge that are illusions, and as you travel deeper into the dark cavern, Trompdoy will attack you and will trick you into more illusions. There are also some secret paths around the area and make sure to check your mini-map and the walls.

The key to this area is venturing deep into the cavern and finding Trompdoy's souljar. Destroying it grants 4200 EXP reward and other loot such as the chest piece for the Braccus Set and the Purging Wand.

captain armor divinity original sin2 wiki guide4

You can also find the Captain Sech Zapor's Soul Jar in the vault. (Quest Threads of a Curse)


Notes & Tips

  • Treasure and Soul Jars
  • The statue will ask you to solve puzzles, each letter stands for a word.
  • The statue will teleport your main character to another area, grants Bless.
  • Bring the Captain's Jar to the cursed crate at around X:535, Y: 23 to get one piece of Captain Armour.




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