Dark Cavern is a sub-area of The Hollow Marshes in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


General Information

Map Legend

  1. Illusions of Trompdoy
  2. Trompdoy
  3. Treasure room
  4. Quest Statue
  1. Fly Agaric Mushroom
  2. Puffball
  3. Secret Chest
  4. Riddle Statue
  5. Entrance from The Hollow Marshes


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Dark Cavern

darkcavern annotated

Notes & Tips

  • Each of Trompdoy's Illusions (1) give 1200 XP if killed.
  • The statue at (D) can open the door leading to the last combat area, the solutions to its questions are:
    • CUR = "very awful, rotten"
    • CURE = "hex, misery, blight, curse"
    • You gain 2,950 XP for correctly answering the statue's questions.
  • In the final combat area, you can tell which one is the real Trompdoy if it has the Cursed status.
    • Killing the real Trompdoy kill all of his Illusions. You only get XP for the currently active illusions in combat.
    • If you wish to maximize XP gain, kill the first three illusions, wait for Trompdoy to summon the rest, and then kill the real Trompdoy which kills the other illusions for a total of 10,575 XP.
  • Interacting with the statue at (4) will take you to the Hall of Echoes and begins the quest Champion of the Gods.
    • This will grant you the skill Bless.





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    • Anonymous

      Note to anyone: don’t destroy the tarnished soul jar (like I did) this will kill gratiana, an npc at the hideout you can trade with for spells. (You can also give it to her for rewards)

      • Anonymous

        The statue at 4 does not ask any questions. The rat does give the letters clue but nothing from the statue. This is in the DE version

        • Anonymous

          I did all the points except 4. The statue never asked me any questions. Is there some way I can activate it?

          • Anonymous

            I believe you are referring to the level that opens the portal/gate to let you go through. Once entering the area, the idea is to walk on the invisible paths.

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