Dark Dealings in the Blackpits

Paladin Thom
Paladin Thom
Location Reaper's Coast
Suggested Level 15
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Dark Dealings in the Blackpits is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Paladin Thom asks you to investigate the dark dealings in the Blackpits. What will you find?



Important NPCs



Dark Dealings in the Blackpits Objectives


  1. Visit Paladin Thom and ask how you can help.
  2. Investigate the Blackpits region to find out the White Magisters' motives.
  3. Encounter a White Magister, Jonathan (optional).
  4. Approach the docks.
  5. Save the Black Ring prisoners from being executed by the Magisters (optional).
  6. Find evidence of what the White Magisters have been doing in the excavation site.
  7. Dispatch a war owl to the Paladins.
  8. Help the Paladins survive the ambush.
  9. Speak to Paladin Thom and receive your reward.


Dark Dealings in the Blackpits Walkthrough

At the Paladin Bridgehead Waypoint, Paladin Thom Hardwin will ask you to investigate the white magisters in the Blackpits.

Travel to the Blackpits and past the wooden structure where the "On the Ropes" quest is located. Approach the harbor, and you will see 2 shriekers. You can either use the purge wand to get rid of them, or use source vampirism, which is learnt in the Powerful Awakening quest. Be careful not to approach from the front; teleporting behind them and then sneaking close to use the skill on them works well. Alternatively, you can also run around the back door and teleport each Black Ring prisoner to safety, then engage the magisters in combat.

In any case, enter the harbor and you will see that Magister Reimond and Magister Vorrh are in the harbor, planning to finish off the Black Ring members. When spoken, they will initiate combat, so be prepared (both magisters are level 16). Reimond will also try to flee when low on health. Kill them all; Reimond and Vorrh will grant 40,125XP each, the two silent watchers will grant 20,775XP each, and the two source hounds will grant 2700XP each. Killing Vorrh will also release the Black Ring members from their shackles during the fight, who will help your party. Once the fight concludes, you will gain yet another 26,200XP (20,775XP if on XP rescaled patch). The grand total of XP earned is therefore 153,400XP (147,975XP on XP rescaled patch).

After the magisters have been defeated, you can loot the place and read the notes and letters to learn what happened here. You can also use Spirit Vision and talk to the spirits, or let an elf eat the corpses. Most of all, if the Black Ring prisoners survived, you can talk to them for a little information. Nikor, one of the Black Ring survivors (if he survived), will vouch for you when you reach one of the Black Ring encampments later on in Act III, the Nameless Isle. On the other side of harbor, you may find Quartermistress Anna guarding the entrance to Blackpits mine. Defeat her.

That mine is filled with lots of explosives and oil traps. You can use crates to block the oil traps and/or disarm them with trap disarming kits. You can also fly, leap, teleport, or use teleporter pyramids to safely get through. When you enter the deeper part of the cave, you will find yet another shrieker guarding the waypoint. Same thing as before, use Source Vampirism to destroy it. There is also a corpse on a broken ledge nearby - you can teleport/leap/fly to that ledge and then teleport yet again to the other ledge and bypass the shrieker.

Moving forward, you will see some Voidwoken creatures fighting magisters at the excavation site. Defeat the Voidwoken, then you can pass a speech check to persuade the magisters (if any of them are left alive) that you are simply passing by. If not, you will have to kill the magisters as well. On one of the magisters' bodies, you will also find a key to a room nearby, where there is a hidden wall door. With enough wits, you should be able to discover it and open. There is also a strange device nearby that will eat 1 source point in exchange for teaching you the recipe to make a Shapeshifter Mask.

In any case, leave the excavation site and enter the workshop, where you will find a group of magisters. You need to defeat them and destroy the crumbling gate (use fire skills on the oil barrels - this will also provoke the magisters to attack if you passed the speech check to make them non-hostile earlier) to open the path to Ancient Temple. Interact with the device in Ancient Temple to acquire more information.

In the heart of an Ancient Temple there is a puzzle, where you need to activate the shrines of the seven gods in the correct order. 

The riddle is:

"Our first lord babes with power glowed, our second's born in blood that flowed. Our third's young to the wind returned, our fourth's to glowing flames adjourn. Our fifth lord's cubs with minds were blessed, our sixth's had brawn beyond the rest. Our seventh's brood spread from earth to glen, and thus no king shall rise again."

The key to the puzzle is located within a journal on a corpse in the Ancient Temple chamber. It will say on the second page that each god is a representation of an element or power. In any case, simply activate the statues in the correct order: Amadia, Tir, Duna, Zorl, Xantessa, Vrogir, and finally Rhalic, and you will be able to move to the ancient sarcophagus.

Interact with the sarcophagus and an Eternal will appear. You can talk with her or watch the interesting conversation with your god and the Eternal. Ultimately, you will need to defeat the Eternal and her eternal stalkers. The Eternal will grant 31,150XP, while the stalkers are worth 5200XP each. When they're all a crumpled pile of dirt in the ground, loot the place and leave.

Now, use the war owl whistle and send word to Paladin Thom. You will gain an easy 18,700XP (7500XP on XP rescaled patch).

After you return to the Paladin Checkpoint, you will find the paladins ambushed by a bunch of Shadowcloaks. Kill them all. You will receive 14,450XP per Shadowcloak Spellweaver (there are 2), and 7225XP for each of the rest of the Shadowcloaks (there are 4). This adds up to a total of 57,800XP.

You will also find the sentries, Paladin Nesta, Paladin Johnne and Paladin Lora dead, unfortunately. It appears that Shadowcloaks have killed them. Regardless, speak to Paladin Thom and you will be rewarded with 11,225XP and gold (depending on the sum you requested for your services at the beginning). The quest is now officially complete.





  • 153,400XP total for killing Reimond, Vorrh, 2 Silent Monks, and 2 Source hounds in the harbor fight.
  • 18,700 Exploration XP upon entering the temple of the Eternals past the crumbling wall.
  • 31,150XP for killing the Eternal. Her stalkers are worth 5200XP each.
  • Sending word to Paladin Thom with a war owl will net you 18,700XP.
  • 57,800XP total for killing all 6 Shadowcloaks in the ambush.
  • 11,225XP and some gold upon completion of the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      15 Mar 2021 23:30  

      If you leave the 3 black ring guys where they are at the start of the fight, Vorrh will immediately use mass shackles of pain, making it very hard for them to stay alive. Here's what I did on tactician:

      1. Initiate conversation with the magisters
      2. Use teleport, or nether swap (if you don't want to dmg them) with another character and bring the black ring guys down to the beach. You want to bring them pretty far away, else the Silent Watchers will try to kill them.
      3. Place someone who can CC by the back door (closest to the boat). This will help stop Reimond from escaping by boat

      At this point you can basically proceed normally. As with most fights, if you have a character with Uncanny Evasion, it may be useful to initiate combat with them while keeping the rest of the group out of combat for the first few attacks. This will prevent your group from taking heavy damage right at the start, especially so if you aren't running anyone with high wits/initiative.

      • Anonymous

        22 Jan 2021 15:25  

        My finding with this was that it is Vorrh spotting you that initiates conversation (which in turn leads to combat). If you teleport Vorrh down to the beach, you can freely attack Reimond just as you would with the Silent Monks for an uncontested kill. Attacking the Source Hounds, however, initiates combat.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jan 2021 03:49  

          Easy fight: start talk with Vhorrh;
          teleport the three chainned guys;
          examine Vhorrh, in my playthroug he has 23 initiative, set hasted any of your char to put their initiative higher then 23, this char will attack first, and need to kill or knockdown Vhorrh. Voi la!

          tips: u can put some barrels with oil close to him and attack with some fire weapon, after that you can use silence, sleep, etc. Be creative!

          • Anonymous

            05 Jan 2021 12:54  

            For DE: If you don´t care about the xp for handing in the quest with Thom, you can let him die to net some sweet loot from his corpse. I got 4 legendaries and one epic item (Lvl14). The quest will close normally.

            (I didn´t do it on pupose on my current playthrough btw, tried to save him even, but living on the edge didn´t save him for some reason and I m pretty sure he had 1 turn left : / )

            • Anonymous

              14 Dec 2020 00:19  

              i did it lvl 14 and got only half of the exp mentioned in the post, 20k for each magister and 10k for the watcher, it is because i am low level?

              • Anonymous

                04 Dec 2020 07:45  

                Another cheese method to kill Reimond and gang. First get rid of the shriekers. 2. You CAN walk past the silent guardian. He just lets you. 3. Use telekinesis to put barrels of oil by both Reimond and his talking partner. I stacked like 6 barrels. 4. Form a chain of barrels back to the entrance. 5. Place 4 barrels around the silent watcher guard. 6. Stand back. Use your ranger to send explosive arrows at the nearest oil barrel. And voila. easy way to kill or heavily wound Reimond and gang. I barely did any mop up. Cuz you might even save some Black Ringers, since they won't be near the exploding barrels...

                • Anonymous

                  13 Oct 2020 06:13  

                  Is Paladin Thom suppose to say anything after the Shadowcloak attack? I never sent the war owl and just told him personally and finished the quest that way, after the attack on the bridgehead

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Oct 2020 14:54  

                    So i forgot to grab the quest from Hardwin and when fighting the scarecrow i accidentally triggered the black ring attack because at that time i had completed the black pits. After that fight, Hardwin still game me the quest and whistle but when blowing it the war-owl didn't come. So i went to the blackpits again, destroyed a shrieker, consumed the source from the 3 black ring, then tried to blow the whistle... and hey presto, the war owl came! Then went to Hardwin and completed the quest with full xp.

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Sep 2020 04:41  

                      Incredibly easy to cheese, if you want to call it that. It's all just strategy given to you. You can destroy the front door that houses the 3 Black Ring members (one of them being Nikor). The source hound will be suspicious, but not do anything. With only one of your characters around teleport the hound away from the building. Around the tents is a good place. Kill dog. Run from fight possibly if Vorrh is chasing you.

                      Next, bring your remaining party to you and position them on the decks to your liking. High damage archery is useful and pyro especially. You'll want to teleport Vorrh onto the beach. But before doing so, move and position all the oil barrels (5, I believe) on the beach spread out. Preferrably someone with telekenisis as this is faster. Then destroy all the barrles. Now you have a oily beach. Teleport Vorrh there. Mass shackles will be gone. Any of his actions are just moving out from the oil very slowly. Use ranged and pyro attacks. If he gets close, teleport him back to a spot where he needs to do more walking. He won't even get a move in.

                      • Anonymous

                        13 Jul 2020 06:13  

                        You can cheese the entire fight with the voidwoken by using cryogenic stasis to keep gwydian rince from using source skills

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Jun 2020 06:01  

                          Just wanted to mention that all those oil and fire voidlings that you killed in the Jonathan fight also count as corpses... I did 14,076 damage (over half were crits with savage sortilege and 58% crit chance) to Magister Reimond (Magister Vorrh's combat log truncates due to so many hits). Yea, it requires some time to set up, but geez... This was at level 13. I do not use all my attribute and skill points immediately upon level up, so Intelligence can be probably gain another 10 from here (+int +polymorph). Divinity 2 - Magister Vorrh - Mass Corpse Explosion Or if that doesn't work here:

                          • Anonymous

                            29 May 2020 00:07  

                            The Shadowcloaks gave me 14450 experience each (for 5 of them) and 7225 (for the skullcrusher), for a total of 79475 experience (Definitive Edition). You can pretty easily get 27000 experience for the Shadowcloaks killing the Paladins. I engaged the paladins before the fight with one of my characters so I would get the experience for the shadowcloaks one-shotting 5 paladins at the start of the fight. (5400 experience each). I approached from the East side of the bridge and used telekinesis to toss a reinforced crate at Paladin Lora Charlet. This aggro'd 3 paladins, including Hardwin. Then I walked forward to trigger the encounter with the shadowcloaks. They spawned, wiping out 5 paladins for 27000 experience. Then I walked away and fled the battle with my unchained character, before stepping forward with the rest of my party to enter the fight.

                            • Anonymous

                              10 May 2020 02:37  

                              Did it at level 13 with a typical mass corpse explosion strategy. You can kill the silent watchers first without aggroing anyone else for two extra corpses, and you can teleport all the corpses in the adjacent room and the room with the magisters for a nice big booby trap. To make the trap work, you can have three characters hidden in the adjacent room with the following skills: teleport, teleport, mass corpse explosion. Clear mind is also useful so you can cast it on the character who's doing the talking to make sure they go first in the fight. Once the fight starts (hopefully your character goes first because they hit very hard otherwise) just teleport the two magisters onto the body piles and use the third character to explode them. Tada! You'll be left with two weak source hounds to deal with and a ton of XP.

                              • Anonymous

                                14 Apr 2020 15:23  

                                Vohrr has low magical armor, engage fight with magic damage on Vohrr, with archer (if you have one) deal physical damages on dogs+monk AND Charming arrow on Vohrr. At his turn, he Mass Shackles his own ally without Phys armor (dog+monks), just focus him to kill all the creep at the same time.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Apr 2020 20:07  

                                  Dunno why no one thought of it or wrote it, but don't even engage in talk. I just stood outside the cabin and teleported both white magisters outside on the beach, and killed them there with no problem... They didn't even try to run back or put up a fight.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    16 Mar 2020 17:55  

                                    Split party , engage convo with one , teleport Nikor out to entrance of area , Vohrr didn't cast Mass Shackles ; all done in definitive edition .

                                    • Anonymous

                                      10 Mar 2020 06:40  

                                      Mass explode traps is too powerful, didn’t even know Reimond tries to escape here. His magic armor and HP were gone with 4 traps and 1 fireball...

                                      • Anonymous

                                        09 Jan 2020 20:24  

                                        You can teleport source hounds to the Shriekers to die there, but that does not seem to work with the magisters for some reason

                                        • Anonymous

                                          27 Dec 2019 06:24  

                                          In my playthrough Votrh got to have all the fun with the Black Ring prisoners, Reimond being preoccupied with matters at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Driftwood, where I dumped his body shortly after my arrival.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            08 Dec 2019 13:43  

                                            I passed the speech check with the Magisters, after helping them with the Voidwoken, yet they still decided to attack me (something like "wait a moment, I bet you're the reason, why the Voidwoken are here in the first place", I didn't say anything, that would give away, that I'm a Sourcerer, but they are Magisters, so I didn't have to, I guess, it's their job), no answer to them worked, the persuation check was successful with the sound confirming success, but they still fought us. Maybe it's a DefEd thing, I don't know, but in my playthroughs, there's no way to NOT FIGHT them, they will always go aggro for deeming me the reason for the Voidwoken showing up there.

                                            • 29 Sep 2019 17:51  

                                              In case you're thinking that if you avoid this quest that things will play out differently in Act 4, I can confirm it does not. I slaughtered all of the paladins at the bridgepoint (including the innocent dwarf) before entering the Blackpits which closed the quest. In Act 4 the guy in charge found out the incriminating evidence all on his own supposedly without your help and things progress the same as if you had done this quest.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                31 Aug 2019 14:02  

                                                Nikor of the Black King has dialogue if saved, and will appear in Act 3 to vouch for you. You can kill him and his friends there if you want.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  12 Jul 2019 19:54  

                                                  With the way the Torturer talent works in the "Definitive edition", it's quite easy to not let Reimond escape - with it Rupture tendons goes through physical armor. Attack Reimond with some spells to lower his HP a bit, then rupture his tendons and let him bleed to death while running away. He left a nice long trail of blood for me and died at the end of it, in sight of the docks ... Other than that, I saved the Black ring prisoner as mentioned in one of the posts below - teleport them away before the fight, keep a character with Cryogenic stasis out of combat and use it to remove the shackles of pain. In my fight Vorrh also shackled Sir Lora :D.

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