Deafening Shriek

Deafening Shriek

Remove [X-Y] Magic Armour from enemies around you and set Deaf, reducing Wits, Accuracy and Dodging.

 1 Memory slot

Set Deaf for 2 turn(s)
 Range 8m radius


Deafening Shriek is a Special Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Deafening Shriek Spell Book Location


This skill does not come in a skillbook. In Act IV, break the Terrarium found in Lord Kemm's Garden (X:193 Y:230) and consume the Wailing Mandrake. 



Notes and Tips

  • Range: 8m radius around self.
  • Magical Armour magic_armour-icon
  • Target: All enemies. No friendly fire.
  • Retribution will still take effect, and will also be only magic armour removal.
  • There is only one Wailing Mandrake in the game, choose wisely who to give this skill to, if at all.
  • The magic armour removal scales with the character's level.
  • Deaf will penalize enemies with -Wits, -20% Accuracy, and -30% Dodging. The Wits loss depends on the target's level.


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