Difficulty Modes in Divinity: Original Sin 2 determine the level of challenge players face during the Story campaign.

DOS2 Difficulty Modes

The following values are based off Divinity: Original Sin. Please update this page if you notice differences.

Explorer Mode

  • The player gets +80% HP & +30% boost to Chances to Hit.
  • NPCs get -50% HP & -25% penalty to Chances to Hit.
  • Regular creatures don't have any crowd control spells (Charm, Mute, Freeze, Petrify etc.): only bosses have them.

Classic Mode

  • The player gets +15% HP.
  • Creatures have all of their regular spells.

Tactician Mode

  • NPCs get +20% HP.
  • Currently known as Hardcore Mode, this mode gives most creatures in the game additional skills & abilities, including bosses.

Honour Mode

  • NPCs get +20% HP.
  • The user has only 1 save slot, so every time they save / quicksave / autosave, the savegame is overwritten. If a character dies (PC, companion, henchman) the game autosaves.
  • If the whole party dies, the game cannot be recovered
  • Supposedly drops better loot

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