Difficulty Modes in Divinity: Original Sin 2 determine the level of challenge players face during the Story campaign.


DOS2 Difficulty Modes

Story Mode

  • The player gets +100% Vitality, +100% Damage, +50% Armor, +50 Magic Armor, 5% boost to Chances to Hit, 5% boost to Dodge.
  • NPCs get -40% Vitality, -50% Damage, -50% Armor, -50% Magic Armor, 15% penalty to Chances to Hit.
  • Normal A.I.
  • Start with an ability to resurrect allies with 100% Vitality.

Explorer Mode

  • The player gets +50% Vitality, +50% Damage, +30% Armor, +30 Magic Armor, 5% boost to Chances to Hit, 5% boost to Dodge.
  • NPCs get -20% Vitality, -30% Damage, -30% Armor, -30% Magic Armor, 15% penalty to Chances to Hit.
  • Normal A.I.

Classic Mode

  • No player alterations.
  • No NPC alterations.
  • Normal A.I.

Tactician Mode

  • No player alterations.
  • NPCs get +50% Vitality, +50% Damage, +2% Damage boost per/lvl, +50% Armor, +1.5% Armor Growth per/lvl, +35% Magic Armor, +1.5% Magic Armor Growth per/lvl, 10% boost to Chances to Hit.
  • Enemies have more AP, skills (speculation)
  • Different merchant prices (equivalent to -2 Bartering)
  • Smart A.I.


Honour Mode: Selected after difficulty mode. Failure is not an option. Raise the stakes by limiting any modes to a single save game. If your entire party perishes, the save game is erased and your quest is well and truly over! Hardcore.

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    • Anonymous

      30 Apr 2021 08:29  

      Tactician Mode is like Idiot Mode. My part was hit by a skeleton Assassin in the graveyard (Stonegarden) by 900 damages and the rest deals like 600 damages. They just literally 1 shot Lothe and 2 shot the rest of my party.
      Yes, I did some positioning as many people mentioned but it is useless since the skeleton Assassin can teleport right to the back of my Lohse and it deals 900 damages to her :'(

      • Anonymous

        05 Apr 2021 03:08  

        Holy heck, I am stuck on Tactician mode at lvl 3. We're doing coop second playthrough together (Classic diff was a joke, so we thought let's up it). Now we're stuck on the first big fight, the hound master group (also lvl 3) under FJ square. They do 30-50% of our health/armor per turn. We do 5-10% of theirs. It's TPK in three turns with one bad guy burned down 2/3rds and the rest untouched. This is with food buffs, potions, scrolls, every piece of armor we could buy from collecting every bucket and shell in the opening area. And we use the dialogue loop-hole to position and buff prior to combat, and backstab when it pops off. There aren't many other quests to get us close to lvl 4, and those there are involve similar fights. Not sure how we could have breezed through Classic TPKing once or twice but reached such a brick wall this early on. It's not like our builds are wrong or gear is too low. We're level 3. Does this difficulty just require a bunch of attempts and hoping for one lucky string of misses and crits? I'm confident with more levels we could get this, but this first hurdle... sheesh.

        • Anonymous

          28 Mar 2021 03:06  

          Is there a way to change the difficulty to Tactician once you have already started a play through at a lower difficulty? My friend and I are doing a lone wolf playthrough and it feels too easy on Classic.

          • Anonymous

            19 Jan 2021 19:53  

            Hm.. Weird they dont include a mode where neither NPC's or PC's get any alterations, but still with the smarter AI (Classic+ if you will). Seems like it would be the perfect middle :o

            • Anonymous

              12 Nov 2020 19:17  

              My first playthrough is on tactician mode didn't enjoy it at all.
              my current playthrough is on classic now and it's a pushover, now I'm in this weird limbo between wanting to go back to tactician mode or stick to classic :(

              • Anonymous

                08 Apr 2020 05:10  

                Anyone ever try going solo class with a party of four? Each character picks one skill tree and that’s where you put your points. Just a little Final Fantasy Tactics challenge.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Apr 2020 16:17  

                  I don’t understand how I’m almost at Alexander in tactician mode and haven’t died once but I’ve played classic with a few times and I’ve had WAY harder fights in classic. I’m running a 4 man party, is that the reason maybe? Should I be running a 2 man party?

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Mar 2020 02:27  

                    This information was copied from a mod of the difficulties, and isn't accurate for the base and DE versions of DSO2. Please take this information with a grain of salt.

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Mar 2020 09:43  

                      Me and a friend have been co-oping this game the past few days. I knew nothing about the game and he started us off in Tactician mode. On one hand the games come down to complete luck as every encounter we come across has the potential to instantly wipe us if we don't already know whats about to happen. On the other hand we had an hour long edge of your seat battle against overwhelming odds that we barely just overcame and I feel like after that, classic would be a breeze. My advice is that Tactician seems to be the difficulty you choose after you've beaten the game once and want a challenge.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Nov 2019 06:05  

                        Whelp I started the game on tactician mode in my first playthrough and 70 hours in of really trying to figure out everything by myself, I either have to switch to classic or look up build guides and re-specc my characters. Be humble people, this is not just another modern easy game.

                        • Anonymous

                          10 Nov 2019 02:24  

                          honestly i started on classic and i think the game would be a joke if i played on anything else. if you can tplay on classic then obviously you haven't done enough research on builds or like how the game plays.

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Nov 2019 02:36  

                            Seems like Classic is a bit too difficult, yet explorer mode is a bit too easy. I am new to this game though.

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Oct 2019 18:29  

                              classic mode AI turns the game so far off the story with having to leave quests unfinished and returned both Arx and the nameless isle are ruined

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Jan 2019 23:54  

                                Just as a clarification, the damage boost for tactician is additive with str/Dex/int and other similar damage bonuses so it is not as overwhelming as it looks

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