Doctor's Orders

Spirit of Ancestor Tree
Location Arx
Suggested Level 13-20
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Doctor's Orders is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. The powerful demon, Adramahlikh, is actually Doctor Daeva. Will you be able to stop him?



Important NPCs



Doctor's Orders Objectives

  1. Learn the name of The Doctor from the Spirit of Ancestor Tree.
  2. Head to Arx.
  3. Snuff out the candles to weaken The Doctor (optional).
  4. Defeat the Doctor.



Doctor's Orders Walkthrough

The name of the demon can be learned from the ancestor tree spirit at Bloodmoon island. If you speak with Jahan, he will tell you that the good doctor is the demon and is currently hiding in Arx.

Investigate the wedding site in Arx, which is also related to the quest, "The Secrets of the Dwarves", and you will learn that the doctor was the one who sent the explosive wedding cake to the dwarves with the intent to kill at least someone named Isbeil, based on the note left behind. Outside the schoolhouse in Arx, a distressed citizen may tell you that the doctor thanks you for serving him back at Bloodmoon island, if you helped the Advocate.

There are now 2 ways to progress this quest in Arx. Either you can kill Isbeil in the quest, "The Secrets of the Dwarves", or you can kill Lord Kemm in the quest, "The Vault of Linder Kemm". Of course, it is highly recommended to do both quests for maximum XP gain, but once you have killed one of them, an Elven messenger will appear, clapping and bidding your party to visit Doctor Daeva at his house. You will earn 19,400XP and your journal will update.

You can find the Doctor at the 'Black House' in the northeast. Malady will be waiting there, so speak to her and she will teleport you to the Demon's Dimension. As you walk with Malady, she will bring you to candles containing the souls Adramahlikh will consume in the future. It is very important here NOT to snuff out the candles, if you are looking to earn maximum XP rewards for this quest. If you have Lohse in your party, she will snuff out the candles no matter what option you pick. If Lohse isn't in your party, you can choose whether or not you want to snuff out the candles. If you do not want to snuff out the candles and Lohse is in your party, simply leave the Demon's Dimension once you enter. Don't forget to pick up the magic locked chest and the trapped runes slightly to the north first though! After snuffing (or not snuffing) all of the candles, Malady will transport you out of the dimension.

Now, there are a couple of notes here to keep in mind. First, Lohse (and only Lohse) will gain 19,400XP each time she decides to snuff out the candles, for the first two candle encounters (the final candle encounter at the very end will not give her any XP). Second, the Doctor will only end up weaker in his human form if you snuffed out the final thousands of candles at the end; the first two candle encounters don't matter. Finally, you are highly encouraged to use the barrel alternative route to enter the Black House, listed below, rather than proceeding through the front door - this is because if you proceed through the front door and kill the Doctor, you will not earn XP at certain points since the quest will be automatically complete once the Doctor is dead. There is no real difference, other than the Doctor expressing surprise you entered via the back gate, between entering through the front door and taking the alternate route.

The alternative route to entering the Black House is to use this particular marked barrel to sneak into the doctor's dungeon, as shown in the picture below. If you read notes in the Fish Works area back in Driftwood and/or talked to the people there, you will learn that the Black House buys Void-tainted fish periodically from messengers, using a signal to tell them it's ready. If you picked up the "Voidwoken Fish Exchange" scroll from Basatan's corpse back on Bloodmoon Island, you can first place a teleporter pyramid inside the barrel, then use the scroll and cast it on the barrel to transport its contents inside the house. Teleporting to the pyramid will thus teleport you deep inside the house's cellar. If you continue onwards, you can find Jahan there, captured as a prisoner. Speaking to him will net you 19,400XP; you will not receive this XP if you already killed the Doctor (and thus completed the quest) before speaking to him.

Carry on forwards and head upstairs. You will earn 53,900 Exploration XP. Lockpick the doors and then speak to the Doctor through this back route. He will express surprise, and if Lohse is in your party, this will gain you the ability to speak with him as Lohse. He will offer you a contract, but you will always refuse the contract as Lohse. Once the conversation is over, your party will gain 19,400XP and combat will begin. If you do not have Lohse in your party, then you can choose to sign a contract with the doctor, listed below.

You can also head inside the Black House through the front door. If you have Lohse in your party, you need to have her interact with the door before it will open. Enter the Black House and you will immediately gain the 53,900 Exploration XP if you have not already. Head inside and speak to the Doctor. If you have Lohse in your party (dismissing her will only result in the Doctor refusing to speak to you), there will be no option for the Doctor to offer you a contract for some reason. Because of this, you will forfeit the 19,400XP that you would otherwise gain if you entered via the alternate route; hence if you have Lohse in your party, it is better to enter via the alternate route. Otherwise, if Lohse was never in your party, you can choose to sign a contract with the doctor, which will change the ending as listed below. If you choose not to sign the contract, he will attack you.

  • After defeating Braccus Rex in Lucian's Crypt, the doctor will appear (killing Lucian and Dallis if they are still alive) and ask you to honor the contract. If you agree to honor the contract, you will have to kill your teammates. In the ending, the Doctor and you will manage to drive out the God-King, thus ruling the world as gods. If you refuse, the doctor will kill your main character, and you will have to defeat him with your team mates.

In any case, if you choose to fight the Doctor, he is a weak opponent in his human form, so as long as you go first, preferably with high Wits, you can finish him off instantly before he transforms. The Doctor now has a scripted 10,000 Initiative value that is not possible to go ahead of. However, depending on whether you snuffed out the thousands of candles at the end with Malady, he will either be weakened, or not. Also, if you do not kill him on the first turn, he will transform into his true form, the demon Adramahlikh. Regardless of whether you snuffed out the candles or not, Adramahlikh will always have around 11k health, nearly 18k physical armor, and 21k magical armor. Below is a comparison of his weakened and non-weakened forms:

  • If you snuffed out the thousands of candles previously, he will end up weakened. He will have only 3.6k hit points (at least on Classic difficulty) and -30% in all elemental resistances. When transformed, he will not be able to channel Demonic Possession, and will not summon any Nemesis monsters.
  • If you didn't snuff out the final thousands of candles, he will not be weakened. He will have around 7k hit points and 20% in all elemental resistances. When transformed, he will summon 4 Nemesis monsters, and be able to channel Demonic Possession, which will permanently enslave Lohse after a few turns.

Needless to say, if you wanted to take advantage of weakening him by snuffing out his candles, you will have to kill him before he transforms. As such, if you cannot finish him off before his turn, then make sure to disable him with some sort of status like stun or frozen. It also bears mentioning that throwing a deathfog crate on him will not affect him or his nurses. When killed, the Doctor and his 6 nurses (sometimes, the nurse at the counter may be too far away to engage you in combat) will grant 149,850XP each, resulting in a whopping grand total of 1,048,950XP. Killing the Doctor will also complete this quest, awarding you an additional 134,750XP.

However, it is important to note that for maximum XP gains, you actually want the Doctor to transform into Adramahlikh, and you absolutely do not want to snuff any of the candles to weaken him. As an unweakened Adramahlikh, he will summon 4 Nemesis monsters to aid him, and each Nemesis monster will award 149,850XP when killed. Because of the huge number of enemies and their tendency to crowd near Adrahamhlikh for some reason, a Thunderstorm spell is extremely effective in this regard; it will constantly stun and damage the vast number of enemies every turn, making the fight easy and giving you tons of free XP. If you can use the Apotheosis spell, the fight becomes even easier as you will be able to use powerful Area-of-Effect spells like Pyroclastic Eruption and Meteor Storm without worrying about source. If not, spells like Superconductor and, to a lesser extent, Supernova, will do their job just fine.

If you have Lohse in your party, though, things get a little more complicated because if you take too long to kill Adramahlikh, Adramahlikh will use demonic possession to take control of Lohse and she will be permanently enslaved, leaving your party forever. The obvious solution to this is to kill Adramahlikh quickly but this may not always be possible due to his high armor values and perseverance skill. Also, running away, teleporting away, or teleporting to a waypoint all will not work, as the demonic effect is scripted to take control of her wherever she may be. Thus, the simplest solution to prevent Lohse from becoming possessed is to make sure she is dead; once she is dead, Adramahlikh will immediately stop channeling his Demonic Possession spell. This can actually be used to great effect, since Adramahlikh wastes his turn each time by channelling the demonic possession spell. After he tries to channel it for a turn or so, simply kill off Lohse and his spell will be reset, rendering him unable to take control of Lohse. Then, during one of your other members' turn, cast resurrection on Lohse to revive her. The next time it's Adramahlikh's turn, he will try to channel his spell again, effectively wasting each of his turn. Of course, you can simply not bother with cheesing him and just concentrate on slaughtering them all without the help of Lohse - either way, it's not a terribly difficult fight, especially with Area-of-Effect spells.

Killing Adramahlikh in his demonic true form will net you a crazy 299,700XP, as opposed to a measly 149,850XP which you will get if you kill his pathetic human form. Thus, killing Adramahlikh, his 6 nurses, and 4 Nemesis monsters will net you an insane grand total of 1,798,200 XP. Killing Adramahlikh also completes the quest, netting you an additional 134,750XP, so the total end result will be an absurd 1,932,950 XP.

Once the Doctor is dead, speaking to Lohse at this point will cause her to rejoice at finally being free, and you can listen to her sing a special song. You can also cast Spirit Vision and talk to the spirits of the nurses, learning that they used to be people who hunted down the Doctor but failed and were subjugated to become his minions.

Enter his cellar if you haven't already and you will find two of his poor prisoners. One of them will be Jahan, captured because he underestimated the Doctor. As mentioned before, if you speak to him at this point after killing the Doctor and completing this quest, you will receive no XP whatsoever. Still, whatever the case may be, you can unlock the magically locked cabinets in the lower chamber area here and loot various unique items such as the Lord Ruaney and Kvyn's armor sets. Loot the area and leave.

Shortly after leaving, an Elven Apparition will appear, thanking you and claiming to be the spirit of Eleanessa, the ancestor tree back in Bloodmoon Island. She will reward you with a ghostly mace and a choice of Divine-quality loot.

As a final word, if you look at Adramahlikh in his demon form, he actually looks like a female for some reason, despite talking like a male.





  • 19,400XP after the Elven messenger appears and invites you to visit the Doctor.
  • 19,400XP for Lohse only, per candle encounter, for the first two candle encounters (optional).
  • 19,400XP for speaking to Jahan before completing the quest.
  • 53,900XP Exploration XP for entering the Black House.
  • 19,400XP if the Doctor offers the contract.
  • 149,850XP for killing the Doctor (human form) OR 299,700XP for killing Adramahlikh (demon form).
  • 149,850XP for killing each of the Nemesis monsters, for a total of 599,400XP.
  • 149,850XP for killing each of the nurses, for a total of 899,100XP.
  • 134,750XP upon completion of the quest.
  • A choice of Divine-quality loot upon talking with the Spirit of Eleanessa, shortly after leaving the Black House on quest completion.

    • Anonymous

      06 Aug 2018 02:56  

      If Lohse is your main, you can willingly choose to not snuff out the candles (still netting one round of XP). Malady gets irate and boots you from the plane and you're on your own with the Doctor!

      • Anonymous

        31 Jul 2018 19:59  

        I did the fight without Lohse. My tactic was to kill the Elf in the very first room. While i did this i had two guys in the right room, killing two other minions. So the whole squad runn in the hall, perfect for an ├Ątheric storm, let it rain arrows or what ever, the target is, kill all minions. If Andrahmahalik is allone, get magical or physical armor down and stun, enchant, froze... him with all u have. He have only some pyromantic spells, not a big deal, the problem is his tankyness.

        • Anonymous

          09 Jun 2018 13:12  

          for those who have problem with malady not showing up: check out my comment under the quest "crippling a demon"

          • 27 May 2018 17:48  

            A word to the wise: If the Advocate dies by any means in Act II (Reaper's Coast - Bloodmoon Island), you will be ambushed by a particularly strong group of Nemesis demons in Act 4 (Arx - near the Black House) as part of the Doctor's Orders quest.

            • Anonymous

              22 May 2018 03:15  

              You say that Malady will be waiting there at the Doctor's house, but she's not there for me. So I can't weaken him it seems since I can't go to his realm and snuff the candles out.

              • Anonymous

                21 May 2018 19:43  

                Is there a way to fight the doctor if you didn't choose Lohse when leaving for Driftwood, i.e. if she's dead? I learned on bloodmoon island that the doctor is a demon and told it to Jahan, but he didn't go with me to Arx and wasn't at the doctor's. All dialogue options with the doctor end in accepting or refusing the deal with him. In the later case he will simply teleport you out

                • Anonymous

                  14 May 2018 00:46  

                  For some reason Malady did NOT appear for me so I decided to fight the doctor and was promptly fucked. Am I boned?

                  • Anonymous

                    12 May 2018 01:47  

                    How the hell do i open the magically locked display cases in the basement/cellar of Adramahlikh (The doctor)??

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Apr 2018 12:36  

                      I played solo with dual blade rogue on classical mode. First time he turned into his true form and spamming fire at me, almost died instantly. So I drank strong fire resistance at the second time. He stopped using spells and slapped me in the face instead. Then the rest is easy. But killing the nurse should be more easier. I want to try it next time with full party build tactical mode

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Mar 2018 22:29  

                        A couple things to note that i experienced:
                        - the first cell has a interesting elven-looking statue covered in gore. curious about the significance
                        - you can loot all the magic locked cases in the dungeon (open by triggering stunned, the clue is the inverted pyramid i guess? just trial and error for me) except the two containing armour. One has a chest, helm and gloves (lvl18, bonuses to strength penalty to finesse one has Spread Your Wings, i forgot the others) the other has leggings and boots (lvl 18 leggings are ok high initiative boost +6 and the boots have bad armour but +7 finesse and set permanent Erratic Wisp)

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Mar 2018 03:18  

                          Potion of strong will make the fight very easy, he just cast over and over in charm and fail every turn (take 3 minimum, i had 2 and it was realy close 2=8 turn)

                          • Anonymous

                            17 Mar 2018 23:25  

                            ***** this quest and ***** this game.***** is so retardedly linear, if you don't do everything in a specific order you are absolutely *****ed. So glad I never paid for this piece of*****. Thanks Larian!

                            • 11 Mar 2018 23:28  

                              First play through, I could lockpick the magically locked display cases in the basement. This time I cannot. No way to get both Ruaney's and Kyvn's equipment. It seems it is either one or the other. When you use blood/water to unlock one, the other locks permanently afaik.

                              • Anonymous

                                11 Mar 2018 22:48  

                                In case any of you has, like me, horrible problems finishing this on tactician: prepare at least 3-4 strong will potions for Lohse. After entering via fish scroll for the xp, move out again, enter through the front door, and kill the nurses one by one (very easy). Then move close, have Lohse quaff a potion and open with a thunderstorm. Very manageable provided you have Lohse drink another one once the timer is down on 1 turn for the effect.

                                • Anonymous

                                  08 Mar 2018 17:01  

                                  Someone need to update this page with the other possibility, in which neither Malady or Jahan is present in the Black House.

                                  I think that if you learned the way to the Nameless Isle, so that Malady doesn't have to make a pact, she won't be present. If you manages to kill the Advocate, therefore cleaning up the Bloodmoon Isle, Malady also doesn't have to make a pact (or couldn't), so she won't be present.

                                  If you don't learn the name of the demon from the tree, Jahan wouldn't know about his true name, and didn't entrust the task of killing Adramalikh to you, so he didn't get captured. If you managed to convince Jahan as well, he won't be in the prison as well.

                                  At any rate, that was the thing i did, and neither of the two is present at the house

                                  • Anonymous

                                    26 Feb 2018 21:46  

                                    This needs an edit: Lohse DOES NOT always snuff out the candles. You can do a persuasion check to tell her not to snuff them out.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      22 Feb 2018 06:59  

                                      So I got rid of his armor, cast shackles of pain and then deathfoged myself to kill him in 2 turns. I really feel it shouldn't have worked.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        20 Feb 2018 17:50  

                                        I think there may be a glitch with him because when one of the Nurses fortified him he did not get any amour

                                        • Anonymous

                                          30 Jan 2018 17:17  

                                          Couldn't bring myself to murder millions of his enslaved souls, so I unchained Loshe and made her wait far away from the fight (on Lady Vengeance), and brought Ifan and Prince to take care of the good doctor. Sneaked in and teleported his nurse outside and killed them one by one without him knowing*****, then fought a legendary battle with the doctor and his demon minions (tactician lv), surrounded the prick with my main, prince, a lv 10 summon, ifan's soul wolf, a bone widow, I swear the opportunity attack alone got half the job done for me.

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