Drudanae Addict

Gives you an addtional 1 AP per turn while under the influence of drudanae, yet also applies the Source Muted status.

Drudanae Addict is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



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    • Anonymous

      I'm surprised there have been absolutely no updates to this nearly a month after release. This talent was removed from the game upon the revision of Ifan's story. Drudanae still has an amazing use in the cheap and easy crafting of Ferocity Herbmix, available early into Act II. Combine it with Augmentor (becomes increasingly more common, and more worth to use on this than potions) to craft the Ferocity Herbmix, smoke it in the Dreamer Pipe in the Undertavern, and you'll get a buff for 50 (50!!) turns of +2 starting AP and +2 AP recovery per turn. WIth use of your teleporter pyramids, it essentially means you can give your entire team +2 AP per turn for any fight that you wish. Extremely OP.

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