Duck Duck Goose

Lets you evade attacks of opportunity.

Requirement:Huntsman 1

Duck Duck Goose is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • Great all around Talent for just about any character or build
  • ???
  • ???

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    • Anonymous

      Dont use this. Waste of a talent point. Use a movement ability (NOT WALKING) to prevent opportunity attacks. As a side note: You can evade OPP attacks with high dodge( dodging potion, Uncanny evasion, Evasion aura) without waste of a TALENT. Blinded enemies also cannot perform OPP Attacks. (Cleared the game on solo Honour, so i know)

      • Anonymous

        I mean can we just add this to Opportunist??? Some people will be like "no that's heresy", but come on, this is DOS2 - It's ok we're allowed to do stuff like that, especially because this is a precious Talent investment. Thematically, an Opportunist would know the tricks of a fellow Opportunist, so could avoid attacks of opportunity by knowing that it could be coming from an enemy when he or she is moving. Duck Duck Goose doesn't seem like a useful Talent investment alone.

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