Earth Resistance Potion


15% Earth Resistance

Item Type Potion
Craftable Yes
Duration 3 Turns
AP Cost AP
Weight 0.25
Value 30

Earth Resistance Potion is a Potion in Divinity: Original Sin 2


"A protective potion that can fortify you against geomantic attacks."


Earth Resistance Potion is a potion that provides 15% Earth Resistance for three turns when consumed. The combined value of the ingredients (100) is higher than the value of the Earth Resistance Potion (30), so you can't make money by crafting these.



Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2

Potion_EmptyEmpty Potion Bottle earthTongueEarth Tongue Mushroom

Where to find / Location

  • Sold by potion Merchants 
  • Found randomly around the game world
  • Can be crafted

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