Elemental Ranger


Arrows inflict bonus elemental damage depending on the surface your target is standing in.

Requirement:Huntsman 1

Elemental Ranger is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • Adds 20% of damage as elemental damage.
  • Blood adds Physical Damage.
  • The target must be standing in the surface not the player.
  • Only works with basic attacks, not Special Arrows and Skills.

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    • Anonymous

      it does affect crafted arrows, it doesn't work if u are using non-elemental crafted arrows, but any other arrow will work properly, also as stated by the page doesn't work with skills

      • Anonymous

        Complete explanation of the talent, CREDIT TO SamBoha

        So ER only ever works with basic attacks. So you’ve spent a talent point for something that doesn’t do NOTHING when you use any huntsman SKILL or whenever you shoot a CRAFTED ARROW.

        Arguably, the majority of action points you spend won’t gain the bonus damage. That’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world, especially if you only want to go full physical archer and won’t utilize other talents. It’s just important to note that first- basic attacks only.

        The extra damage is 20% of your base damage, which is significant. And the damage type is dependent on the surface your target is standing in, which is sometimes difficult to manipulate. As a physical archer you’ll want your target standing in blood so the extra damage is physical. Most enemies bleed blood. So all you have to do is damage their vitality to make them stand in blood, then following attacks will gain the bonus. Marksmans fang deals piercing damage which would be your go-to starter for creating a blood surface, and following up with basic attacks with +20% damage. You can instead use something like raining blood to make blood surfaces without damaging an enemy’s vitality.

        So far it’s not terrible. You just need to know when it applies, and how to make it apply. Basic attacks, enemy standing in the correct surface. But not all enemies bleed blood. Some enemies bleed weird stuff like cursed poison or fire. Usually if an enemy does this, they’re either immune to the damage type associated with the surface that appears when their vitality is damaged, or they have greater than 100% resistance to that damage meaning they instead heal from that damage type. Now, even if you create a blood surface beforehand to force additional physical damage, as soon as you break through their armor, instead of blood your target is now standing in a surface type that aids them which effectively nerfs your future basic attacks against them.

        You can still account for this, either only use huntsman skills and crafted arrows against those enemies, or find a way to inflict decaying. When you hit an enemy with a damage type that they have greater than 100% resistance to, if they are decaying they take physical damage from that damage type instead of healing. So you could start with cursed water, blood, steam, etc. or have an ally use Decaying Touch, Blood Storm, or Corrisive Blade before you shoot them. But now you have to account for immunities, expect unforeseeable exceptions, and plan contingencies all because you chose a talent that doesn’t help you most of the time, and can sometimes hurt you in fringe cases, so it is a lot of hassle for little benefit.

        Long story short, the talent isn’t useful until you choose to make it useful, and sometimes it bites you in the ass. You can use the talent with great success in some highly specific builds/strategies, but generally it’s pretty meh.

        • Anonymous

          elemental ranger is useful, but useless for special element arrow IF you using special arrow. i already test it. for dealing more physical dmg , this really good, either way you just improve low magic damage from the arrow itself. improving it doesn't worth your battle

          • Anonymous

            Really powerful Talent with Vulture gloves that you can get in Act 2.
            Vulture gloves gives a little bit of piercing damage on all of your attacks, which always makes enemies bleed under them regardless of armor, so basically a permanent physical damage steroid.

            • Anonymous

              Has it been confirmed that it impacts all skills?

              There are weapon based skills as enrage in warfare highlights that point. WTF is the point in investing in this talent if skills on the huntsman skill tree do not benefit from this? Basic attacks

              • Anonymous

                So if poison arrow leaves a puddle under the area, will this trigger on the initial poison arrow or only on attacks after the initial poison arrow?

                • Anonymous

                  Oil - Earth damage
                  Poison - Poison damage
                  Water - water damage
                  Electrified water - Aero damage
                  Fire - Fire damage
                  Blood - nothing (probably)

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