Empty Potion Bottle

Item Type Ingredient
Craftable No
Weight 0.1
Value 10

Empty Potion Bottle is an ingredient in Divinity: Original Sin 2

"An empty vial waiting to hold whatever wild concoction you can brew."


Empty Potion Bottle is a crafting ingredient required to make base level potions


Where to find:

  • Found randomly around the game world in all areas of the game. You can expect to find a large amount of them throughout the game.
  • Can be purchased from merchants for relatively little cost.

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    • Anonymous

      i've found that early game if your new, make an elixar or two for the harder fights, all you need is yarrow flower and an empty potion bottle.
      run around a bit and you'll find some.

      • Anonymous

        I wish you recovered empty vials after drinking potions, since they are scarce in early game and it is really not worth spending them on stuff like magic resist etc, because you prioritize HP potions

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