End Times

Location Tomb of Lucian
Suggested Level 20
Next Quest  
Previous Quest Hammerfall

End Times is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. These are the end times; are you ready to ascend?



Important NPCs



End Times Objectives

  1. Kill all your enemies.



End Times Walkthrough

This entire chapter is the final battle you must face. Prepare yourself, for this could be long and challenging.

On your arrival, your followers on the Lady Vengeance (such as Malady, Gareth, Almira, and Tarquin) will show up and pray for you. Their prayer will reduce your source point cost of all skills to 0, so you can basically cast all of your most powerful spells at no source cost now. So don't forget to make use of it and memorize your best skills. Also, if you have not already done so, remember to split your resurrection scrolls evenly to every party member so they can resurrect each other if needed.

As you walk forwards, surprise! Lucian the Divine is alive; he has faked his death all along, and is waiting for you along with Dallis, Braccus Rex, silent Gareth and some magisters. Lucian will explain his plan to you, why he killed all the other Godwoken, why the Voidwoken appeared, and what he wants to do - removing all source from the world to heal the veil so there can finally be peace in Rivellon.

Dallis will also reveal her true face - that of an Eternal - and explain that Fane is actually her father, and she seeks to offer her father the chance to atone for his sins. She will also reveal that the real Dallis was the one who found her tomb, whereupon she replaced the real Dallis to become a Magister General.

When all is said and done, you'll have 2 choices: Sacrifice yourself and surrender your source "for the good of Rivellon", or refuse and attack Lucian and Dallis. Both choices will lead to a fight. A little warning here: if any of your teammates are dead when you kill the last enemy (like Braccus, for example), they will end up as permanently dead and not join you in the epilogue - so make sure all your allies are alive before landing the finishing blow.

Surrendering your Source

If you choose to sacrifice yourself, it turns out Braccus Rex stole the leashing wand from Dallis, and escaped his chains. Dallis, Lucian, and everyone else will be allied with you, while you all attempt to crush Braccus. Braccus however, will receive a "gift" from the God-King, the Kraken, and it will cast "Fate of the Sworn" spells and summon enemies you have fought before, like Isbeil, Lord Linder Kemm, and the like. The Kraken will not be able to summon them if you drained them of their source before, though, so if you drained Isbeil and Linder Kemm's spirits of their source previously, the Kraken won't be able to summon them to aid Braccus in this fight. Regardless of whether he can summon them or not, though, the Kraken will continuously summon more enemies to the battle, like Black Ring members. In order to kill the Kraken, you will need to use ranged skills and spells, but in this fight, all you really need to do is kill Braccus Rex, and the Kraken will die. Also, not like it really matters at this point, but killing each of them grants 299,700XP.

You can alternatively use the spell "Charm Voidwoken" on Kraken to charm it and all its summons, making the battle trivial.

After the Braccus falls, Dallis will say she has failed, and says the fate of the world lies in your hands. The battle, it seems, is won.

Refuse to surrender your Source

Battle will ensue, pitting you against all enemies. You do not have to kill them all; you only need to kill either Lucian or Dallis. Depending on your party build, you may find either to be easier to defeat. If you kill Braccus, he will be free from Dallis's control. Don't waste your time and simply focus down one of them; when one of them falls, Braccus Rex will proclaim that he seized the leashing wand from Dallis, and he will then summon the Kraken with help from the God-King. The battle then begins same as the above - as if you surrendered your source to Dallis - but with one caveat: everyone will be hostile to you, but Dallis and her gang will also be hostile to Braccus's gang. Braccus will also regenerate all his hit points. "Charm Voidwoken" can be a life safer here.

Like the above, the easiest way to complete this quest is to focus down Braccus first. Once he dies, the Kraken and all his summons will perish. Then, you can focus down Dallis (if you haven't already) for an easy kill and the battle ends. 

The Choice

If you signed a contract with the doctor previously in the quest, "Doctor's Orders", when you defeat Braccus Rex, the doctor will appear and kill Lucian and Dallis if they are still alive. He will then ask you to honor the contract, whereby if you agree, you will need to kill your teammates. In this ending, the Doctor will drive out the God-King, and rule the world with you as gods. If you refuse, he will kill your main character and you'll have to kill him with your team mates.

Assuming you didn't sign the contract with the doctor, if you slept with one of your companions back then before Act IV, they will kiss you passionately and declare that they love you, while you can say you love them back. After that, you'll have to make a choice: Ascend to Divinity, or refuse it. If you refuse it, and there is no one to ascend as well, the God-King will laugh at your foolishness, enslaving the world to his whims, while you become his servant. There will still be an epilogue on the repaired Lady Vengeance, though, but it will be a grim one.

If you decide to accept the power of Divinity, you will have to choose 1 of 3 choices, which will decide the fate of all Rivellon. All choices will show a brief cutscene, and will lead to a nice epilogue with you on the repaired Lady Vengeance.

  1. You can fulfil your destiny as the Godwoken and become the new Divine. If you choose this, you will become the new Divine, adored, beloved and loved by all. You will form an alliance to combat the God-King and his minions, but the threat of the God-King returning still looms somewhat, due to the void rift not being completely closed. Windego's fate depends on whether you freed her from being Sworn in Act IV.
  2. You can give source back to all the peoples and release Divinity into the world. When everyone is Divine, no-one is Divine. If you do this, then everyone will become a sourcerer and band together to drive back the God-King into the void. Although there ushered a new Golden Age of Peace for a time, the people eventually used their source powers to wage wars and kill each other, in a desperate bid for more power. Like the above choice, Windego's fate depends on whether you freed her from being Sworn in Act IV.
  3. You can allow yourself and all the world to be purged of its source. If you select this option, you and all the other Godwoken are cherished and remembered as great heroes, having sacrificed all your source to seal the rift in the void, removing the threat of the God-King forever. During the epilogue, it is also revealed that Malady somehow managed to save you from being purged of source, so you can still use source in the end. Windego will be freed from her shackles regardless of whether you used the Swornbreaker to sever her link back in Act IV.

As Fane, you are also given two additional choices, in which your ancient mistake may be put right. You may choose to save your people from the Void, either by bringing the God King home and redeeming yourself in his eyes or by sealing him away forever and allowing the other Eternals to return. In either case, the mortal races will be enslaved and basically everyone will hate you when you return to the ship.

In the epilogue, you can speak to your companions and friends to learn what's next for them. If you never ate the phoenix egg you may have obtained in Reaper’s Coast, it will have hatched into an adorable baby phoenix. When you are ready, speak to the Lady Vengeance unicorn to end the game, showing a long cutscene of what transpired to the various NPCs and towns you left in your entire jouney in Rivellon.

Congratulations on finishing Divinity: Original Sin II!




Tips & Tricks

  • There are MANY reported bugs with the choices and fight progression here at the end of the game.  Make sure you save just before you start (and possibly even during) as it is easy to get locked into a situation where the game will not progress.  Sometimes the initial fight doesn't even trigger, sometimes you can kill Braccus without killing Dallis or Lucian and the fight will not end, sometimes the second phase will not trigger at all, etc.  Just reload and try again, being sure to either drop Lucian or Dallis enough to engage Braccus' conversation about breaking free to trigger the second phase, and you SHOULD be able to make it through.

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    • Anonymous

      18 Jun 2021 09:44  

      Braccus Rex, although undead will NOT lose full health when soul mate and drinking health potion. Thus, soul mate is almost useless.

      • Anonymous

        28 May 2021 17:36  

        Why is Ifran so butt hurt about making the objectively best choice. “The betrayer”. Also, I killed Lucian and Dallas and thought I was plugging the hole myself. Kinda annoyed they’re still around.

        • Anonymous

          25 May 2021 22:09  

          Just on this Figth on DE: I ate the source of all 3, Isbeil, kemm and swallow man and the kraken still got em all in the figth, also the momment you kill dallis and Cracus come back, the order is restarted but your skills are not, try to kill Dallis or Lucian with the last person of your party.

          • Anonymous

            18 May 2021 09:20  

            I have a "Sworn" Fane and just defeated Braccus, and killed my other characters as well. There's no more conversation or things for me to do. It seems that I am stuck in the map now, is there a bug or is there anything else am I supposed to click on? Thanks!

            • Anonymous

              15 May 2021 21:31  

              Also quite disappointing ending. It feels weird. You can fight against them all, but then you need to focus Dallis first, and then on the second stage focus only Braccus. You can side with Lucian and then focus only Braccus. Or you can fight them all and focus Braccus right away and avoid second stage fight. All these switching sides kinda weird. And why Braccus all of a sudden the main center of attention and arch-enemy? I expected some epic fight between two sides of the conflict, but instead... this. The first fight against Alexander was more epic and satisfying.

              The game is awesome, of course, just the ending is meh...

              • Anonymous

                15 May 2021 21:10  

                That is an interesting game balance wise. This fight could be extremely hard or extremely easy. First I did it hard way - with both stages of the fight, everyone hostile.
                Second with mage (54% crit chance): Green Tea + Adrenaline + three teleport scrolls + Pyroclastic Eruption + Skin Graft + Pyroclastic Eruption - and only Dallis standing with half health (specifically left her out to not trigger second part) and still have Adrenaline and enough AP to finish her. They didn't get to do anything besides Lucian the first move.

                Basically, stay away from Green Tea, if you want a challenge.

                • Anonymous

                  11 May 2021 23:37  

                  If anyone has the issue whereby you chose to surrender your source, move straight into second phase, kill Braccus but the fight does not actually end... even though there is no enemies, DO NOT RELOAD. The fix is that you have to damage Dallis even if she is not an enemy. Once you "kill" her the event will end and you will progress to the end.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Apr 2021 11:17  

                    Accidentally killed Braccus with a Time Warp-Green Tea combo with multi spec Mage Fane. Didn't realised there's supposed to be another phase where he summons enemies

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Mar 2021 23:55  

                      Killing Lucian first did NOT trigger the Braccus phase for me as the article suggests. It only happened once I killed Dallis. And for some reason Ifan revived with no armor on towards the end of the fight... maybe a bug after being revived several times?

                      • Anonymous

                        07 Mar 2021 04:54  

                        Man that was an ugly fight. I pulled through relying heavily morning person, five star diner and living armour talents for all my characters. Pretty much used a res scroll or giant potion every turn lol.

                        What in incredible game though! My first time beating on classic.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Mar 2021 00:07  

                          So, something wierd happened when I did this fight just now. Going in blind, refused to surrender my source, I focused Dallis, Braccus broke free, summond Kraken, they wiped the floor with us. For the second try I decided to avoid damaging Dallis and try to transition to the second part with as few enemies as possible. This resulted in me winning the fight and proceeding to the ending without triggering the second phase. A shame, as I would have preferred to do the fight properly.

                          • Anonymous

                            31 Jan 2021 03:05  

                            There seems to be a bug in this fight, not sure whether it has been mentioned prior. My party leader was Fane and was sworn going into this fight. My party was not specced for this fight at all so I switched my mage into intelligence pure and geomancer, with pyroclastic eruption doing ~5k damage on the tooltip (would have done more because of the overlap in AoE). So basically I skipped the second phase because my guy went second after Lucian and one-shotted all of them. After that the God King shows up and demands Fane uphold the oath and kill the other party members. I refused and GK permanently kills Fane, removing him from the party. Dallis and Lucian didn't have any dialogue after GK killed Fane, which I don't think is supposed to happen. So with the other three I couldn't leave the arena and couldn't use waypoints and couldn't get the trigger to advance to the final cutscenes. I had to reload and use a Swornbreaker on Fane for it to proceed properly, which I felt was a better ending anyway. Ifan said Fane was one of his best friends.

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Jan 2021 04:02  

                              I had like 20 Charm arrows, so yeah you might be able to guess what my strat was lmao. | First get rid of their magic armor with multi trap + Exploding arrow and then just charm everyone.

                              I actually had to fight Fane and the other guys didnt know you could just kill Dallis, im not sure killing only Lucian works atleast it didnt for me.
                              You really start to notice how op your own chars are when theres someone with 4k MA and PA with 8k HP. But Chameleon/Challenge/Poisonfog Arrows(on myself) and play dead really came in handy. Didnt notice you could just kill Braccus either so I ended up just charming both while healing myself up from the last fight and waiting for challenge to be off cd so I finally finished of braccus and it just ended so i reloaded and just killed the kraken first.

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Dec 2020 11:20  

                                If a party member made a pact with the doctor instead of the main, it basically blocks out the endings where you surrender your source and where you ascend with the doctor and you lose one party member for good :(

                                • Anonymous

                                  29 Dec 2020 19:53  

                                  So i played with 6-man party mod and at the end Red prince and Ifan decided to betray me :\
                                  Ifan said he wanted to build source communism and red prince said that he wants to become divine for the dragons blah-blah-blah. Is it because i had not enough attitude? My attitudes with Beast, Sebille and Loshe were around 100, but i had only 74-75 for Ifan/Prince. How much attitude do i need to ensure that everyone will support me at the end?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Dec 2020 14:12  

                                    Fight got easy as soon as i respecd Prince into a two-handed anathema one-shot machine with 7k physical nuke being dealt to everyone around him upon his death. Tacticion mode bearing in mind, Prince one-shotted Braccus Rex with Anathema under enrage + onslaught (ye, you can actually use onslaught with Anathema in DE). After doing that he was targeted by both Dallis and Lucian, which resulted in their death upon killing Prince. All that was left was for Ifan to resurrect Prince into Gheist and two magisters to kill him again and deal 7k damage the final time.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      08 Dec 2020 21:39  

                                      I have beaten this game like a dozen times but I had no idea you were supposed to talk to the ship to actually end the game. I thought it was done and the only thing left to do was to talk to your companions so I always turned it off there.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        02 Dec 2020 01:25  

                                        I kill Lucian first, then I use Supernova with my 16 pyrokinetic mage, killing Dallis and Vedreman at the time, then killing the minions. The result is one of my crew betrays (That's Ifan, I don't know why, maybe he's the weakest, or he has the least attitude toward me), the final fight is fighting with him, and he get killed easily, game ends

                                        • Anonymous

                                          29 Nov 2020 20:58  

                                          I chose to surrender my source which made the battle (presumably, according to what I'm reading below) infinitely easier. Was level 19 with a party of the Red Prince (as a Deathknight build), Lohse (Druid/Summoning build), Fane (Pyro build), and a random elf ranger/archer and it was... needlessly easy.

                                          Nobody lost all of their magic armor. I killed Sallow Man almost exclusively with my ranger and Lucian nearly 1v1'd Braccus - I think I got a big overpower off on him with the Red Knight, but outside of that I barely did any damage to him. Lucian was hitting him for 4k, 2k, etc.

                                          I didn't have to kill Isbiel, Kemm, or any of the black ring spawns that popped up nor the Kraken. Just singularly killed Sallow Man with my Ranger and CC'd/moved around strategically with my other characters while Lucian tore through Braccus.

                                          Was expecting an hour long fight.

                                          Instead it was about 10 minutes and I literally don't think any of my characters lost their ~1-2k Magic Armor. Kinda silly. Almost bummed I didn't try and refuse giving up my source, after all the time I've put into the game.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            22 Nov 2020 20:42  

                                            I cheesed the fight, by initiating the fight by dropping a Tactical Nuke Deathfog Crate, leaving only Dallis, Braccus alive.
                                            Chicken clawed Dallis and
                                            Then proceeded to shackle pain Braccus.
                                            Next phase starts, drop second Deathfog Crate, walk into Deathfog with shackled Character, Braccus dies GG EZ.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              07 Nov 2020 16:48  

                                              Charm Braccus Rex before you weaken Dallis and proceed to the next fight. In so doing he doesnt have a chance to summon his black ring members. Also, the Kraken will attack Braccus, knocking his shield down in two turns allowing you to charm him again. When Braccus is dead the Kraken runs away so the only person you end up fighting is Dallis in Dragon form.

                                              I used Rupture Tendons (with Torturer) on charmed Braccus. He lost a LOT of health while running or teleporting.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                16 Oct 2020 23:03  

                                                So uhh, turn an ashen idol into a glowing one for 1AP per turn for unlimited automated resurrections.. made the end fight easy.. Didn't realize I had to kill braccus first until he spawned two eisbells. could barely stay awake during the ending video

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  11 Oct 2020 04:30  

                                                  Ridiculous how it's not even mentioned in the guide, wtf are you guys doing? - EXACTLY what initiates the second phase of the battle is: Vredeman escaping Dallis's enslavement and retaliating with the full transformation into Braccus Rex. So in order to trigger that event you MUST damage Dallis (until her health bar drops to approximately 75%). You will know the next stage commences when amidst the battle Vredeman remarks "Are you feeling pooly Dallis?...". With this in mind, you should obviously focus your efforts on Dallis first. You will transition quickly and smoothly without breaking the game or missing out on any plot development.

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