warfare enrage iconAP2

Motivate an allied character with the power of rage. Target allied character is guaranteed to land critical hits with basic attacks and weapon skills, but is muted. Clears Taunted, Terrified, Charmed, Mad and Clear-Minded statuses.

special divinity original sin 2 Set Enraged for 1 turn(s).

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Warfare 2cldwn5
properties divinity original sin2 icon Costs 1 Memory
properties divinity original sin2 icon Range 2m

warfare skills s Warfare

Enrage is a Warfare Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Enrage Spell Book Location



Enrage Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Works with any types of Weapon Attacks (Bow, Dagger, Mace, Sword, Spear, Axe or Staff), regardless of damage type.
  • Works with Elemental Arrows
  • Best if cast at the beginning of your turn (if casting on yourself) since you'll get to use it the rest of that turn and the next.
  • Will have no effect on characters that are immune to the Silenced status effect.
  • Best used along with Fane's Time Warp to use up Enrage in one go without getting silenced next round.




Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Blazing Deepstalker


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Druid


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Elemental Champion





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    • Anonymous

      amazing on a two-handed berserker-type character: strength + two-handed + warfare.

      0 points "wasted" on crit chance, high damage and even higher crit damage

      • Anonymous

        Note that you can skip a part of your previous turn in order to save 2AP for your next turn. Then cast this spell to get 4 critical attacks (6 with lone wolf). It has also a decent synergy with the Onslaught skill and the Executioner talent.

        • Anonymous

          As of today, I noticed that Enrage does not work as my character is immune to being silenced, and therefore cannot trigger the drawback of 'enrage', I believe. Came up as quite the surprise as I was fighting Roost.

          • Anonymous

            Does Enrage work with Wands? It says basic attacks, that excludes wands? Because it works with ele-arrows.

            • Anonymous

              You can use the expected value formula to calculate if this is redundant for your character or not. Take your crit damage (for example mine is 165% right now) and multiply it by the number of attacks you would get in two rounds after using enrage (3 for normal 5 for lone wolf). 3(165)= 495 Divide by the number of attacks you would get without enrage (4 for normal 6 for lone wolf) 495/4= 123.75 Therefore you would need to do an average of 123.75% weapon damage in four hits. Using expected value formula 123.75= x(165) + (x-1)(100) Where x is the % chance of crit. Solving gives x≃ 0.365. This means if you had a non lone wolf with 165% crit damage, any crit chance over 36% means you are on average going to do more damage without using enrage and instead saving that 2 AP for another attack. With lone wolf and/or a higher crit damage, the crit chance must be much higher for enrage to become a liability. With lone wolf and 180% crit damage your crit would have to be greater than 62.5%. This of course does not account for attacks that do higher or lower than weapon damage, aoe, lost attacks on your second round due to CC, having a teammate enrage you, and the tactical disadvantage of silencing yourself if you have spells.

              • Anonymous

                This ability + scoundrel crit damage multiplier is OP as *****. Add adrenaline from on your 2nd turn when it's still up, for a total of 3 more attacks. Add executioner for 2 more ap after killing someone for another attack. Easy burst.

                • Anonymous

                  You must be all playing explorer mode if you dont see the destructive point of this skill. It's supposed to be casted on somebody else(with high base damage to make it more obvious) together with other skills like haste, death wish, living on the edge for example.

                  • Anonymous

                    The spell is supposed to clear charm & mad as well but when an ally is charmed/mad it is turned into an enemy unit so enrage can't be cast on it since it only works with ally characters so is this a bug or am I missing something, because if this is how it's suppose to be it means I can only clear charm/mad of enemy units which we control of which I see no point in doing so.

                    • Anonymous

                      If self-cast, only basic attacks are guaranteed to critical strike. Weapon skills will also critical strike on THE NEXT TURN (This does not apply if an ally enrages you),
                      totally worth for 2 pa then :)

                      • Anonymous

                        what am I missing about this ability? why not just attack twice for 4 AP rather than caste enrage for 2 then attack for 2? I must just be missing it.

                        • Anonymous

                          Bugged for me.I have enrage on 2hand melee and on archer - and no crits with ability's or auto attacks for me at all with enrage buff...

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