Eternal Artefact is an Item in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


__It's hard to say whether this is magical or mechanical. Or both. You can probably put this thing to good use somehow...__


NAME Location/Where to find

  • Act 2 - One can be found in a container inside the Ancient Temple in Blackpits Cave
  • Act 3 - Several can be found around the island inside the black containers.



There are two types of artefacts (same name, different icons)

Combined with armor gives (tested on lvl 18 armor):


Combined with weapon

  • (Dagger, Bow, Axe, Mace, Spear, Sword): +25% (of weapon damage) as bonus Air damage, +15% chance to set shocked for 1 turn


    • Anonymous

      24 Mar 2019 05:35  

      In my latest playthrough, I've found 7 Armor type Eternal Artefacts (NOT Ancient Artefacts which have the same model/icon and I found only 2) General locations: Act 2: 1 (Blackpits cave ancient chest) Act 3: 4 (Lava zone dig spot, Temple dig spot, Academy's ancient chest, another I don't remember where) Act 4: 3 (Doctor's Basement, Kemm's Vault) These allowed my solo ranger to enhance his helm, belt, amulet and both rings (5 items). The first one was used immediately on the An Mey Falin unique belt.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jan 2018 13:36  

        HINT: PHASE CAP. could be used to build the ETERNAL ARMOR, but nothing else ...

        • Anonymous

          24 Jan 2018 01:50  

          On my first (and so far only) play through, the 15% chance to shock on weapons seems to have disappeared after reloading a save.

          • Anonymous

            28 Oct 2017 14:05  

            Someone smarter than me can figure out the math, but i tested the weapon artefact on a bow with the following relevant stats pre-combining:

            24-26 air
            120-127 phys
            10% chance to set shocked

            Bow stats post-combining:

            54-57 air
            120-127 physical
            15% chance to set shocked

            While my math didn't work out perfectly it does seem like the +25% air damage is, of course, based on the physical damage of the weapon (mine gave 24% to the lower damage value and 24.8% to the higher damage value) and will be added on top of any prior air damage the weapon had.

            On the other hand, it would appear that combining will cap at 15% chance to shock.

            • Anonymous

              13 Oct 2017 23:02  

              Using "Armor" Icon
              Neck: 10% Fire Resist, +2% Crit, +5% Dodge
              Ring: 10% Poison Resist, +1 Scoundrel

              Slight Adjustments to above but I belt and chest swapped (maybe a patch or just recorded wrong)
              Belt: +2 STR, 1 War
              Chest: +10% Air resistance

              Using the "Weapon" Icon (Dagger, Bow, Axe, Mace, Spear
              +25% Air damage, +15% chance to set shocked for 1 turn.

              As an FYI, it seems there is some slight level scaling as I tried the Eternal Artefact on the Gloves of teleportation (Level 2 item) and it only have +1 con, 10% earth resistance.

              Couldn't get anything to work with a Wand, Staff, or Shield.

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