Eternal Artefact is an Item in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


It's hard to say whether this is magical or mechanical. Or both. You can probably put this thing to good use somehow...


 Location/Where to find

  • Act 2 - One can be found in a container inside the Ancient Temple in Blackpits Cave
  • Act 3 - Several can be found around the island inside the black containers.
  • Act 3 - One can be found, hidden, in the southeast corner of the "water temple". It's burried and needs to be dug up.
    • One in a chest in underground Temple with Automatons guarding the Eternal Stormblade
    • One at a hidden dig site near the Place of Longing
    • One in a chest next to the portal to the Academy Proving Ground
    • One on an Eternal Sentinel inside the Academy Proving Ground
    • One in the library of the Academy
    • One in the left side table (facing the Wells) inside the Arena of The One
    • One more I can't remember but outside on Nameless Isle for sure...
  • Act 4 - Several are in the doctor's prison. Another can be found in Lord Kemm's vault in a dsiplay case.



There are two types of artefacts (same name, different icons)


Combined with armor gives (tested on lvl 18 armor):
Works with some unique items



Combined with weapon

  • (Dagger, Bow, Axe, Mace, Spear, Sword): +25% (of weapon damage) as bonus Air damage, +15% chance to set shocked for 1 turn
  • Works with some unique items
  • Adding poison or shock damage to a weapon overwrites the other damage, but not the on-hit proc effect. IE: Adding poison damage using (for example) an ooze barrel and then adding shock damage with an Eternal Artefact will make a weapon with 10% chance to set poisoned and 15% chance to set shocked, but it would only have bonus shock damage.
  • The bonus shock damage from an Eternal Artefact is notably higher than the bonus poison damage when enchanting weapons.
    • Example: Level 20 Falone Scythe: 16-19 poison vs 31-37 Shock. Ignoring resistances, one's Geomancer skilll would have to be much higher than one's Aeromancer skill to overcome this difference (~20 Geo to 0 Aero, for example), such that it is essentially always better to have the shock damage. Shock is also generally less resisted than poison, thanks to undead creatures.


There is also one item called "Ancient Artefact." If right-clicked on, it does not have "combine with," meaning there is no recipe associated with it. It is also only worth 4 gold. There is no known quest associated with it. It is Vendor Junk, seemingly.

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    • Anonymous

      chest enchant seems to give 15% physical armor along with the air res. value is a bit smaller of what giant masterwork rune gives (not really getting how rune bonuses scale)

      • Anonymous

        For anyone reading this page: I combined the divine axe "Big Bertha" (which has poison damage) with an eternal artifact. I used the skinny one which is supposed to replace the current elemental damage with air damage type like it says on this wiki page.

        Well, I combined it and i stead of replacing the poison damage it just added air damage on top of it! I had the weapon equipped while combining so this may have affected it. Anyway, it's extremely powerful if this works consistently.

        • Anonymous

          "One at a hidden dig site near the Place of Longing"
          This was an ancient artifact for me not an eternal artifact.

          • Anonymous

            The bonus shock damage of Eternal Artefacts is twice whatever the poison damage would be from poison enchanting in all of my testing, but it is NOT 25% of weapon damage as listed on this page. It seems to be based on weapon level and whether or not the weapon is one handed or two handed, but I haven't found an exact formula.

            • Anonymous

              **** lol. I didn't know you could enchant items and forged like 10 Eternal Armor sets to sell to merchants. Fk

              • Anonymous

                effects do *not* stack, but *do* apply to unique items. I was able to increase the stats of a Head Beacon (unique helmet) by +2 finesse, +1 Huntsman, but after attempting to apply a second Eternal Artifact, the stats remained the same while the second artifact was consumed.

                • Anonymous

                  There are also more eternal artifacts in The Doctors basement in Arx. Just loot desks and that in act 3 and you find loads. I had around 22 total eternal artifacts / phase capacitors and 16 eternal plates. Using the eternal artifact on boots at lvl 20 gave 1 finesse aswell as stats above.

                  • Anonymous

                    So, do I understand it right, that Eternal Artefacts cannot be used to enhance the strength of any Staff type weapons?

                    • Anonymous

                      By end of act 3, I can confirm I found total of 8 eternal artefacts: 4 armour, 4 weapon. For me AFAIK: "Water temple", one of automatons in proving ground quest, desk in library, on way to hidden tunnel to academy, like one of two reliquaries on mainland next to amadia temple iirc, reliquary in act 2 eternal area etc. etc.

                      • Anonymous

                        This should be mentioned that they can be used multiple times on a single piece of equipment. Not exactly advised since you do have a limited number (unless you are on PC and using mods) but they can be used to stack their effects on one particular piece of gear. Useful for Lonewolf playthroughs maybe

                        • Anonymous

                          In my latest playthrough, I've found 7 Armor type Eternal Artefacts (NOT Ancient Artefacts which have the same model/icon and I found only 2) General locations: Act 2: 1 (Blackpits cave ancient chest) Act 3: 4 (Lava zone dig spot, Temple dig spot, Academy's ancient chest, another I don't remember where) Act 4: 3 (Doctor's Basement, Kemm's Vault) These allowed my solo ranger to enhance his helm, belt, amulet and both rings (5 items). The first one was used immediately on the An Mey Falin unique belt.

                          • Anonymous

                            HINT: PHASE CAP. could be used to build the ETERNAL ARMOR, but nothing else ...

                            • Anonymous

                              On my first (and so far only) play through, the 15% chance to shock on weapons seems to have disappeared after reloading a save.

                              • Anonymous

                                Someone smarter than me can figure out the math, but i tested the weapon artefact on a bow with the following relevant stats pre-combining:

                                24-26 air
                                120-127 phys
                                10% chance to set shocked

                                Bow stats post-combining:

                                54-57 air
                                120-127 physical
                                15% chance to set shocked

                                While my math didn't work out perfectly it does seem like the +25% air damage is, of course, based on the physical damage of the weapon (mine gave 24% to the lower damage value and 24.8% to the higher damage value) and will be added on top of any prior air damage the weapon had.

                                On the other hand, it would appear that combining will cap at 15% chance to shock.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Using "Armor" Icon
                                  Neck: 10% Fire Resist, +2% Crit, +5% Dodge
                                  Ring: 10% Poison Resist, +1 Scoundrel

                                  Slight Adjustments to above but I belt and chest swapped (maybe a patch or just recorded wrong)
                                  Belt: +2 STR, 1 War
                                  Chest: +10% Air resistance

                                  Using the "Weapon" Icon (Dagger, Bow, Axe, Mace, Spear
                                  +25% Air damage, +15% chance to set shocked for 1 turn.

                                  As an FYI, it seems there is some slight level scaling as I tried the Eternal Artefact on the Gloves of teleportation (Level 2 item) and it only have +1 con, 10% earth resistance.

                                  Couldn't get anything to work with a Wand, Staff, or Shield.

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