Ethereal Storm

Ethereal Storm

Unpredictable projectiles from distant planes strike target area, dealing random elemental damage to enemies or healing allies.

 Requires Summoning 5cldwn6
 Cost 3  Memory
 Duration 2 turn(s)
 Range 15m

summoning-skill Summoning

Ethereal Storm is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Ethereal Storm Spell Book Location

  • Sold by vendors upon reaching lvl 16.



Ethereal Storm Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Scroll crafted by combine Sheet of Paper, Source Orb, and Carrot
  • This skill is fully capable of using poison damage on undead enemies (thus healing them) and using healing on your undead allies (this damaging them).  That also goes for any other elemental immunities or absorptions that enemies might have.
  • This skill's healing will specifically target allies, and applies a regenerative healing effect that heals approximately the same amount as First Aid every turn.
  • Mechanically similar to Blood Storm. Deal about 85% of damage but actual numbers will be much lower because it's unlikely that caster will have maxed abilities for each damage type that has been used.



Summoning Skills
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    • Anonymous

      The scroll recipe doesn't seem to work anymore. I don't suppose I'm just not using the right 'kind' of carrot?

      • Anonymous

        Definitely underrated. First and formost, it lasts 3 rounds(the initial cast and 2 additional) and covers nearly the entire battle field. The healing also is an initial tick and then a heal over time for 2 more rounds(on that individual). At level 16(where spells are typically 600-800damage as aoes) it's hitting individual units for 600-1000 depending on their resists. It *is* extremely random, both in target selection and element type(therefor resists it faces). Also there isn't any guarantee that it will heal someone who needs it(although, this *does* happen!). I will say, though, that I haven't seen it attempting to heal full life allies yet, which is good(indication of some form of smart ai). I think trying to compare this to pyroclastic erruption or meteor shower is a mistake. It isn't meant to be immediately overly disruptive, like the previously mentioned. It's a slow burn over 3 rounds, shifting the battle in your favor. And lastly, it's a low risk high reward spell. No friendly fire risking your teammates like many other 3source spells.

        • Anonymous

          I lit got this at like, the start of the game. It was pretty cool, cause i had it pretty evened out and an intelligence of 21, so I did a CRAP TON OF DAMAGE! Although, if you did not have summoning at a lower level, you would do crap.

          • Anonymous

            Just got this spell and TBH I am not the BIGGEST fan of it. It is VERY random and will often drop like, idk, maybe only 200 healing on a single ally, and 100 on a single enemy? Dropping 4 AP and ALL of your source points for a few hundred damage spread out across several enemies is...meh. It's very pretty though.

            • Anonymous

              Since the scroll can be crafted with easy-to-come-by ingredients, can you get the book well before level 16 by combining a high-level Summoning Skillbook (I think also obtainable before level 16) and the scroll?

              • Anonymous

                is this*****? Plz tell me, i found the single target version completely worthless so i don't tthink this sounds very useful. But since each is random i guess it could give much more choices for summoning.

                • Anonymous

                  So what about undead?
                  I guess it can hurt your undead allies, right?
                  And undead enemies could potentially get hit by poison?

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