Executor Ninyan's Axe is a Weapon in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Executor Ninyan's Axe Information

  • Dropped by Executor Ninyan, a Magister watching over Meistr Siva's execution.
  • Persuading or bribing Ninyan to walk away will cause her to disappear from the game, and render the axe unobtainable.


Executor Ninyan's Axe Location/Where to find

  •  Follow the main road past the Driftwood bridge to the gallows. Ninyan is sitting on a stool beside Meistr Siva.



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    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure why this is blank. Executor Ninyan is outside of Driftwood holding Meistr Siva captive across the river. You fight her when you release the Meistr. She is level 9, calls reinforcements when the battle starts (2 level 9 archers, one with 501 hp, and a source hound), and has an evading aura (I suggest teleporting her into the river and killing her troops while she runs back) and drops a level 9 unique two-handed axe (this one) with these stats (for me): +20% Critical Chance +2 Strength +1 Warfare +10% Chance to set Frozen for 1 turn +20% Chance to set Crippled for 2 turns +10% Chance to set Chilled for 1 turn Grants Skill: All In The damage is 5-6 Water Damage and 29-35 physical damage. The value is 1,055. All in all, a pretty good weapon for your two handed melee hitter. Unfortunately, it lacks cleave, but 20% critical chance is hard to pass up. If you have a mage who has Savage Sortilege, you could always give them this axe to increase the chance their spells critical by 20%; you won't be doing basic attacks anyway.

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