Experience is one of the characters' Attributes in Divinity Original Sin 2. 


Gaining Experience

Experience can be gained by:

  • Completing quests.
  • Exploring new areas.
  • Killing things.



  • Earning enough experience grants a higher level for the character.
  • Recruited characters instantly gain the same amount of experience as its recruiter.
  • In general, all characters in a party always have the same amount of experience, but there are known issues with this.
  • There is no level cap.

In order to complete the game at high difficulty, it is advised that the average party level...

  • ...when escaping Fort Joy Island is at least level 7.
  • ...when leaving Reaper's Coast is at least level 14.
  • ...when leaving the Nameless Isle is at least level 17.
  • ...during the final fight in Arx is at least level 20.



  • Non-player characters have a fixed level. Their level will not change during that chapter.
  • Looted equipment also has a fixed level, with the exception of equipment looted with Lucky Charm - these scale with the party level.
  • Vendors restock their wares when the party levels up, to sell higher-leveled equipment.
  • Crafted equipment is the same level as the character who crafted it.
  • When a character levels up, they regain all their Vitality, which is insanely useful during combat.


[Please to fill in the required exp. to level up per level and difficulty]


Extended Statistics
Accuracy  ♦  Air Resistance  ♦  Damage  ♦  Dodging  ♦  Earth Resistance  ♦  Fire Resistance  ♦  Initiative  ♦  Magical Armour  ♦  Movement  ♦  Physical Armour  ♦  Poison Resistance  ♦  Water Resistance


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